Far Cry New Dawn needs new expeditions and a full sized map

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Far Cry New Dawn new expeditions

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Since its release, the newest title in the Far Cry franchise has garnered mixed reviews. Just like the post nuclear landscape, some like it, some don’t.

Radiation Can Shrink Maps?

The open world aspect of the game revolves around a re-imagined Far Cry 5 map, with some new areas becoming accessible, while others are now inaccessible.

It does offer a fresh feel to a familiar setting with fans of the previous installment. But is the post-nuclear torn landscape so rich in exploration as the previous title?

New Feature: Expeditions

A new feature in New Dawn is the expedition maps, that add more challenges and upgrades to your outposts. Expeditions are a series of closed-world adventures that take place outside of Hope County.

Take on the challenge for up to three difficulty levels, each level giving the player rare loot and upgrades for Prosperity itself.

Gamers need new expeditions

Users from both Steam and Ubisoft forums have shared their opinions and wishes regarding the exploration aspect of the game, and the prospect of new content.

While new content was featured in New Dawn, old and familiar elements have seemingly disappeared in a nuclear cloud. Steam users were quick to express their feelings towards the changes.

And airplanes. Those are gone from New Dawn and I miss them dearly. Helicopters just aren’t the same.

While the expedition map aspect adds more length and variety to the game, there’s not enough content to keep players in the saddle.

Dear devs, please add further Expeditions. Love this title, but sadly it is far too short. Would have loved a full sized map of this.

Others have stated that the game lack the weekly challenge feature that Far Cry 5 brough to the table, while support seems to be lacking.

Such a shame that there isn’t even a weekly challenge like in FC5. I would love to see further support for this title.

On Ubisoft’s forums, a community  manager has stated that there is no additional content planned for this title.

It’s been discussed already in this thread, but as things stand right now, there is no additional content planned for New Dawn.
While that is the case, rest assured that we are keeping our eyes on your ideas, concerns and other feedback and are making sure that they are seen.
It is not possible to realise each and every request in a game (past, present or future) – there are so many other factors that affect such decisions, it’s not as easy as that.
But you can be certain that your posts on these forums don’t go unnoticed.
As far as we are concerned, that is what these forums and other channels exist for. So by all means, keep the ideas coming!

In the meantime, you can share your thoughts on this topic. Did you enjoy the game? What’s your favorite aspect?



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