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The difference between Microsoft Edge and other major browsers is that Edge evolves with every new update for Windows 10. Yet, Microsoft’s browser is still behind its main competitors despite Microsoft’s efforts to make it more appealing.

Still, the company constantly introduces new features that will benefit users. The latest Windows 10 Preview build 15002 brings a few small, but very useful, enhancements to Microsoft’s browser that will certainly improve its overall usability.

The three major updates for Microsoft Edge in build 15002 are tab preview, better tab management, and Jump lists.

Microsoft Edge improvements in the latest preview build

Tab preview

The first change introduced by Microsoft is the Tab preview bar, a feature that allows us to see what’s on a tab by expanding a special bar. The tab preview button is placed on the tabs bar and you can activate it with a click.

The bar will show the content of every opened tab so you’ll be able to easily navigate through them. This is especially useful if you have many bars open, as it prevents you from getting lost in the space. Similar features are present in other major browsers, but only Microsoft Edge has a full bar dedicated to previewing tab content.

Put tabs aside

Another useful tab management feature that arrived with the latest Windows 10 Preview build is the ability to put tabs on the side of the tabs bar. If you need to save a few tabs for later, you can easily store them with this feature. There are two buttons: One that allows you to open every saved tab and another that removes all tabs from the bar.

This kind of a bookmarking feature can be extremely useful if you need to work on some tabs later but at the moment need them closed.

Jump lists

The Microsoft Edge icon is present in the Start Menu by default. We haven’t seen any major changes to it since the release of Windows 10, but Microsoft has made a few corrections. Now, you can now open a new tab or a new private tab in Microsoft Edge simply by right clicking the Edge icon in the taskbar.

These aren’t only additions introduced by Microsoft with the latest Preview build for Windows 10. Microsoft Edge also features improved web payments and more.

All these features are currently available to Insiders on the Fast Ring only. Microsoft will release them to regular users with the Creators Update this spring.

What do you think about these new features and improvements in Microsoft Edge? Are they enough to make Microsoft Edge a better browser? Let us know in the comments below.



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