Netflix users will be able to watch movies in 4K on Edge

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Good news for Netflix fans! Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge will support 4K Netflix streaming. However, Microsoft plans to offer Netflix in 4K only to those users who are running Windows 10 powered machines.

The news might not be surprising to users as the original version of the browser also offers Netflix in Ultra HD. However, no other Chromium-based browser offers the same capabilities.

Microsoft Edge is expected to arrive with the upcoming Windows 10 version. It will support older Windows versions, including Windows 7 along with macOS and other platforms.

Take a look at this screenshot showing PlayReady support on Edge:

Original Microsoft Edge version failed to impress the users

Microsoft has failed to convince users to switch to the original version of Microsoft Edge browser over the years.

The majority of Windows 10 users were reluctant to use the browser and prefer Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome over Windows 10’s built-in browser.

It seems like the latest version has been successful in grabbing the attention of Netflix and Windows 10 users alike. The Chromium-based Edge version offers the best features of both (Chrome and Edge) browsers.

Netflix itself recommends using Chromium Edge

netflix ultra HD PC

We already know that 720p streaming quality is currently being supported by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. That is the reason Microsoft Edge is the recommended browser by Netflix itself.

There are some third party extensions that are able to unlock 1080p for unsupported browsers. While these extensions are not reliable as any updates and changes made by Netflix often cause them to stop working.

Alternatively, Windows 10 users can head towards the Microsoft Store to download the official Netflix app. Just in case the download process won’t start, you can use this troubleshooting guide to fix the problem.

The preview version of the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browse is going to be released in the next few weeks.

The stable build is expected to be rolled out to the general public later this year.

Right now, the Chromium-based browser does not support Linux. But a new Linux-friendly Edge version is expected to be released very soon. 



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