10 Best Themes for Opera Browser [Download & Install]

Downloading more themes doesn’t delete previously installed ones

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  • Opera is a highly customizable browser with features that users can explore to get the best of the browser’s appearance.
  • Users can switch between dark mode and light mode in the Preferences settings. Also, you can set it to adjust to your computer’s default display mode.
  • The Opera browser doesn’t support themes from Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome and Vivaldi.
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  • Built-in VPN to help you browse safely
  • Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages faster
  • WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram included
  • Customizable UI with Dark Mode
  • Battery saver mode, unit converter, snapshot tool, news outlet, cross-device sync and more
  • Download Opera

Everyone loves to open their browsers and get that delightful sight from it. It is the work of themes and customization. Hence, we’ll take you through some of the best Opera browser themes you can download. Also, you’ll learn how to download Opera themes.

Opera is one of the best browsers you can download for the best customization features. Likewise, it has many qualities like an advanced protection system, easy navigation, fast browsing speed, etc.

Furthermore, being able to customize your browser interface to any display of your choice is one thing Opera does best. The browser has a repository containing many themes users can download and apply to their browser.

Also, Opera comes with a dark mode theme and a light mode theme that users can switch between. Likewise, it allows users to decide whether to use the device’s default display mode.

Nevertheless, we’ll be delighted to take you through our ten best picks of Opera browser themes you can download and install.

Quick Tip:

To fully appreciate the colorful world of themes, you must first have the most recent version of Opera installed to have the smoothest experience whatsoever.

Because Opera is always developing and evolving, you have to create a place for more tailored preferences with the most recent version of the web application.


Make sure you have the latest version installed to avoid conflicts with the graphic suite.

How do I get more themes for Opera?

  1. Launch the Opera browser on your computer.
  2. Go to the Opera add-on store.
  3. Search for themes and select the theme you want to download.
  4. Click on Add to Opera.

It will take you to another page where you can browse and find more themes you can install on your Opera browser.

However, downloading more themes doesn’t delete your previously installed ones. So, when you download a new one, it adds to your Opera theme library in the Theme Manager. It allows you to manage and access your themes easily.

How do I install Opera themes?

  1. Launch the Opera browser on your computer.
  2. Click the Menu button.
  3. Select Themes from the drop-down.
  4. Click on the theme you like and download it.

Downloading more themes from Opera’s repository will help you change your browser’s look as many times as you want. It will help you create a sight-appealing browser that fits your choice of mood.

Also, Opera allows you to create themes with any image and detail you want. However, you can access this feature on the Themes page.

Do Chrome themes work on Opera?

Chrome themes & extensions are not allowed on Opera. It is because Opera doesn’t allow extensions and themes from Chromium-based browsers.

There are other browsers like Vivaldi where users download and install extensions and add-ons from other browsers. Hence, Chrome browser themes can’t work on Opera because it is not allowed by default.

However, Opera has its repository where you can download and install add-ons and themes for your browser. They help you personalize your browser to your choice.

Note icon
Opera doesn’t allow the use of external themes. Most themes are customized for specific sites only.

What are the best themes for Opera?

LinkeTheme – Most stylish choice

LinkeTheme is one of the most stylish themes in the Opera store to download. It has a sight soothing feeling that makes you want to keep staring at your browser interface.

Moreover, it is a worthwhile theme to apply to your browser as it comes with colors that are not sight-threatening. Also, the calmness in the display makes it more interesting to work on your browser.

Furthermore, the theme background features a simple display pattern which makes it the best choice to consider for simplicity and maturity.

Get LinkeTheme

Dark Theme for YouTube – Cozy look for the night

It is always cool to be able to change between display choices for your browser. For instance, using a bright wallpaper or theme is fit for the daytime, while a dark and cozy look is perfect for the night.

However, the Dark theme for YouTube allows you to use the dark mode while watching video content on your browser.

Also, it allows you to customize your YouTube user interface to your preferences and make the best out of your browser.

Get Dark Theme for YouTube

Dark Theme for All Websites – Great for night surfers

Adding this theme extension to the Opera browser allows you to alter the color for all websites. Likewise, it offers a high-contrast dark sensation which makes it the best theme for night surfers.

However, users can assign display modes to different pages on the browser. For instance, you can leave some websites on the default appearance, while you change others to your theme display.

You don’t have to strain your eyes because this theme relaxes them from the strain of looking at so many colors at once. So, it is perfect for a safe and intriguing browsing experience.

Get Dark Theme for All Websites

Website Theme Sync – Very easy to use

The Website Theme Sync is one of our best picks for Opera themes. Its main feature is that it allows you to set your browser to allow some websites to conform to the default theme settings of your OS.

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Furthermore, if your device is in the dark/light mode, it allows you to sync it with your websites.

Also, it is easy to use, and it applies to a lot of websites.

Get Website Theme Sync

Website Theme Manager – All about customization

Website Theme Manager is an extension for Opera that allows users to customize the appearance of their websites. Likewise, this theme manager enables you to add, edit, or remove styles from your website themes.

However, the theme extension comes with tools that allow you to change the website’s colors, fonts, and other appearances on the page.

Likewise, it stores your customization for easy access in the theme manager.

Get Website Theme Manager

WhatsApp Themer – Simple and elegant

Opera browser has a feature that allows users to link their social media platforms to their browsers. It gives easy access to users.

However, the WhatsApp theme is an extension that allows you to customize the WhatsApp user interface on your browser.

Furthermore, it alters the WhatsApp web interface’s display wallpapers, fonts, and other settings.

Get WhatsApp Themer

Instagram Pro – Available for different operating systems

The Instagram pro is a theme extension for the Opera browser. It allows you to customize your web UI (User Interface) while using Instagram in the Opera browser.

Another feature of this extension is that it can save images and videos directly from Instagram.

However, it is available for different operating systems, and it is easy to use.

Get Instagram Pro

Naruto Theme – Ideal for anime fans

Opera browser’s theme repository is diverse as it contains different story features in its theme. The Naruto theme is the perfect theme for anime lovers.

More so, the theme comes with wallpaper for the browser background. Also, it uses a considerable amount of light for the eyes.

However, it is a good pick for those who want to see their favorite anime character on their browser display.

Get Naruto Theme

Azusa Animated Theme – Great pick for anime freaks

Another beautiful theme for Opera is the Azusa Animated theme. It is an Opera custom theme that features the beautiful anime character Azusa. Also, it can work as a live theme that can change displays.

This theme is a good pick for anime freaks. Likewise, it doesn’t strain the eyes because it comes with gentle light radiation.

However, in the Azusa animated theme, you will enjoy the vibrant display of anime. Also, you can also customize it to your choice.

GetAzusa Animated Theme

Ghost of Tsushima Title Theme – Attractive theme

The Ghost of Tsushima Title Theme is one of the most attractive themes you can download for your browser.

For any swordfight-adventure gamer, then this is definitely a must-cop. It also has an HD depiction of the main character as the background as shown in the original game menu.

Likewise, it is beautiful to stare at the animated cloud background and bloody leaves. It is a great background and if well customized, makes a great theme for the browser.

Get Ghost of Tsushima Title Theme

How do I customize my Opera theme?

  1. Click on the Preference button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to the Appearance tab, and choose any theme.
  3. Scroll to the Start Page tab, then click on a wallpaper to use as your background display.

Also, users can change their themes immediately after downloading a new one in the Opera theme store.

Furthermore, we recommend that users check our article on the easiest method to add a GIF wallpaper on Opera GX. The Opera GX browser can use native wallpapers and extensions from Opera.

Also, Opera GX has a repository where you can download and install extensions for the browser. So, users can go through our picks for the best extensions for Opera GX.

Conclusively, there are lots of browsers apart from Opera that you can download to get the best customization option. Hence, users can go through our article about the seven best customizable browsers.

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