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ESPN: the best sport news app for Windows 8, Windows 10 users? It won my heart
windows 8 espn app
Sport is a great way to keep yourself fit, but it also consists of one of the world’s biggest entertainment mediums of all. Most of you are big sports fans, with favorite teams or players, and because you are so devoted, you want to see the latest news from sports, and of course, about your favorite teams.

One of biggest authorities in the world of sport news is ESPN. This service extends through almost all types of sport and it provides coverage for every event, big or small in the world of sports. Also, ESPN offers users of Windows 8, Windows 10 or RT the possibility to install the official ESPN app on their devices and be on top of all the news in the sports world.

ESPN for Windows 8, Windows 10 and RT – A great app


Users of Windows 8, Windows 10 and RT who would like to install the ESPN app must know that they can do so for free, and with only a few taps, they will be able to have one of the most outstanding news apps of all. To put this into perspective, ESPN is for sports like the Financial Times is for investors.


The app’s design is gorgeous, with stunning graphics and a layout that makes you think its on the move constantly. Also, on the main screen, you have access to lots of information on different sports, stories, magazines, videos and photos. Of course, you have the possibility to select only one sport if it interests you the most and see the latest headlines from that area.


By clicking on one particular sport, you can see the national leaderboard and other information, apart from the different stories and videos that are present on the page. Also, here you can access information on a particular team. This information consists of team members, recent scores, next games and so on.


One other very interesting feature of the app is the ability to browse through all the different sports that are available, by right clicking on any part of the screen. This will bring the options menu up, which I’m pleased to say, is one of the best designed so far, offering lots of options and information like team information or ESPN radio.


If you log in to your ESPN account, you will be able to set your favorite teams, players or sports and you will receive customized information about your favorites. Also, you will be able to see live scores in the options menu, as well as in the main part of the screen. These features are all awesome and make this app one of the possible sources of information you could ever wish for.

Every true sports fan should use this app to get their latest and greatest information on their favorite teams. After some extensive testing, I can’t find anything wrong with the app, except that the ESPN services are not worldwide, but limited to the US. We hope that the ESPN system will be able to relay information from different countries, and then the app will be even better.

Download ESPN for Windows 10, Windows 8/RT


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