3 best Sega Dreamcast emulators for Windows 10 users

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We continue our nostalgic series. After presenting you the best NES and Sega Genesis emulators for Windows, it’s time to move on to another vintage console.

This time we’re presenting you some of the most respected emulators of Sega Dreamcast. This console was the last one ever produced by Sega and, when presented, it brought some revolutionary changes to the gaming world. For example, the internet connection. Many of us enjoyed this great gaming system, and we’re happy there’s still a way to play that good old titles on our PCs.

If there is no other reason, than to remind ourselves of ab age when games were created mostly for customers and not for mere profit.


demul windows emulator

DEmul is a popular Dreamcast emulator for Windows, that many players consider being the best one. This emulator is compatible with basically any Dreamcast ROM out there. Besides Dreamcast games, DEmul can also emulate arcade hardware, like Naomi 1, Naomi 2, Hikaru, and Atomiswave.

DEmul uses a plug-in system for video and audio outputs, to provide you with the best possible experience. And indeed, Dreamcast games work pretty well on DEmul, without any major bugs or lags. The virtual memory card is also supported, which allows you to save the game progress at any time.

The developer of DEmul has stopped supporting the emulator long time ago. However, a Russian firm took over, so the emulator still works perfectly in Windows operating systems, including Windows 10.

If you want to download DEmul, you can do so for free from this link.


nulldc emulator

NullDC is an open-source Dreamcast emulator for Windows. It is also considered as one of the best emulators on the market. This emulator can run basically any Dreamcast game, including the commercial games. This ability gives NullDC an instant advantage because a very few emulators are capable of running commercial games.

According to users’ reviews, NullDC provides a great gaming experience. Graphics and sound are on the exceptional level. NullDC uses a plug-in architecture for  graphics, sound, memory cards and reading games burned to CD-ROMs.

Unfortunately, NullDC is no longer under active development, as the latest version was released in 2011. However, despite the fact the developer doesn’t release an update for NullDC anymore, it should run without any problems on your Windows PC.

If you want to download NullDC, you can do so from this link.


reicast windows

One of the leading emulators in this category is most certainly Reicast. Widely acknowledged as the best Dreamcast emulator for Android, it is also available for Windows. It brings to the table nice looking interface and joyful experience.

One of the main traits of Reicast is great a stability and relatively regular updates. Regular updates will also make sure this experience is available for Windows 10 users. Beyond that, you just can sit in time travel machine, relax and let the memories of past get to you.

If you want to try this emulator, follow this link.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica, The House of The Dead 2, Crazy Taxi 2, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and Virtua Tennis. Those are few of the many games presented by Sega for this amazing console that ended way too soon. Maybe Dreamcast has lost the battle but, the legacy that made a mark in the gaming industry is still alive.

If there is any other emulator you had in mind, please be free to tell us in the comment section.



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