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  • There's a lot of research about the ways Blue Light affects sleep. F.lux is a Windows 10 app that adapts the display to the time of day helping put less strain on your eyes.
  • Download and install the app from Microsoft Store. Disable Night Light settings from Windows. Make changes according to your schedule and enjoy the benefits.
  • This app can have a good impact on your productivity or health. For similar software, check out the Productivity Software section.
  • In Windows 10 Downloads Hub you can find more useful things to download for your device, so bookmark and revisit often.
F.lux for windows 10 download

In case you don’t know, F.lux is an app that helps you protect your eyes when using a computing device by warming up the display and eliminating blue light, the type of light responsible for strained eyes and other issues with sleep and vision.

It is indeed helpful for the eyes especially if you’re the type who uses a computer for 5-6 hours daily.

F.lux released its app in the Microsoft Store a while back. Meanwhile, Windows got itself updated with Night Light. Users have a choice. The easiest one is to use the already built-in Night light settings from Windows. Installing F.lux however, offers a bit more options and functionality.

The app is free and you can download from the Microsoft Store.

F.lux app

While it hasn’t been updated in a while, the app still works as intended. If you configure and use f.lux, make sure to disable Night Light. They don’t work together well.

The original story, below.

Along with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft let its users download some classic Win32 apps right from the Windows Store with the help of the Desktop App Converter. Recently, all developers were granted permission to publish their Win32 apps to the Store. Afterward, users could see the company added apps like Tweeten, Arduino IDE, Kodi and Evernote.

However, these are not the only Win32 apps coming to the store: F.lux plans to introduce its own app to the Windows Store as well.

A user sent an email to the company and asked if it were planning to use the desktop bridge to bring their own app to the store, to which the company simply replied with a yes. Thanks to the Desktop App Converter, F.lux on Windows Store will work just like a Win32 app. If you have tested before the Win32 app, you won’t see any difference in the store.

One important thing to mention is that Microsoft introduced a similar feature to F.lux. It is called Night Light. It has less advanced options available but it comes built-in with Windows. Meanwhile, you can use F.lux on the PC if you download it from the official website, or from the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sure it is. It’s safe for your computer screen as well as your eyes. It adjusts the colors displayed and the brightness levels.

  • While it doesn’t eliminate blue light completely, it reduces the levels enough for you to feel the benefits. You can also enable Dark Mode for File explorer to reduce the intensity.

  • It’s a conflict between the F.lux app and Night Light in Windows. Disable Night Light option from Settings -> System -> Display -> Night light settings and the flashing will stop.

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