How to set up a solid FIFA 20 starter team

Teodor Nechita
by Teodor Nechita
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How to set up a solid FIFA 20 starter team

FIFA 20 player overall ratings and core stats have been made public, and strategies have already started to be in the making.

More so, the start of Ultimate Team is getting closer and closer.


Veteran players are looking for cheap overpowered players for creating FIFA 20 best starter team.

And some are just learning the basics of scraping together a decent starter team.

How to put together a decent Starter Team

Plenty of players on the official forums agree that the steps to getting a good starter team are pretty straightforward:

  • Discard or sell all of the starter packs that you have or may get along the way.
  • Start doing all of the advanced Squad Build Challenges (SBCs) one-by-one.
  • Save up a large amount of currency
  • Buy your team with the proceeds.
  • Try to make team compositions with players from the same country for better synergies and loyalty in certain Squad Build Challenges.

What to look out for in Starter Team

While these steps may seem pretty simple enough, there are some things that need mentioning.

  • For starters, this strategy is only profitable at the beginning or the end of a season. That is when all the prices are low and you don’t have to go farming like there’s no tomorrow for a single player. This is mainly because the Futbin solutions are not up yet, so the prices are still low.
  • You need to have experience playing the game, since the advanced Squad Build Challenges aren’t exactly a walk in the park for some.
  • You’ll need to stay glued to the game so that you can take advantage of all the non-repeatable Squad Build Challenges available at any given moment.
  • Making a team composition using mostly players from the same country is very difficult. This due to the Random Numbers Generator (RNG) nature of packs.

However, if you do manage to do this, you will easily build up a team of at least 80 in rating each.

Keep note that the highest rated players would not be the best option for starting squads as they usually sell with an enormous price.

Therefore, try to pick up enough average gold players in your team as early as possible.

This is because they are most cost-efficient solution for your starter team needs.

All in all, you should follow the advice listed above and maybe even put in a bit of time.

WIth a bit of luck, you’ll definitely have a good starter team to begin the FIFA 20 season!

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