Dying Light 2 Not Letting You Join Your Friends? Fix It With This Helpful Guide

by Alexandru Poloboc
Alexandru Poloboc
Alexandru Poloboc
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  • If you want to enjoy some good old-fashioned co-op zombie hunting in Dying Light 2 but are unable to do so, we can show you how to get the feature working again.
  • Make sure that both you and your other friends are running the latest version of Dying Light 2 or this won't work at all, according to other players.
  • Most of the time this is not possible due to weak internet signal so we strongly recommend switching to a wired connection or moving closer to the router.
DL 2 friends

Why take on a giant horde of zombies on your own, when you can get a few friends to join the fray, thus greatly increasing your odds of victory.

Even though it makes perfect sense, some players are having trouble locating their friends in order to team up against the common enemy.

Just so you know, we’re not talking about your friends being lost in the city of Villedor. We’re actually talking about not being able to join them for some online Co-Op.

First of all, it’s important to understand how cross-gen and crossplay work in Dying Light 2, and that you can’t join your friend’s game in Dying Light 2 if you haven’t completed the prologue.

You will, therefore, need to best the prologue by completing the quest Markers of Plague in Dying Light 2 Stay Human in order for this feature to become available.

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However, there are players that claim prologue completion wasn’t enough to be able to join other players. Luckily, if you run into the same issue, we can show you how to sort it all out.

How can I fix not being able to join friends in Dying Light 2?

1. Restart your internet router or switch to a wired connection

If you feel that the internet could be the main cause of this abnormal behavior, make sure to restart your router and give it a few minutes to connect again.

If that didn’t do the trick, we strongly recommend switching to a wired connection on your console or PC or if that’s not possible, try getting as close to your internet router as possible.

Running an internet speed test will shed more light on the matter, confirming or dismissing the internet as the main culprit for this issue.

2. Verify game file integrity

  1. In Steam, right-click Dying Light 2 and select Properties.dying light steam properties
  2. Select the Local Files tab and click on the Verify integrity of game files.game file integrity

3. Restart your PC

  1. Push the Start button, click on Power, and then on Restart.restart pc

4. Update Dying Light 2 to the latest version

An extremely important detail to keep in mind here is that both you, and the friends you are interested in playing with, need to have the latest version of Dying Light 2 installed.

Otherwise, you will constantly run into this problem and you won’t be able to enjoy some good old fashion Co-Op zombie hunting.

  1. On Steam, right-click Dying Light 2 and select Properties.steam game properties
  2. Select the Updates tab and activate one of the two Auto-update options.update steam games

5. Allow Dying Light 2 through the Firewall

  1. Press the Windows key, search for Firewall and select Open.open firewall
  2. Click on Allow an app through Firewall.allow app through firewall
  3. If Dying Light 2 isn’t in the list, click Change Settings, then Allow another app.Allow another app
  4. Click the Browse button, locate your game and press the Add button.browse firewall games

5. Reinstall Dying Light 2

As a final solution, provided none of the above-mentioned steps helped you solve the issue, you will sadly have to reinstall Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

This can either be done from your Steam interface, the Epic Games Store or directly from the Control Panel.

Once the title has been successfully uninstalled, you can start installing it again and, hopefully, get rid of the pesky bug that made you have to go through this in the first place.

These workarounds actually solved the problem for many players in the same situation. Also, if you bought Dying Light 2 through Steam, check how you can fix the Unable to initialize Steam API error.

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