5 Straightforward Tips to Fix Edge Couldn’t Download Error

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  • The Edge couldn't download error might be caused by a network connection issue.
  • Another cause can be your antivirus software that interferes with the download.
  • Don't miss out on our section covering the differences between Edge and Chrome.
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Download problems are frequent among online browsers, but if you’re experiencing this problem on Microsoft Edge, we have prepared 4 solutions for you to try if you couldn’t download Edge on your Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft is attempting to persuade an increasing number of users to choose Edge as their default browser. Despite the fact that Edge has significantly improved since its initial release, it is not error-proof. And you may have a variety of problems, including the inability to download files.

There’s no need to switch back to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if this has occurred in your case. We’ll walk you through the process of checking and configuring Edge settings so that you can resolve the issue in no time.

Beginning with a simple troubleshooting procedure such as restarting your computer, you may work your way through the rest of the options on this list. This cleans up minor problems and terminates any background processes that may be interfering with downloads.

Furthermore, make sure that you have enough disk space as some users reported the Edge couldn’t download disk full error. But now let’s see how Edge compared to Chrome and then move on to the list of solutions.

Is Edge better than Chrome?

There are numerous similarities between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. As competitors, they are not known for allowing extended periods of time between their respective products. They are nearly neck and neck in the race.

If you’re used to the Google Chrome web browser, the Microsoft Edge user interface will look and feel very familiar to you (and vice versa). For example, you can have many tabs open in each window and bookmark pages that you find particularly interesting.

vertical bar edge couldn't download

Chrome does not have a built-in vertical tab capability that is comparable to Edge’s. The Chrome Web Store has several plugins that can provide a similar appearance. But none of them are as smooth to work with as Microsoft Edge’s native vertical tabs.

Additionally, Edge and Chrome allow you to create tab groups. There isn’t much of a difference between the two browsers in this regard – both allow you to provide color and a name for each group, and both will automatically shuffle your tabs so that tabs from the same group will be adjacent.

When Edge was originally released, Microsoft claimed that it was 112 percent faster than Chrome, according to the company.

It’s difficult to determine how reliable this specific statistic is, but a large number of users from all across the web have conducted their own testing and come to the same conclusion: Edge is significantly quicker than Chrome.

For example, Avast evaluated a variety of browsers and discovered that Edge performed far better than Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi.

How to fix Edge couldn’t download error?

1. Check Internet connection

  1. Click on the WiFi icon from your Taskbar then click on the same icon from the Quick Menu that will open.wifi edge couldn't download
  2. Make sure that you are connected to a network or connect to a new one by selecting it and clicking on the Connect button and then entering the password. Now the Edge couldn’t download due to a network issue error should be fixed.connect edge couldn't download

2. Disable your antivirus

  1. Click on the carrot arrow from your Taskbar and then right-click on your antivirus software in order to Disable it for 10 minutes.disable-antivirus-icon xbox controller not recognized windows 11
  2. No matter what antivirus software you are using the procedure of disabling it should be similar. Make sure to turn it back on after Edge is downloaded and installed. avira-disable-icon xbox controller not recognized windows 11

Expert Tip: Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is.
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The Edge couldn’t download and is blocked error will be fixed. If you wish to change the antivirus software you are using, check out our list of the ten best Windows 10 / 11 antivirus software to use that won’t interfere with your safe downloads.

3. Try a different browser

When trying to download files and Edge is making it difficult to do everyday tasks and view your files, you could try another browser.

One of the trustworthy browsers is Opera, a well-known multiplatform web browser with a long history of providing the greatest surfing experience to millions of users worldwide. Opera is an all-rounder web browser for everyone, offering a range of functions as well as being secure, quick, and safe.

Opera is your perfect light and fast browser, whether you are managing the built-in capabilities like rapid search, surfing webpages, VPN service, or heavier applications and widgets.

In comparison, Microsoft Edge is more difficult to manage your downloads and requires more storage, and the speed can sometimes be a nuisance.

⇒ Get Opera

4. Use Registry Editor

  1. Press Windows and R to open a Run window and type regedit inside the search bar.regedit edge couldn't download
  2. After you enter Registry Editor, navigate to the following location: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Attachmentsattachment edge couldn't download
  3. Now, double-click on the ScanWithAntiVirus key and set its value to 1 in order to stop it from scanning the Edge download.save-1 edge couldn't download

A tangle of seemingly incomprehensible character combinations makes up the Windows registry, making it one of the scariest aspects of your computer.

All user-friendliness is lost in this maze of characters. Fortunately, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way toward assisting you in solving the Edge couldn’t download virus scan failed issue.

5. Turn off UAC

  1. Open the Windows Search function then type UAC and click on the topmost result.uac edge couldn't download
  2. Here, drag the slider down to Never Notify and click on OK. Restart your computer in order for the change to take place then try to download Edge again. Note that this solution addresses the Edge couldn’t download, no permission error in particular.NEVER edge couldn't download

What to do if Edge couldn’t download no file?

  1. Open Edge and click on the three-dot menu in order to navigate to Settings.edge-settings edge couldn't download
  2. Here, type update inside the search bar and make sure the result says Microsoft is up-to-date. If it’s not, click on the Update button displayed. up-to-date-edge edge couldn't download

If you want Edge to update automatically in the future, make sure to turn on the toggle next to Download Updates over metered connections.

For further assistance, check out our article on what to do if Microsoft Edge won’t open in Windows 10 / 11.

Alternatively, take a look at our comprehensive list of methods in which you can fix various Edge problems in Windows 11 and get it up and running again.

Leave us a comment in the section below and tell us what you think as well as whether you have more solutions in mind. Thanks for reading!

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