What to do if FedEx package status is not due for delivery?

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Package not due for delivery is a status that clients sometimes get when trying to track down the parcels they're expecting.
  • As absurd as it may seem to keep a package in the warehouse, the service is just following some procedures.
  • Online services and apps sometimes display unexpected warnings and errors.
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fedex package not due for delivery

There are four main statuses that delivery services, FedEx included, use to inform clients about the whereabouts of their parcel: NewIn TransitDeliveredDelivery Exception.

But there’s another status that clients sometimes get when trying to track down their shipment: Parcel not due for delivery.


What does FedEx status Package not due for delivery mean?fedex not due for delivery status

In short, it means that your package has arrived, but FedEx will not deliver it until it is due.

To the surprise of many FedEx customers, the service keeps to the schedule and doesn’t deliver something earlier than expected. Or, as some clients protested:

Fed Ex is basically saying (…) we have your package and we could deliver it but instead, we are going to sit and stare at it for a couple days because it’s not due yet.

But things are not that simple. According to the protocols, even if packages arrive earlier, the priority is with whatever is due for delivery on a certain day.

If the truck is loaded, no other packages get inside. But if there’s still space, for sure they will include other parcels.

On the other hand, whenever you see the Package not due for delivery status, feel free to go to the local station and get it yourself.

FAQ: Read more about FedEx deliveries

  • Can I pick up a package from FedEx before delivery?

Yes, if you know that the package has arrived beforehand and you see the Package not due for delivery status. Or, in the case of express packages and palletized freight. Find out what to do if the FedEx package status is not due for delivery.

  • What do I do if my FedEx package wasn’t delivered?

First of all, you should try to track down the package using the FedEx website. For more detailed steps, find out how to resolve the problem if the tracking number is not working.

  • What happens if FedEx doesn’t deliver on time?

FedEx guarantees a delivery date and time. If the package is delivered even one minute late, you are entitled to a full refund if you file a claim. Check our thorough guide about how to check your FedEx claim status.