First Dying Light 2 DLC: Discover all that you need to know

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • The first Dying Light 2 DLC will be out in June this year, and many worldwide gamers are extremely excited to discover what this is all about.
  • Unfortunately, developers haven't announced many details, but it seems like they're cooking something great.
  • We're expecting new weapons, areas on the map, and more others.
First Dying Light 2 DLC: Discover anything you need to know

It’s been almost half a year since the biggest Dying Light 2 release and there is no wonder that tons of worldwide gamers are extremely impressed with what it has to offer.

Plus, those players that haven’t experienced its capabilities yet seem to be pretty excited about accessing this world.

Fortunately for most of the Dying Light 2 fans, Techland has announced that the first DLC will be big and unexpected.

Dying Light 2’s first major story DLC is set to launch in June, and at least one more big story expansion is already planned for the future.

Even if we don’t have a large spectrum of related details, there are some aspects you should be aware of, before the great release.

We’ve ensured to compile anything we know about the first Dying Light 2 DLC and you’re going to discover it only if you read this guide completely.

What will Dying Light 2 DLC has to offer?

Keep in mind that this new DLC will likely include new weapons. According to gamers’ declarations, guns were absent from the second game, so developers might come up with related updates.

Notably present in the original, it was a bold move to remove them in the second. While it may have played very differently, it may have made combat more invigorating than mashing melee weapons on the undead.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of the new areas on the map opening up and some subtle changes to the original map take place to accommodate these new missions.

Plus, we may even discover a new protagonist and new characters.

For now, that is all we can think about when it comes to the Dying Light 2 first DLC. The lead designer also reported the following:

But for now, that’s the idea: to surprise players and to give them content they don’t expect but which also works within the formula of Dying Light 2

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We also strongly suggest checking the Dying Light 2 patch notes, because you’re going to discover some new incredible game-related fixes and improvements.

Until developers come up with some more details regarding this subject, make sure you share your opinion with us by leaving a comment in the section below.