AMD Phenom CPUs trigger a bevy of Far Cry 5 errors

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Far Cry 5 amd phenom cpu issues

Far Cry 5 is currently one of the most popular games on PC. The title already reached an impressive 1 million player milestone, but unfortunately the gaming experience hasn’t been that smooth for all players.

Many gamers relying on AMD Phenom CPU are still struggling to launch Far Cry 5 but the game won’t load and eventually crashes with error 000001.

I’ve got this requirements, which are above thte minimum, but after I installed the game and download everything, the game gives me the 000001 error and said I’m below the minimum requirements.

Far Cry 5  won’t launch on AMD-powered computers

Many players first thought that this error code was triggered by EasyAntiCheat incompatibility issues but this hypothesis proved to be incorrect.

The culprit seems to actually be AMD Phenom’s lack of SSE 4.1 support, as this gamer points out:

Phenom processors don’t support the SSE 4.1 CPU instruction set and the DRM Ubisoft used in Assassin’s Creed Origins couldn’t run on Phenom processors because of this lack of support. I’m sure that Far Cry 5 is having the same issue

Following thousands of users complaints, Ubisoft’s Support team finally agreed to analyze this problem and asked users to open new support tickets in order to provide them with more information about this issue.

Hey guys! If you are having this issue, PLEASE create a ticket with MSINFO and DXDIAG. We need these files to look into this issue more. Thank you!

This is not the first time that AMD Phenom users can’t play their favorite games. As a quick reminder, Dishonored 2 fans experienced the exact same issue when the game was launched.

Hopefully, Ubisoft will soon fix these annoying Far Cry 5 errors plaguing AMD Phenom CPUs so that fans can finally dive into the gameplay.


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So the game has been cracked for pirates who will not have any DENUVO DRM, except paying customers CANNOT PLAY because they refuse to patch in SSE 4.1 support to AC ORIGINS AND FAR CRY 5! Ubisoft is the worst company out there! Treating paying customers like pirates

“So the game has been cracked for pirates who will not have any DENUVO DRM”

That’s not how bypassing Denuvo DRM works. Even people who pirate the game are still subjected to dealing with CPU roadblocks because of nonsense SSE restrictions.

Nope, playing it right now with no issues on Phenom as are everyone else who pirated it. Frikin’ idiots.. you guys should stop talking out your arses for real!

Did the Ubisoft support team actually say that they are working on a fix because i can’t find anything else saying that Ubisoft is working on a fix for this?

And when I asked through a Ubisoft support ticket they said “As of yet, we have no information regarding an official patch or even a fix that might solve this issue for you.”

So many people with Phenom CPU are still waiting a fix. I hope they will fix that! At least for this game.

Just pirate it and you will be able to play it with no error on a Phenom CPU… or don’t and never play it, because Ubisoft won’t ever fix this.

Just FYI, pirating the game won’t magically make a patch appear that allows the game to identify an instruction set that isn’t there. What’s out there and cracked is what’s available retail. If there’s no retail update, there’s no update for cracked copies. People cracking Denuvo DRM don’t just mysteriously gain a new SSE on their cpus.

The instruction set can be easily emulated but then the game says you’re running a debugger and won’t start because it (probably) thinks you are trying to circumvent the anti-cheat software… smh