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Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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Top dot matrix printers for carbon paper to buy today

Dot matrix printers are the new in right now in the printing industry. With their varied range of applications and operating mechanisms utilizing either impact mechanisms or non-impact mechanisms (such as laser, thermal and inkjet printers), they have taken over the modern market.

These printers work by using a dot matrix system which is a 2-dimensional patterned array that imprints on paper using a million dots or more to recreate letters and symbols.

Choosing the best dot matrix printer for carbon paper can be a tricky process as you have to consider the texture of carbon paper, as well as the quality of the output you’re likely to get from the printer.

Carbon paper is simply a type of paper coated on one side with pigmented coating, useful for creating an impression on an attached document. Basically, carbon papers are useful for helping you write on two documents at once.

Keeping in mind how dot matrix printers operate, as well as the unique characteristics of carbon paper, it is key that you do the necessary research before purchasing a printer. However, we’re one step ahead of you and have chosen our 5 best dot matrix printers for carbon paper which we think could be just what you need.


Top dot matrix printers for carbon paper

Panasonic KX-P1150 240 CPS 9-Pin

buy Panasonic KX-P1150 240 CPS 9-Pin Parallel Printer

The Panasonic KX-P1150 240 CPS 9-Pin Parallel Printer is an efficient printer that can print carbon paper and carbonless copies. This might be an old-fashioned dot matrix printer, but it works fast.

This printer offers excellent performance and durability. Even in advanced technological times, this impact dot matrix printer is still in high market demand.


  • Two years warranty period.
  • Print width is 8 inches.
  • 240 x 216 dpi resolution
  • 9-pin narrow printer
  • Provides draft or NLQ resolution settings


  • Outdated model.
  • Possible difficulty working with the latest laptop models.

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Epson FX-890II Impact Printer

buy Epson FX-890II Impact Printer

The Epson FX-890II Impact printer is the perfect combination of efficiency and affordability, offering a high printing speed of 738 characters per second compared to 500 characters per second of the average printers.

Printing with carbon paper is made easy and seamless with this dot matrix printer.


  • Offers high quality carbon paper printing.
  • Advanced handling of paper, since this printer can cater to unbroken forms and cut-sheet paper.
  • Fast and economical.


  • Occasional loading paper difficulty.
  • Smaller printable space.

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Epson LQ-590 Impact Printer (C11C558001)

buy Epson LQ-590 Impact Printer (C11C558001)

The Epson LQ-590 Impact Printer is engineered and built for office use. This printer is durable, long-lasting, and highly efficient.

It is easy to manage and control, and boosts the productivity at home or at work. This is definitely a printer that your office can rely on.


  • 24-pin dot matrix printer.
  • 487 character per second print speed.
  • Designed with a memory buffer of 128 kb.
  • High-quality carbon paper printer.


  • The hardware parts may be hard to find.

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Epson 9-PIN Dot Matrix Wide DFX-9000

buy Epson 9-PIN Dot Matrix Wide DFX-9000

The Epson 9-PIN Dot Matrix DFX-9000 is equipped with two regular pathways for papers and it can effortlessly transition from one application to another. This expensive printer is designed with an intelligent sensor that detects the thickness and width of the paper.

And in the rare instance of a potential paper jam, this printer automatically activates its jam sensor.


  • Printing speed of 1550 characters per second.
  • Network flexibility.
  • Capable of handling difficult printing tasks.
  • Easy printing setup.


  • Expensive for a small office use.
  • Risk of paper jam.

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Oki MICROLINE 395 Dot Matrix Printer (62410501)

buy Oki MICROLINE 395 Dot Matrix Printer (62410501)

The Oki Microline 395 printer is a workhorse dot matrix printer that offers flexibility in paper handling forms and provides lightning-fast printing performance. This impact printer is equipped with four printing speeds and multiple pathways for the paper.

It’s perfect for printing any documents needed in the office such as invoices, spreadsheets, labels, and many more. This product is capable of creating 610 characters per second.


  • Minimal printing noise.
  • High printing speed.
  • Reliable and versatile handling of paper.
  • Resolution of 360 x 360 dpi.
  • High quality printing.
  • Capable of handling high-volume and high-quality tasks


  • No color printing.

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Final thoughts on dot matrix printers for carbon paper

Irrespective of the capacity of work you need to get done or the quality and speed with which the work needs to be done, we’re confident we’ve listed out the best products for everyone interested.

If you’re budget-constrained, a high-function prosumer, or simply an average user, there’s surely a product here that will satisfy your needs.

Do note that while there are thousands of suitable dot matrix printers for carbon paper on Amazon, these are the few that caught our eye and attention. Hopefully, they satisfy your needs as well.