How to fix FIFA 21 common issues [PC, Xbox & PS4]

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  • FIFA 21 is the successor to the 2019 FIFA 20, and players are still cheering for the franchise.
  • In traditional FIFA fashion, FIFA 21 is littered with bugs, with some of them yet to have a solution yet.
  • If you love learning all there is about this game, go to our dedicated FIFA 21 Hub.
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fifa 21 common bugs

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Everyone is hyped about the soon-to-be-launched FIFA 21 game, and many players have already bought the Early Access package to get a 10-hour trial ahead of the official October 9 launch date.

However, in traditional FIFA fashion, bugs were abundant, with some being more or less game-breakers than others.

Because FIFA 21 is such an astounding game, we decided to compile a list of the most prevalent bugs and issues that players have encountered, as well as solutions to them if they are available.

Quick tip:

EA has really outdone themselves with this game, and have set new standards for the franchise.

You don’t have to believe us, just get the game and you might end up having trouble putting your controller down afterward.

  • 700+ teams
  • 30 official leagues
  • Unparalleled graphics
  • 17,000+ authentic players
  • Have a career in professional football and grow
  • Play as one of the best football teams of the 2021 season
  • Playing online can be a pain with an older PC

What are the most frequent issues in FIFA 21?

1. Users can’t find all players when editing the teams to build up a personal squad

Building up your team is a core-element of FIFA 21, and many users reported that they sometimes cannot find all the players when editing a team:

However, in the Trial version (EA early access), when editing the teams, we cant find all players, like Kanté, Laporte, Messi, and Ter Stegen. They are in the game, but we can’t find then in the editing teams menu to build up our squad. We notice that the missing players are all in the Adidas Stars squad. 

2. FIFA 21 10-hour trial not showing in EA Play

EA Play is the console version of Origin, and many users tried to install FIFA 21 through it. The only problem is that many of them reported that the 10-hour trial of FIFA 21 doesn’t even appear in it.

Hi I’m trying to download the 10 hour access so I can play it today at 4 when it’s released but when I search it up on my Xbox on ea play I can’t find fifa 21 can you help please so I can play the 10 hour access


EA recommends that players that encounter this particular issue should skip browsing for the 10-hour trial via EA Play and instead download the game straight from the Microsoft Store.

3. The release date still says October 9 instead of offering the 10-hour trial

Somewhat related to the previous entry, users that have pre-downloaded the game and even have EA Play installed have pointed out that the game still states the official release date instead of offering up the 10-hour trial.


Instead of using the EA Play app on your console, try accessing the FIFA 21 trial by opening Origin, going to the EA Play tab, and browse for it in the Game Trials dropdown.

4. Issues with Pro clubs and Cooperative mode

PC users reported that Pro Clubs matches are inaccessible to them due to an error message:

Both myself and my friend are unable to play a pro clubs match. When we attempt to play in the same team through the “play match” feature in the club screen, we are given the error message“an unexpected error occurred while attempting club operation”.


EA tech support recommends that users try one of two things:

  • Deleting their profile and then everything in their profile that isn’t in the Career Mode save file
  • Clearing their Origin client cache

5. FIFA 21 crashes on PC

Expert Tip: Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is.
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Probably the only issue on our list that wasn’t caused by the game itself, but rather by miscommunication.

Many FIFA 21 players reported that their game would constantly crash when loading:

I have it on PC and every time i open the game i see the loading screen and then the game shuts down, can somenone give me any help? My PC is better that the recommended requirements for the game BTW.


Apparently, an EA representative went ahead and confirmed that the minimum system requirements written on both the and Steam were incorrect.

Thus, those of you that have a processor equal to AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4 GHz or lower are beneath the system requirements.

6. Volta Squads matchmaking error

A number of players have been reporting an error message when trying to enter a match in Volta Squads.

It seems that they would get a matchmaking error, and an instant loss will then be attributed to their account:

Error entering the match and will give you a loss. We tried searching for a game 5 times and never managed to get one, it said error and gave us a loss five times.


Unfortunately, no one has found a fix for this issue, so if you are affected, your only choice is to avoid Volta matches for the time being and wait for EA to release a patch fix.

7. FUT draft glitches

A bug somewhat related to the rise in cheaters in FIFA games, it seems that many players have been reporting glitches when playing FUT Draft matches.

So another year same FIFA Bug. There are some players abusing some cheats or glitch in FUT-Draft. You get a instant lose within the first seconds of the game. Why is this Bug or cheat existing since FIFA 17? Why it is still around? 


According to FIFA Support, this issue can be solved with simple connectivity troubleshooting methods that include:

  • Using a wired connection over a Wi-Fi
  • Changing your Wi-Fi channel to a faster one
  • Moving the router closer to your console or PC

8. Players don’t get skill points from matches

Playing and winning matches should normally award skill points. However, some players have reported that this isn’t the case and that they aren’t getting their skill points at all.

Not getting any skill points even when playing a lot of matches and I didn’t get any skill points in the beginning when my friends did. And yes I’ve played pro clubs fifa 20 on the same account.


  • One player has reported that a workaround somehow fixed the issue for him:
  • Be signed in to your main profile and a second profile
  • Start  FIFA 21 on your main profile
  • Delete your profile from the settings menu
  • Press the Start button and switch to your second profile
  • Go into Pro clubs but don’t make a Pro club
  • Go back out to the main menu, then press Start and switch profiles to your main account.
  • Create your Pro club and you should have 15 skill points that you can spend
  • Complete any match and you will also get all the skill points you have missed out on

This pretty much wraps up our list of most common FIFA 21 bugs and issues encountered so far.

Keep in mind that these are just the bugs found by the few that have gained access to the Early Access, so the number of bugs should increase once everyone gets their hands on the game.

That being the case, stay tuned as we will be updating this article with more and more entries, as well as adding solutions to the ones already existent here.

What issues did you find while trying out FIFA 21? Leave us your feedback in the comments section below.

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