Microsoft shipped Edge password tracker to Canary testers

by Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft Edge password tracker is already live in the Canary channel.
  • Edge password monitor alerts the user if their stolen website login details are on sale on the dark web.
  • Feel free to visit the Edge page to learn more about optimizing your browser experience.
  • Besides password theft, browsers expose PCs to many other threats, including PUAs and cryptominers. Check out our Cybersecurity hub to discover more.  
Edge browser security

Microsoft Edge password tracker is already live in the Canary channel. According to a report by Deskmodder, the feature has been available there since March, although some insiders haven’t yet seen it.

On March 30, Microsoft announced multiple features that coming to Edge. The promised changes included better research organization with Collections, tracking prevention, and password monitor.

Edge password tracker comes to Canary

The report suggests that users can activate the password monitor in Edge Canary build 85.0.531.0.

The writer of the article has not received the feature yet. As such, that’s probably because it’s on a gradual roll out.

If you’re an insider in the Canary channel, you can activate the credentials tracking feature by going to Settings, Profile, and Passwords.

Who needs to use the new security feature?

Password monitoring in Edge is a security feature meant to alert users in case of the theft of their website sign in credentials.

It’s particularly useful to users that love the convenience of saving their passwords and usernames in their browsers.

Microsoft said that the feature would be alerting users whose website credentials have been stolen by hackers.

When enabled, Password Monitor is a feature that notifies you if the credentials you’ve saved to autofill have been detected on the dark web. If Microsoft Edge uncovers a match with any of your saved username + passwords, you will receive a notification from within the browser prompting you to take action.

Usually, some bad actors steal passwords and sell them to other parties on the dark web.

It appears that Microsoft has found a way to breach the defenses of (or otherwise access) the ever-secretive and heavily guarded darknets.

So, Edge will have the ability to search stolen password databases on that part of the web. If it encounters a password or username match, it will notify the affected Edge user.

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