What to Do if Your eBay Account Gets Hacked

Secure the eBay account immediately to avoid financial losses

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Key notes

  • When an eBay account is hacked, users don't just lose access but can also be a victim of financial fraud.
  • In May 2014, hackers managed to steal the details of 145 million users from the eBay database.
  • It's important to recover a hacked eBay account right away. 
ebay account is hacked
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Platforms being breached, data getting stolen, or personal details being put up for sale on the dark web have become a common occurrence of late. Every other month, we come across such news reports. And several eBay accounts, too, got hacked recently.

In May 2014, the eBay database was compromised, and personal details, including login credentials, date of birth, and mailing information, of 145 million users worldwide were reportedly stolen.

After such a massive breach, users were concerned and wanted to find the best action after an account was hacked. But can any eBay account be hacked? Does it require advanced tools to breach the security protocols set in place by eBay? Keep reading to find out!

Can an eBay account be hacked?

Yes, an eBay account can be hacked like any other. Though every platform has a secure framework, hackers somehow manage to identify vulnerabilities and hack into the database or individual accounts.

Around the same time the first massive breach was reported, an Egyptian security researcher, Yasser H. Ali, found a vulnerability that allowed hackers to reset the password for any of the accounts. While eBay addressed it shortly, we can’t negate the possibility of hacking altogether.

Hackers are getting more advanced by the day and are employing sophisticated measures to breach a company’s database. And it’s time companies keep up with it to secure critical user data.

How do I know that my eBay account is hacked?

Here are a few signs that will help detect a hacked eBay account:

  • Unusual purchase history: If you find orders or bids you never made, the eBay account is likely hacked. But before we jump to the conclusion, verify that you didn’t share the password with anyone.
  • Changes to personal information: Often, after gaining access to an individual account, hackers change the personal information that could be used for account recovery. Any changes to these indicate that the eBay account is compromised.
  • Payment notifications: Many users found out about the successful hacking attempt after they received a notification from PayPal or another payment option they had set up on eBay.

What can I do if the eBay account is hacked?

1. Change the login credentials if you still have access

Your primary approach when the eBay account is hacked should be to change the password. Of course, you would only be able to do it if the hacker already hasn’t got to that part. And don’t choose a password you already use on other websites.

Most hackers who want to make a few purchases from your account wouldn’t bother changing the login credentials. Therefore, the recovery is relatively easier. But when the hacking is part of an elaborate nexus, you will likely lose access to the eBay account.

2. Set another security question

Security questions, though meant for account recovery, can be used to hack into an eBay account. And if someone already had access to your account, they would know the answer to the security questions. This increases the likelihood of subsequent hacking attempts.

So, it’s recommended that you immediately change the security questions on eBay. All measures you take initially will go a long way in securing your account!

3. Temporarily block transactions on the cards

If you have any cards or other payment options set on eBay, it’s recommended to block them until you gain access to the account. Many users lost a significant amount after the hacker placed orders on eBay.

While you can always dispute the payment (also called a chargeback) with the bank, settling it takes time. So, the best option is to temporarily block transactions until the account is recovered and fully secure.

4. Contact eBay support

When nothing else works, the last option is to contact eBay support. They have an automated chat system in place, but you can reach out to an agent. During the process, you must verify your identity, and eBay will help recover the account.

Besides, they will cancel any orders, bids, or listings made through your account. Remember, account recovery via eBay may take slightly longer, but it helps prevent any major misuse of the hacked account.

5. Scan the device for malware

Once you have recovered the hacked account, it’s imperative to eliminate the underlying cause that triggered the problem in the first place. And usually, it’s malware to blame.

Experts recommend that you scan the device with a reliable antivirus solution. You can also download one on the mobile device in case eBay is installed there.

With these quick tricks and tips, you should be able to recover the hacked eBay account and secure the compromised device.

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For any queries or to share how you recovered the eBay account, comment below.