20 Best Opera GX Extensions You Need to Install Right Now

Find out what are the best extensions you can get for Opera GX

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Key notes

  • Despite being packed with integrations, Opera GX still allows users to install extensions to extend its functionality.
  • There are extensions that help you download videos from popular websites like YouTube and Instagram.
  • You can also get extensions that allow you to save things for later as you browse to ensure you don’t lose important info.
best opera gx extension
True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GXOpera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer's needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:
  • CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer
  • Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly
  • Built-in sound controls and custom music
  • Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages
  • Free VPN and Ad blocker
  • Download Opera GX

Opera GX is a really good gaming browser that is built to give gamers an optimal experience. It is packed with features that allow you to enjoy your gaming without losing out on what the best browsers offer.

It comes with a built-in CPU, RAM, and network limiter for controlling the resource usage of your browser. This ensures that Opera GX does not use the valuable resources available for gaming.

There is also the free, built-in VPN and ad blocker that protects you online when activated. Add its intuitive and customizable interface, and you think the browser cannot get any better.

However, beyond its power-packed features, Opera GX still allows you to install add-ons to extend the functionality and customize it further. But with the number of extensions available, you might find it hard to pick useful ones.

In this article, we have curated twenty of the best Opera Gx extensions you can install. These extensions cover diverse areas and improve productivity while also making your browser easy to use.

Can Opera GX use extensions?

Opera GX, like the Opera browser, can have extensions. Any extension that works on the Opera browser is sure to work on the GX version.

While the two browsers are different in some areas, they share the same add-on store. So, rest assured that you can get functionality through the extension on the Opera GX browser.

How do I put extensions on my Opera GX?

  1.  Launch Opera GX and visit the Opera add-ons store.
  2. Search for the extension you want to download.
    search extensions opera gx best
  3. Click the Add to Opera button, and it will be installed on your browser.
    add to opera

The process is the same for any extensions you want to add to your browser. To verify the installation of the extension, you can check the Opera GX extensions settings page.

How can I copy Chrome extensions to Opera GX?

There is no way to copy Chrome extensions to Opera GX. You can only transfer browser data like bookmarks, history, and cache.

However, you can install and use extensions from Chrome on Opera. The step is the same for the GX version. So, you can apply it to get the best extensions you use on Chrome on Opera GX.

How do I manage extensions in Opera GX?

  1. Open Opera GX and press the Ctrl + Shift + E keys to open the Extension settings page.
  2. Search for the extension you want to manage.
    search manager
  3. Click the Enable button to activate and Disable to deactivate it.
    extensions manage opera gx best
  4. Click the Details or Options button to manage permissions.

All installed extensions are saved in the Opera GX extension manager. Any extension you can’t find there is not on your browser.

What are the best extensions for Opera GX?

Opera Free VPN – Best Opera GX VPN extension

opera gx vpn best extension

Opera VPN is the free, built-in virtual network on Opera GX. It allows you to browse the internet with a virtual IP address that hides your location.

With it, you can access location-restricted content without being noticed. It also protects you from identity and data theft online. No wonder it is regarded as one of the best browser VPNs available.

Other features:

  • No activity login or data collection
  • Does not require any subscription
  • Unlimited access to multiple servers

Opera Ad Blocker – Best ad blocker extension

opera ad blocker

This is the built-in ad blocker extension for Opera GX. It is a privacy-focused and speed-enhancing addon that does not slow down your PC.

It removes even the most stubborn of ads and banners. As it is already on your Opera GX browser, you only need to enable it in the extension manager to get going.

Other features:

  • Provides the option to whitelist websites
  • Load web pages 90% faster
  • Mobile and desktop compatibility

LastPass Password Manager – Most secure password manager

password manager opera gx extension best

LastPass is an award-winning password management addon that allows you to log in to all your favorite websites. It syncs your data across different devices so you can access sites anytime.

It stores all your info locally on your PC, so there is no risk of data exposure. So, you can always enter even the most sensitive information with it.

Other features:

  • No data collection
  • Can store credit card details
  • Unlimited number of accounts

Get LastPass Password Manager

SaveFrom.net helper – Free video downloader

save from

It’s common knowledge that you can’t download videos from YouTube. With this extension enabled on your browser, you can download any YouTube video of different quality.

It is also not limited to YouTube, as you can download videos from sites like Facebook and Instagram. It just ensures no video gets away from you.

Other features:

  • On click download from more than 40 websites
  • Faster download to your device
  • Supports different video, audio, and image files format

Get SaveFrom.net helper

Evernote Web Clipper – Free extension for note-taking

note opera gx best extension

Don’t want to lose track of anything as you browse? Evernote helps you clip web pages and stay organized.

With this extension, you don’t need to open endless tabs because you don’t want a piece of information to get away from you. It allows you to clip, save, and highlight anything you see online.

Other features:

  • Allows saving brief excerpts or all the contents on a page
  • Clips can be shared
  • Clipped notes reminders

Get Evernote Web Clipper

Google Translate – Multiple language translator‎

google translate

When was the last time you left a website because it was written in a foreign language? This addon offers instant translation of web pages or selected parts.

It auto-detects the content on a web page and prompts you to translate it into your preferred language. It is everything you need to communicate with anyone from any part of the world.

Other features:

  • Translates between 100 languages
  • Lock-in preferred language
  • Automatic language detection is optional

Get Google Translate

Pocket – Easy content-saving tool

pocket extensions best opera gx

Pocket helps you save contents to be accessed later on the web. You can save everything with this extension from videos and audio to images and social media posts.

What’s more, you can access all your saved content later without an internet connection—all with just a mouse click.

Other features:

  • Saves anything any time
  • Syncs across all your devices
  • Keyboard shortcut

Get Pocket

Enhancer for YouTube – Best for YouTube customization

youtube enhancer

If you spend a lot of your time streaming on YouTube, you will surely find this extension useful. Enhancer allows you to customize YouTube to your taste.

It allows you to control playback speech, manage ads, configure keyboard shortcuts, etc. It just allows you to do almost everything imaginable on the popular streaming site.

Other features:

  • Easy to Navigate
  • Allows you to whitelist channels
  • It helps to select the playback quality

Get Enhancer for YouTube

Dify Cashback by Opera – Extension for best online deals

cashback free opera gx extension best

The Dify Cashback Opera GX extension lets you get the best deals online. It automatically detects stores with cashback deals and notifies you.

It then records your cashback history for verification and future use. Lastly, It only contains secure stores located worldwide.

Other features:

  • Up to 30% cashback
  • Over 300 stores worldwide
  • Available on popular websites like AliExpress, Dia, SHEIN, and Booking.com

Get Dify Cashback by Opera

Disconnect– Most effective for anti-tracking


Disconnect is a popular extension named in the New York Times as the number one privacy tool. This innovative extension lets you block third-party tracking as you browse.

Besides keeping your privacy intact, it allows you to browse almost 50% faster. When combined with the high-level privacy and security features of the Opera GX, this extension takes your online protection to another level.

Other features:

  • Identify websites with trackers
  • Fast browsing experience
  • Light on system resources

Get Disconnect

AtaviBookmark – Easy bookmarks sync

atavi bookmarks opera gx best extension

AtaviBookmark is a free Opera GX extension that provides options to customize your bookmarks. It makes the task easy by allowing access to your data on any device after logging in.

What’s more, it is compatible with a host of devices, as it can be used on your smartphone or PC. It just makes bookmarks management super-easy.

Other features:

  • Save bookmarks into groups
  • It works with all popular browsers
  • One login on any browser or device

Get AtaviBookmark

Similar Web – Free tool for complete website data

similar website

Want quick data about any website? Install the Similar Web extension on Opera GX, and you’d get more than you asked for.

It shows you the keywords, traffic data, ranking statistics, engagement sources, and info that makes a website. It is one of the best productivity extensions you don’t want to miss out on in Opera GX.

Other features:

  • Access key metrics about websites you visit
  • In-depth analysis of website data
  • Easy to use

Get Similar Web

Social Fixer for Facebook – Best for Facebook customization

social fixer opera gx best extension

Social Fixer is the one tool you need to customize your Facebook experience. It has a filter feature to remove sponsored posts from your newsfeed.

There is also the cleanup feature that allows you to customize the interface to your taste. It just puts you in control of Facebook on Opera GX.

Other features:

  • Stealth Mode to hide buttons and comment areas
  • One-click screenshot anonymizer
  • Shows full-time-stamp instead of relative times

Get Social Fixer for Facebook

BTRoblox – Best Opera GX Roblox extension


This is a stunning Chrome Web Store Roblox extension that works efficiently on Opera GX. It helps to enhance the Roblox website and more functionality to it on your browser.

BTRoblox also modifies the look of the website, allowing you to customize it to your taste. Lastly, it effectively removes the annoying ads that mess up your gaming session.

Other features:

  • Various themes are available
  • Can change the profile page layout
  • Displays the real-life price of items next to the Roblox price

Get BTRoblox

Web Apps by 123apps – All-in-one file editor

123web app opera gx best extension

Web Apps is a collection of addons for working on different file formats. It allows you to edit videos and audio within your Opera GX browser.

It also offers pdf editing and file conversion from one format to another. All these for free and with little to no stress.

Other features:

  • Video and image conversion
  • Documents and Ebooks editing option
  • Built-in tool to crop, rotate and resize videos

Get Web Apps by 123apps

Search by Image – Effective image finder

search by image

Search by Image is an easy-to-use extension to conduct image searches on the internet. It helps users verify the authenticity and source of images.

It accesses your search result page and allows you to pick pictures for search from your device. This extension also supports searching for screenshots of web pages.

Other features:

  • search images from the context menu and your browser toolbar
  • Search images from private sites
  • Different search modes are available

Get Search by Image

Scribe – Free extension for screen recording

best opera gx extension scribe

Scribe is a screen recording tool that helps anyone document processes and shares them. It auto-generates video tutorials by documenting step-by-step actions the users take.

Scribe records your clicks and shows them to your viewers as you move from screen to screen. It just puts an end to creating boring and text-heavy guides.

Other features:

  • Generate free video guides automatically
  • Share videos with one click
  • Effortlessly embed in CMS and knowledge base

Get Scribe

GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

go full page

Ever think of turning a whole webpage into a picture you can save on your computer? The GoFullPage extension allows you to capture full screens of the Opera GX tab without endless scrolling.

You can move these screenshots to your desktop with a quick drag. It also provides you with different formats to download the images. It is, without doubt, a superb tool for effortless full-page screenshots.  

Other features:

  • Capture everything from buttons to embedded iframes
  • Save files in different file formats. PNG, JPEG, PDF
  • It does not contain ads

Get GoFullPage

Speedtest by Ookla – Top-notch website speed checker

speed test opera gx best extensions

Speedtest is an effective extension that allows you to measure your internet connection speed. It shows you the parameters that are failing and where to improve.

The add-on also uses Web Speed to determine how long it will take for a particular website to load. It is a good-to-have performance optimization extension on Opera GX.

Other features:

  • It shows internet downloading and uploading speed
  • Optional access for Web Speed
  • No collection of private data

Get Speedtest by Ookla

Read Aloud – Best free text reader

text read aloud

Are you an avid online reader? The Read Aloud extension is here to make your life easier. It uses advanced text-to-speech technology to convert web pages into audio.

It allows you to select from various voices, including the one built into Opera GX. Although it has more than enough options to choose from, you will need to purchase some of the well-known voices to use them.   

Other features:

  • It supports over 40 languages
  • Variety of voices to choose from
  • Reads PDF, PDF, Google Docs, Google Playbooks, Amazon Kindle, and EPUB

Get Read Aloud

What can I do if my Opera Gx extensions are not working?

1. Update the browser

  1. Open Opera GX and click the Opera icon in the top left corner.
    opera gx icon best extension
  2. Select the Update & Recovery… option.
  3. Your browser will automatically search and install updates if they are available.
    update check opera gx extension

An outdated browser may be the reason for the extension malfunction. In it, there are possibilities of bugs, vulnerabilities, and incompatibility. So, update your browser before moving to the more sophisticated fixes.

2. Clear browsing data

  1. Launch Opera GX and click the Settings icon on the sidebar.
    home settings
  2. Scroll down to the Security and Privacy section and select Clear browsing data.
    clear browser data
  3. Click the Time range dropdown and select All time.
    time range opera gx best extension
  4. Check the checkboxes for Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files.
  5. Click the Clear data button.
    clear data

Browsing data are stored on your browser to improve performance. But this data might contain conflicting info to an extension.

This can stop Opera GX extensions from working. After clearing the data, relaunch your browser and check if things are back to normal.

3. Disable Extensions

  1. Press the Ctrl + Shift + E keys to open the Opera GX extension manager.
  2. Click the Disable button under each extension to disable them.
  3. Relaunch your browser to effect the changes.

At times, two or more extensions can run conflicting programs causing some of them not to work. This is common when running two extensions that perform similar functions.

All you need to do is to disable all similar extensions and enable them one after the other later to know the one causing the problem.

How can I customize Opera GX?

  1. Open Opera GX and select the Settings icon on the sidebar.
    home settings
  2. Click the Advanced option on the left pane.
    advanced option opera gx best extension
  3. Select the Features option. This will display the whole Opera GX features for customization.
    features opera

There’s virtually no limit to the level of customization you can achieve with Opera Gx. You can fine-tune the start page to your taste even without using extensions.

If you are left thinking, how do I optimize my browser, especially as a gamer, you can use the GX Control and GX Cleaner icons in the sidebar to manage your browser resources usage.

There you have it: an extensive and in-depth guide on the best Opera GX extensions. We have talked about everything you need to know, starting from how to manage your extensions to picking the very best available for you.

Do you need an in-depth Opera GX review that covers other features? Give our detailed article on the topic a quick to know more about the browser.

Feel free to let us know if other worthy mentions just missed out on our list in the comments section below.

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