FIFA 21 Gold Packs: What are the probability values?

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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  • FIFA 21 is a game of extreme focus and skill, but you're also at the mercy of RNGs.
  • That's the case with Pack weights in FIFA games, and we will be discussing what do they actually represent.
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What are FIFA 21 pack weights and how can you use them

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Doing Squad Building Challenges is probably the best way of acquiring good players within FIFA 21.

These challenges become crucial once a new season starts, and players all around the world are planning on creating their ultimate Starter Team.

The problem is that besides all the grinding and the entire math they need to do to figure out good player positioning, players need to deal with the RNG aspect of pack drops.

For those of you who don’t know, RNG stands for Random Number Generator, which is basically, a gamer’s version of luck.

Players aren’t exactly thrilled about the RNG elements for FIFA 21 packs (known as pack weight), as they feel like good drops happen less often than before.

Never, ever known it to be this horrifically low at this point in the game in past years.

Every single pack is full of absolute ****. EA are getting worse which each passing day, they really are.

In the end, it all seems to be based around the luck you have, and even users are admitting it is just luck.

Quick tip:

With or without buying Gold Packs, it is undeniable that FIFA games are extremely enjoyable.

That being the case, get your hands on the latest entry and let the world know who the true champion is!

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What are the FIFA 20 Pack weight values?

It would seem that this is an age-old story that has been going on for years and years since FUT has been implemented. Then again, users shouldn’t be surprised at the apparent randomness of drops.

They are extremely low, as you can see from the official drop rates listed below:

Premium Gold Pack probabilities

  • 75+ 100%
  • 82+ 18%
  • 84+ 4.2%

This is a great decrease compared to last year’s Premium Gold Pack probabilities:

  • 75+ 100%
  • 82+ 19%
  • 84+ 4.7%

It would seem that not much has changed and the pack weights have stayed pretty much the same.

Some think that the drop chances are way too low.

Others think this is just EA trying and coerce players into giving up and paying real-life money for the packs.

Whether this is true or not, avid FIFA players that play the game for the fun of it won’t mind rarely getting good drops.

On the other hand, players fixated on certain builds and synergies will just have to farm over and over.

They may even have to spend some extra money if they really want to build the team of their dreams.

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