Fatal error in AutoCAD: Here’s how to fix it for good

by Vladimir Popescu
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Vladimir Popescu
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A large number of users have reported encountering a fatal error in AutoCAD software.

This issue can be extremely confusing because the possible reasons for this error can vary a lot.

Here is what one user had to say about this issue on the Autodesk Knowledge Network forums:

When I start up AutoCAD LT 2018, I receive an AutoCAD LT Error Aborting, saying: Fatal Error: Unhandled Access Violation Writing 0x0000 Exception at cb010a38h  The program will go no further. Any thoughts on how to correct this?

As the name suggests, getting a fatal error in AutoCAD means that you will not be able to access the full list of features offered by this software.

This error can be caused by a variety of issues. Some of the most common triggers are incorrect LAN settings, missing Windows and AutoCAD updates, damaged AutoCAD files, third-party software conflicts, etc.

In today’s article, we will explore the best troubleshooting methods to solve this issue once and for all. Read on to find out how to do it.

How do I fix the Fatal error in AutoCAD?

1. Find out if your video card is compatible with AutoCAD

certified Autodesk hardware - fatal error autoCAD
You can simply check if the video card you have installed on your PC is compatible with Autodesk by searching on the Autodesk Certified Graphics Hardware website.

In order to do so, you can click the drop-down list and select the specific product you’re having issues with.

Next, select the version of the software, your operating system, and the type of video card. After this process is completed, you will be able to see a list of video cards that are supported.

If your video card is on the list, then you can follow the next method.

2. Install the Autodesk Licence Hotfix

A hotfix has been officially released to tackle the Fatal error in AutoCAD problem and other vulnerabilities.

Visit the official Autodesk website to download the Licensing Hotfix.Licensing hotfix - Fatal error AutoCAD

After applying this fix, try to see if the AutoCAD issue persists. If it does, please try the next method.

Do you have corrupt AutoCAD files? Here’s how to fix them easily

3. Check LAN and firewall settings

  1. Click on Cortana search box -> type in Control Panel -> click on it to open.
  2. Inside the Control Panel -> choose Internet Options.Internet Options - Fatal error AutoCAD
  3. On the Connections tab -> click LAN Settings.
  4. Deselect all available options.
  5. Go back to Control Panel -> select Windows Firewall.
  6. Make sure the following URLs and protocols are white-listed.

4. Update AutoCAD and Windows OS to fix the Fatal error message

To update AutoCAD you will need to visit the official Autodesk update page and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

To update Windows:

  1. Click on Cortana search box -> type Update.
  2. Select Windows Update Settings.
  3. Click on Check for updates -> wait for the process to complete.Windows update - Fatal error AutoCAD
  4. Restart your PC if required to do so.


In this guide, we first found out what are the most common reasons for the Fatal error occurring in AutoCAD, and we also discussed a few proven methods to deal with this issue.

We would love to know if this article helped you get back to using AutoCAD normally again. Please feel free to let us know by using the comment section below.


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