Not Getting Any Skill Points In Dying Light 2? Here’s What You Can Do

by Alexandru Poloboc
Alexandru Poloboc
Alexandru Poloboc
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  • It's not a secret that most players enjoy games where you can progress and become more powerful through a leveling and skill points system.
  • Not being able to earn those skill points even though you put in the work can be extremely frustrating and can lead to people abandoning the game.
  • If you have the same issue in Dying Light 2 Stay Human you can take some steps to help remedy it, but mostly the issue fixes itself actually.
dying light 2 skill points

We all know how frustrating it can get when we’re just trying to enjoy our game and all of the sudden we get game-breaking errors or glitches that make it impossible to advance.

Those are the times when a solution is the most needed, but unfortunately, many bugs that plague today’s games don’t have a fix guide yet.

Why? Well, because nobody knows what causes these problems and the workarounds tried so far haven’t seemed to do the trick.

That being said, many of the issues we encounter during gameplay have easy solutions that can restore game functionality.

Lots of Dying Light 2 players reported dealing with the Unable to initialize Steam API, as well as the CE-34878-0 errors.

And because we helped you out with the above-mentioned problems, we saw only fit to do our best and help you solve not getting skill points as well.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, the solutions are limited, but here’s what you can do to try and fix this nuisance.

What can I do to fix not getting skill points in Dying Light 2?

1. Update Dying Light 2 to the latest version

  1. On Steam, right-click Dying Light 2 and select Properties.steam game properties
  2. Select the Updates tab and activate one of the two Auto-update options.update steam games

2. Update your graphics drivers

  1. Press the Windows key, search for Device Manager and select device manager
  2. Expand Display Adapters, right-click on your GPU, and select Update driver.update gpu
  3. Click on Search for updates for driver automatically

Remember that big-time gaming can be done without crashes, lags, or freezes by keeping all drivers up to date and error-free. 

Manual checks are hard to perform, that’s why we recommend using an automated assistant that will scan for fresh driver versions daily.

In case you’re a beginner, you don’t have to worry! Outbyte Driver Updater is smart, simple, engaging and its user interface was built to make your life easier.

 Get Outbyte Driver Updater

As much as we hate saying this, this problem is completely random and you cannot avoid it by playing in a specific way, unfortunately.

The best you can do is just continue the game and keep earning experience points, and the problem should fix itself after leveling up a few times.

Another option you should explore is also getting the missing skill points. The game shouldn’t block you from developing Aiden’s skills.

As soon as we find new and better solutions for this bug, and maybe even an explanation as to why it keeps happening, you will surely be the first to know.

If you are on a budget and have to divide between playing Dying Light 2 Stay Human and Horizon Forbidden West, we’ve compared the games to help you make the choice.

Have you encountered this issue while playing Dying Light 2 Stay Human? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.