Black Friday 2019 external HDD deals for extra storage

If the built-in storage capacity of your computer has been exceeded, you may want to get an external hard disk drive. These solutions come in handy if you need to expand the storage capacity of your machine or you need a portable storage solution.

If you’ve been waiting all year long to get a high capacity external HDD on Black Friday, it’s time to act quickly. Take advantage of the latest offers before they expire.

What external drives should I get?

Storage capacity

Not everyone needs a 4TB hard drive. But maybe a 1TB hard drive is not enough for your storage needs. Or maybe you just need something in between. Check out the guides below where we filtered the best external HDDs by their storage capacity.


SSDs have become more and more popular in the last few years. And the price dropped significantly, as well. If you’re looking for an affordable way to increase your storage space and speed up your computer, grab one of these deals right now and you won’t regret.


Looking for a backup solution for your important files but the transfer speed of your current external drive is too slow? The solution is a USB-C external HDD or SSD. Besides the increased speed, you can also use a single cable for all your devices and carry it with you all day due to it’s compact size.


Although SSDs are faster, they are also expensive. External HDDs are a much cheaper alternative and usually, they offer a lot more storage for the price. If the price tag and storage capacity are important to you, take a look at these awesome options and choose the one that suits you best.


If you’re a Xbox owner, you know how important storage space is, especially now when some of the newer games can take up to 50 or 100 GB. For some peace of mind, you’ll need a dedicated Xbox external HDD with lots of storage. Fortunately, we’ve got some of the best deals that you can get today.


When you’re choosing an external hard drive, you always have to take into consideration the manufacturer. Some of them offer amazing features but are more expensive, others have affordable prices, while some have a long lasting record of being reliable or not.


For those who need more than extra storage capacity from their hard drive, there are multiple options available. Photographers, content creators, professionals, and those that are looking for extra connectivity on the go, here are the best external hard drives with SD card readers.

Music production

If we’re talking about music production, you’ll need an external hard drive that has very good reading speeds. This helps with avoiding latency and playing the tunes you love without any interruptions or skipping.


Your gaming rig has run out of space? Don’t worry, you can keep most of your games on external hard drives. But you’ll need some with top-notch quality and advanced features. Take a look at the best external hard drives for gaming and choose the best one for you.


Using your external hard drive for sensitive information can be a bit risky. Usual drives won’t offer too much protection. That’s why the best option is an encrypted external hard drive that can keep all your files away from prying eyes.