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If you are looking to get a good video player to meet your everyday needs in Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 then the KM PLAYER will do the intended job. This multimedia player has pretty much the same features as the other ones you probably used in the past like Windows Media player or BS player but it also has some new and improved features that you might not find on the other applications and you will surely find out what KM PLAYER has to offer by reading a bit below.
Download KM Player free version 2014
Installing this application will be as easy as any other you might have installed on your Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 operating system. Also for the basic users and also for a quick install of KM PLAYER you can choose the “Recommended” install process because this will install everything you might need in the future while playing your favorite videos or music.

Go and download now KMPlayer 2014 (latest version)

  1. KMPlayer main formats
  2. Other useful features in KM Player
  3. KMPlayer
  4. KMPlayer alternatives you should consider

KMPlayer main formats

Beside the very easy to use KM Player interface you can also run a very large set of formats like the video formats listed below :

  • AVI format
  • MOV format
  • MPEG format
  • MKV format
  • MP4 format
  • FLV format
  • 3GP format
  • TS format
  • WMV format
  • ASF format
  • SWF format
  • RM format

As well as the audio formats listed below:

  • MP3 format
  • AAC format
  • WAV format
  • WMA format
  • CDA format
  • FLAC format
  • M4A format
  • MID format
  • OGG format
  • AC3 format
  • DTS format

The KM Player also supports beside the video and audio formats the Pictures, Playlists, Subtitles and the CD Image files which you might find handy while using the Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 operating system.

This application has a build in feature that also supports the WDM TV platform and the BDA HDTV platform. So from this point of view the video and audio processing technology options work as fast as possible to fit your everyday needs.

Other useful features in KM Player:

One of the best features you have in KM Player is that you can do pretty much all you want and customize the user interface just by doing a few clicks. The options you have include also the adding of the ‘Screen Controls’ feature, the ‘Pan & Scan’ feature, the ‘3D Subtitle Control’ feature, the ‘Capture’ feature and the ‘Control Box’ feature.

Some technical specifications of this application is the total space needed to install it on the Windows 10 system (34,2 MB required) and it also works for Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating systems.

You can download this video player for free by following the link posted at the end of this article and install it in just a few minutes of your time. Also you can watch your favorite videos or play your favorite music while using KM Player from your Smartphone device as well. Left click or tap on the link provided below in order to install KM Player on your operating system and use it as you see fit.


The version was released on  November 26, 2015 and brought many bug squashes and other minor improvements. An official change log is not available for this version, so this information came from the users who downloaded and installed this particular version.

Download here KM Player

KMPlayer alternatives you should consider

Not only KMPlayer can be used when speaking about different formats. If you do not arrive to run some specific formats, especially MKV videos in Windows 10, we recommend you to switch to another player. We have some great players compiled in handpicked lists and you can try them in order to watch your favorite videos. Here they are:

Let us know in the comments section if this information helped you and share with us your experience.

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