Epson printer keeps jamming paper? Check these solutions

by Ivan Jenic
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My Epson Printer Keeps Jamming Paper
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Epson is among the leading brands of the world focused on developing advanced printers for the benefit of its users. However, despite the incorporation of the most advanced technology, some issues keep troubling people. Some users have complained that their Epson printer keeps jamming paper and is showing errors while printing a document.

Why does my printer keep jamming paper?

1. Clear the Paper Jam

  1. Firstly, you will be required to cancel the ongoing printing. Lift the scanning unit of your printer > remove the block paper in it without touching the flat white cable inside the machine.
  2. Close the scanning unit > follow the prompts available on your LCD screen > clear any error message.My Epson Printer Keeps Jamming Paper

2. Fix Paper Jam in Paper Cassette and Auto-Duplexer

  1. When an error message is displayed on your screen > cancel the ongoing printing job if required > take out both of the paper cassettes from your scanner > carefully remove the jammed paper > load the paper under the edge guide.
  2. Insert the cassettes back in a flat position > keep inserting cassette number 1 until the arrows towards the right side are lined up properly.
  3.  release the auto-duplexer > remove the duplexer from the scanner > carefully take out the jammed paper from inside the unit.
  4. Open the duplexer unit > remove jammed paper from the duplexer if required.
  5. Reattach the duplexer.
  6. Finally, follow the given prompts on your screen > clear any error message.My Epson Printer Keeps Jamming Paper

We’ve written extensively on printer paper issues. Check out these guides for more information.

3. Unload the Trays and clean Dirty Rollers

  1. Open the drawer style trays > release them and slide all the way out >
  2. Set them aside > look for the jammed paper inside > pull out the papers that were lifted but were never fed all the way through.
  3. Make sure the trays are not overloaded > put the trays back inside the scanning device.
  4. If you notice any dust or dirt sitting on your printer > look for the reduced roller grip in your printer > clean the rollers with the cleaning sheet provided by the manufactures.
  5. Alternatively, you can remove the dust by the help of a sticky paper. Pick all dirt with care > insert the rollers again > restart your scanning device.My Epson Printer Keeps Jamming Paper


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