FIX: My Epson printer is stuck in recovery mode

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printer is stuck in recovery mode

Epson printers are great devices for printing and/or scanning your documents.

Still, like any other device, the printer‘s driver needs updates. These are necessary pieces of software that your printer needs to run smoothly.


However, quite a few users encountered an issue with updating this driver.

Simply put, the printer gets stuck in recovery mode. This error usually occurs when the user interrupts the update process.

Luckily, there are some solutions available to solve the problem quickly.

How to get out of recovery mode in your Epson printer?

1. Restart the update procedure

The easiest solution is to restart the Epson Firmware procedure. Keep in mind that the “Firmware Update Complete” message should appear on both the printer panel and on the software updater from the computer.

2. Restart the printer

  1. Disconnect all peripheral devices, such as mouse or USB stick.
  2. Remove the USB and ethernet cable.
  3. Disable the printer off using the Control Panel.
  4. Wait for 15 seconds.
  5. Power back on.

It is worth mentioning that this solution works when the error message appears only on the printer panel.

Many printers have issues after a power outage. Learn how to fix them with the help of our guide!

3. Wait for the pop-up

Sometimes, you only need to wait for a pop-up to appear on the computer screen. Click on the link to start downloading a tool that will fix the issue.

epson firmware

  1. Run the program.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the update.

4. Access the Firmware Recovery Tool manually

In case the pop up doesn’t appear, you can access the Firmware Recovery Tool manually from the Epson official website.

Once you found it, download and run the tool. Follow the instructions to fix the problem.



As you can see, this issue is not as scary as it seems. You can solve it with some easy solutions.

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to avoid this issue by not updating the drivers.

Updating your drivers is crucial for your printer to run smoothly.

Also, keep in mind that the computer connected to the printer should work properly. This way, you will avoid any issue when printing your documents.

Did you get out of recovery mode with the help of our solutions? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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