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If you are on the lookout for a reliable note taking app for your Windows 8, Windows 10 device, then Evernote should be among the best to take into consideration. We have given a through review of the Windows 8, Windows 10 Evernote Touch app that you can read below to make an impression

evernote for windows 8 and rt review

Your favorite note-taking app is here

The second review is here, after we reviewed Wikipedia for Windows 8, Windows 10. Now it’s time to review Evernote app for Windows 8 and Windows 10, one of the best note-taking softwares out there. I personally had the pleasure to talk with Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote. I have used Evernote on Android, iOS and on my laptop and personal computer and can say that I’m very pleased with it. Now, let’s see what Evernote for Windows 8 and Windows 10 brings to the table.

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Update of Evernote for Windows 10

In 2016, Evernote received a new major update. The app now includes new features as :

  • Pulling up your notes by selecting “Notebooks” so you can group all of them into a single stack
  • The ‘trash’ section now allows you to access your deleted items easier
  • The left sidebar can be reduced to a thin strip (in case you need some extra-space)
  • ‘Business’ and ‘Personal’ sections introduced
  • New ‘search’ algorithm added so you can find notes easier

Review of Windows 8, Windows 10 Evernote app

You know who the biggest rival and opponent of Evernote is, right? Yes, Microsoft’s very own OneNote software, part of the Microsoft Office suite. So, can Evernote be an worthy rival to OneNote and other note taking apps or they will have to convince us on with the next version? Users should be aware that the Evernote application for Windows 8, Windows 10 is mostly optimized for a touch experience, so if you still want to use your mouse and keyboard with it, maybe you should stick with the desktop version.

Evernote is deeply integrated with Modern UI (the new name for the old Metro) and it will seem very natural at use, after you get used to it. It might take you a while to get used to it, especially if you’re new to the Windows 8, Windows 10 game, but you’ll find it to be quite light and responsive in time. The big tiles will seem useful for some while others would have preferred more, smaller tiles. One of the basic features are the Swipe gestures:

  • Semantic zoom – somehow, it’s similar to the function with the same name in Wikipedia, allows you to tap and jump to any grouping inside the app that you want.
  • App bar and Navigation bar – bring down the Application and Navigation bars that allow you to create notes, sync and navigate to other sections of the application.
  • Charm bar – allows you pull the Charm bar where you can change the settings and perform searches.
  • Snap view – want to minimez Evernote or share the screen with another application? Simply swipe from the left.
  • Swipe on objects – allows you to select multiples notes in the same time.

Evernote for Windows 8, Windows 10 – smooth note-taking application

windows 8 rt review of evernote

We will try and confront the Evernote application for Windows 8 with the OneNote from Microsoft in a future review, so that you could see which will better suit your needs. One funny thing about Evernote is that it has an age rating of 12+. It will work for your Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. In Evernote for Windows 8, Windows 10 everything is organized using Notebooks and Tags. Here’s how the team at Evernote explains the Notebook and Tag view:

The Notebook View displays your notebooks however you like. You can view your list fully expanded or collapsed into Stacks. You can collapse or expand the list from the Charm Bar. We also indicate which of your notebooks are shared by displaying an icon inside of Shared Notebooks. Use the Semantic Zoom feature to zoom out of the notebook list to go directly to the items you want. The App Bar also lets you add a new notebook, if you’d like.
If you rely on tags to organize your notes, then you’ll love the Tag list in Evernote for Windows 8. For the basic use case, you can tap on a tag, then view the associated notes. For more precise results, notice that when you tap and tug on a tag to select it, certain other tags in the list grey out, while others don’t. The tags that stay visible are the ones that you’ve used together with the selected tag. Now, if you tap on a second tag, you’ll be able to quickly jump to a list of notes that are tagged with both.

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Evernote for Windows 8, Windows 10 guide

When you first open your Evernote application for Windows or RT, you will first see an horizontally scrollable list. There you will find the Nav, App and Charms bar. Your Evernote notes can capture text, images, video, web clips, web pages and much, much more. One drawback with the current version of Evernote for Windows 8, Windows 10 is that you can only do plain text editing, meaning rich formatting isn’t yet supported.

If you’re not acquainted with Evernote, you should know that once you create, save or update a note, it gets synced with all your other devices where you have your Evernote account installed. If you’ll ever encounter an error, you can always ask their support or go on the Forums. If you don’t want to learn on your own how to use Evernote for Windows 8, then you might want to try out the official guide from the website. You will learn the following after completing the guide:

  1. Navigate Your Account
  2. Create & Edit a Note
  3. Sync Your Account
  4. Browse Notes
  5. Organize Notes
  6. Search Notes
  7. Share Notes

What I personally didn’t like about Evernote for Windows 8, Windows 10 was that many times, I had the feeling that a lot of space wasn’t properly used (just like in the Notebooks picture below) and that there was a lot of free space that could’ve been better optimized. Maybe this is the reason why Evernote for Windows 8 currently has only a 3 out of 5 rating.

Evernote for Windows 8, Windows 10 is built with the core meaning of tiles and really leverages the power of Windows 8, Windows 10. Using Evernote, you can Auto-synchronize notes amongst your devices, use it for research (using the Wikipedia Windows 8 application for it, as well), and even use it as some sort of a virtual whitebord. We will be updating this review of Evernote for Windows 8, Windows 10 if new versions will be made available.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October, 2012 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Download Evernote for Windows 8 and Windows 10


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