F.lux not working on Windows 10 [STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE]

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  • Isn’t F.lux is not working on your computer? It’s time to take action and solve the problem.
  • Therefore, you may try to update your graphics card drivers or turn off Windows Night light.
  • If you want to master this OS and prevent such issues, visit this Windows 10 section as well.
  • This PC Software Troubleshooting Hub includes a variety of useful tips, so do check it out.
F.lux not working solutions
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F.lux is a cross-platform program that is used for adjusting your display’s color temperature, but many users reported that F.lux is not working on their PC.

The main feature of the software is the reduction of eye strain for the user, especially when you’re on your machine at night.

As you can see, this software is incredibly useful, and in today’s article, we’ll show you some troubleshooting tips.

I’ve noticed f.lux isn’t working on later versions. It is a predecessor to built in Night Light but with a feature to turn down brightness which really is the point for me. Any solutions?

What can I do if F.lux isn’t working?

1. Update your graphics card drivers

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The importance of constantly updating your drivers has been a part of many online conversations lately and it is because of all these potentially related issues.

That’s our recommendation for you today as well, in order to make F.lux work again. Of course, you can visit your graphics card manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your model.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party tool such as DriverFix to automatically update drivers with ease and avoid all risks from the very start.

DriverFix updating drivers

Moreover, this tool truly lets you update all your PC drivers with just one click. And best of all, discovering every single missing driver is done in mere seconds.



F.lux is not working? Use a dedicated driver updater such as DriverFix to solve the issue!

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2. Run a malware scan

get Bitdefender Antivirus Plus +

It’s not impossible to imagine having a virus of any kind that prevents F.lux from working. When updating the drivers made no difference, you need to perform a full system scan.

If it’s the case, don’t postpone removing any malware. On top of that, consider switching to a reliable antivirus, to begin with.

In case you don’t have a powerful one already, we strongly suggest to try out Bitdefender. It packs next-gen cybersecurity features, effective multi-layered anti-ransomware, and it’s still easy to use.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus+

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus+

This antivirus can scan your PC for malware, remove all threats, and make F.lux work again.

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3. Turn off Windows Night light

  1. From your Start Menu select Settings.
  2. Now head on over to System and click on Display.
    display settings Flux not working on windows 10
  3. Select Night light settings, and in the Schedule area you can set custom hours or turn in off.

If you’re having trouble opening the Setting app, take a look at this article to solve the issue.

4. Upgrade your DirectX

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX installed.
  2. If you’re using DirectX 9 on your PC, you’ll have to upgrade to DirectX 10 in order to use F.lux.

5. Switch to a Display Port

switch to a Display Port

  1. If you have the ability to switch to Display Port, please do so.
  2. Just connect your monitor to the Display Port and check if the issue is still there.

These are just a couple of solutions that you can try if F.lux isn’t working on your PC. They may also be applied when F.lux is not working on the second monitor.

Feel free to try them all and let us know in the comments section which solution worked for you.


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