How to Disable Web Search Results in Start Menu on Windows 10

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People like the fact that Start Menu made its return in Windows 10 Technical Preview. But what they don’t like is the fact that it shows web results from Bing whenever you try to search for some local program or service on your computer.
How To Disable Web Search Results In Start Menu On Windows 10
Microsoft designed the the Start Menu search to search for local content on your computer, but also for an online content on the internet. That’s how Start Menu is created and Microsoft didn’t include any options of changing it. But a lot of people disagree with this Microsoft’s decision, because they want to use Start Menu search only for searching the local content, because they use regular browsers for surfing.

But although Microsoft didn’t include the option of turning off web results in the Start Menu, there are a few system tweaks that will allow you to do that.

Disable Cortana

Some users who tried to solve this problem reported that their problems with web search results in Start Menu was gone after they disabled Cortana. You can try with this solution first, but we cannot guarantee that it will work on every computer. To disable Cortana, do the following:

  1. Right click on Taskbar
  2. Select Search Option
  3. Under Search Option, select Disable

Cortana is now disabled, but if you’re still getting web results in your Start Menu search, you may try some other listed solutions.

Change Windows Policies

You can also try to change a couple of Windows policies in order to disable web search results from Start Menu, to do that, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Search, type group policy editor and open Edit group policy
  2. Now navigate to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Search
  3. Enable the following policies:
    • Do not allow web search
    • Don’t search the web or display web results in Search
    • Don’t search the web or display web results in Search over…

Some users also suggest that disabling Bing in Windows Firewall might help, but we’re not sure if it will work, since Microsoft uses various servers for various regions.

That would be all, if you have some suggestions, or maybe other solutions, please write them down in the comments.

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But should we have to do any of that? Really? To be fair to Windows 10, Search in Windows has been useless since XP.

Windows 7 search is worthless. When I go to the root of the C: drive and say search, I want the entire disk searched. No chance. I’ve actually searched within a folder while I’m looking right at a file name, and had it not return results. Searching a network drive is essentially impossible.

An IT guy in the office made some changes, and now it’s impossible to search just the folder I’m in; Searches immediately start on all of the 30 TB of network drives to which I’m connected, and don’t immediately display a file in the folder that I’m sitting in.

Even in DOS, I could use the DIR command and some switches to search for files. I can’t in Windows 7! How can this be?!

Windows 8 made it much, much, much worse by also searching the internet and email. What the &*%^ *(&^ !@$#@78 ^&*%^34 sense does that make? Why would ANYONE EVER want to search his local disk and his email and the entire internet simultaneously? No one ever would! EVER!

It has never been made clear to me how this got to the level of cluster**** that it has. This one item, perhaps more than any other thing, demonstrates the staggering incompetence of whoever’s in charge of Windows development. How such a simple thing, which worked very acceptably in XP, can have been reduced to the level of total uselessness that it now has, defies all logic.

Altough to be fair, what Windows Vista to Windows 8 did was to prioritize software and local files first, However in Windows 10 i dosen’t even try the local applications but goes directly to paid links from Bing, which makes Windows 10 filled with advertisment.

Worst part is that since the lastest build, you can’t even access the settings for Windows 10 search or Cortana.

You have to realize that the lack of search results are partially (if not mostly) the IT guy’s fault / your company policy’s fault.

But I have to agree, web search / email search mean nothing for *power users*. For your average tech illiterate person, they might actually help.