Top 5 browsers for fast and reliable browsing on Windows 10

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What’s the most common piece of software you’ll definitely find on every user’s PC? Unsurprisingly, it’s an internet browser. Spending hours online, browsing social networks or ordering items from Amazon, checking your emails, or just perpetually streaming cat videos on YouTube — a solid browser is something everyone needs. A variety of browsers are available for Windows 10, so it’s quite hard to choose, though.

Every modern browser should, to some extent, meet your regular needs. Loading web pages isn’t rocket science in 2019, now is it? However, some of them are more concerned with user’s privacy, others focus on third-party extensions for customization and functionality. The majority tends to be a jack of all trades but not always successfully.

That’s where this list should come in handy. We provided you with our top 5 choices below to help you make an informed choice.

Best browsers for Windows 10


UR Browser

ur browser


Let’s start with our recent favorite, UR Browser. This browser is developed by a small independent team on the basis of the Chromium open-source project. As the majority of other web browsers are these days.

However, instead of just being another copy of Chrome, it brings a variety of built-in tools to the table and the special focus on privacy and safety.

The focus on privacy is what made UR Browser the best choice for us and we are certain you’ll find it as important in this day and age of the internet. It’s important to keep our virtual lives as private and secure as possible and UR Browser does that rather well. While being fast and reliable, easy on resources and intuitive.

While a built-in VPN, anti-tracking, and anti-profiling features deal with intrusive websites, the virus scanner and enhanced encryption will enforce safety while browsing or downloading files.

There are no loose ends when it comes to safe browsing on UR Browser. It even provides news from trusted sources on its homepage and blocks ads automatically.

The UI might look crowded or cluttered at first glance, but that’s a thing of preference. You can disable News section or reduce the topics you’re interested in to make it look cleaner.

The Moods feature allows you to group favorite websites in different sections, which is a rather nifty feature to separate work from leisure. There’s an abundance of themes and wallpapers to choose from, as well.

It comes with 12 different search engines and it takes one click to change the search engine. Most of them rather private, especially if you’re keen to avoid intrusive Google at all cost. Thanks to its foundations, it supports all Chrome extensions, just if you need an extra plugin to improve on your browsing experience.

In regards to speeds, UR Browser is on par with Mozilla Firefox and easily manages dozens of open tabs without lags. Our choice of the best browser for Windows 10 definitely falls on UR Browser. You should give it a try and see for yourself.

Download UR Browser


Google Chrome


google chrome

Google Chrome doesn’t need a special introduction to start with. It’s the sovereign leader in the web browser market and that speaks volumes on its own. It’s there for ages and people are already well used to it, especially since the Android platform is taking over and Chrome comes preinstalled on smartphone devices.

The advantages of using Google Chrome on Windows 10 are quite obvious, as well. The multi-platform nature of Chrome makes it a great choice for those who like to keep their browser in sync for all devices. One Google Account to rule them all, so to say.

It’s much faster than it used to be a couple of years ago and Google engineers are improving it regularly, both Chrome’s UI and performance.

Stock Google Chrome might be nothing spectacular but extensions make it much better. In every way. It has a few built-in tools, albeit buried in Settings, to keep you safe while browsing. However, we can’t say we look kindly on Chrome when it comes to privacy.

Google’s bread and butter is the data they collect. Profiling and tracking are some things that are frequently talked about and for a good reason, negatively exposing Google’s policies. You can add certain extensions to hide your digital signature, but it’s still questionable whether it’ll keep Google at bay.

Google Chrome is fast, much less resource-hungry than before, and offers unlimited options. Enough to get the second spot on our list of best browsers for Windows 10.

Download Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox

The story of Mozilla Firefox is the story of a phoenix that raised from the ashes. Chrome’s biggest rival was down, with an outdated platform and lack of optimization. However, since Mozilla delivered Firefox Quantum, everything started going in their favor. Still hard to properly challenge Chrome, but more than enough to be a valuable alternative.

And Mozilla Firefox is, in every sense of that word, a valuable alternative to Google Chrome. It’s fast, reliable, has everything you’ll ever need thanks to the evergrowing extension support.

Famous Firefox is these days the jack of all trades and the master of none. Especially when it comes to performance, in which, arguably, sometimes surpasses Chrome.

Privacy is something that’s been the focus of Mozilla Firefox since it was rejuvenated. However, it still lacks a proper set of built-in tools to keep up with UR Browser. They had some nice ideas going, like Tab Containers, but the concept of keeping websites separated to prevent tracking was later dismissed and is now available as an extension.

All in all, the recognizable design is still there, with a great balance between a user-friendly interface and optimal performance, even on some low-end computers.

Download Mozilla Firefox




It’s hard to make an educated list on third-party browsers for Windows 10 and avoid mentioning Opera. This lightweight browser kind of took the Internet Explorer’s spot in the Big 3 group, along with Chrome and Firefox.

It got a lot of changes over the years but the focus of delivering the best and most secure performance even on slow internet speeds along with privacy is still there.

Opera comes with a built-in VPN, same as UR Browser. It’s simple to use and, arguably, along with the aforementioned UR Browser, has the most customization options. It’s an open playground if you decide to invest some time in making Opera look just the way you want.

Opera improves loading speeds of web pages by compressing web traffic which actually makes it a great choice for those with slow bandwidth or sketchy mobile network. Also, a nifty feature worth mentioning is improved battery usage optimization, which makes it a rather good choice for laptop users.

All things considered, Opera might not be on the same level as Chrome or Firefox, especially not UR Browser’s privacy protection, but it’s right there in the group. This small and nifty browser is definitely something you should consider running on your Windows 10 PC, at least as a second choice.

Download Opera


Microsoft Edge Chromium

edge cover

Finally, since it’s already there, preinstalled on Windows 10, we have to mention Microsoft Edge. Microsoft wanted to keep up the pace with the already-established browsers by replacing outdated Internet Explorer with the slick Edge. However, until this day, users are hardly impressed with what Edge has to offer.

Until only recently, Edge was something that’s there to install other browsers after reinstalling Windows 10. However, we’ll soon have the Chromium-based Edge and first looks placed it in a much better spot.

The sole fact that Edge is going to have access to Chrome’s extensions gives a lot to hope for. In addition, there are always advantages of running a first-party application on a system, due to better integration with the rest of the system-wide features.

Expectations are high and, while we wait, consider testing Microsoft Edge Chromium now. It’s expected to go out of the Beta phase soon.

Download Microsoft Edge Chromium

That was our list of browsers to use on Windows 10. Hopefully, it helped you with your choice. In the end, humans are creatures of habit and it’s not exactly common to switch from a browser you’re using for years. The best thing is that all of them are free so you can test them in no more than 10 minutes and make an informed decision.

What’s your favorite browser to use on Windows 10? Tell us in the comments section below.