This file is checked out or locked for editing by another user

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file locked editing another user
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ERROR_FILE_CHECKED_OUT is a system error and it’s usually accompanied by ‘This file is checked out or locked for editing by another user’ message. This is a minor error and today we’re going to show you how to fix it on Windows 10.

File is checked out or locked [FIX]


Solution 1 – Change Document library settings

According to users, this error usually appears while using SharePoint. To fix this problem, you need to change few settings by following these steps:

  1. Go to Library Tools > Library > Library Settings > Permissions and Management in SharePoint.
  2. Now select Manage files which have no checked in version.
  3. If you see any files available, take ownership over them and publish them to major version.

After doing the aforementioned steps, the problem should be completely resolved.

Solution 2 – Change Site Actions

If you have this problem in SharePoint, you can fix it by changing few settings. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. In SharePoint go to Site Actions.
  2. Navigate to Site Settings > Content and Structure.
  3. Select the problematic files and click on Take Ownership of Selection.

After performing these steps, the error message will disappear and everything will start working normally.

Solution 3 – Clean your browsing history and cache

SharePoint is a web application, and sometimes issues can occur due to problems with your cache. To fix This file is checked out or locked for editing by another user message, you need to clear your cache, and you can do that by following these steps:

  1. Click the Menu button in the top right corner and choose Settings from the menu.
  2. Settings tab will now appear. Scroll all the way down and click on Advanced button.
  3. List of options will appear. Click on Clear browsing data.
  4. Set Clear the following items from to the beginning of time. Check Browsing history, Cached images and files, Cookies and other site data, and Hosted app data. Click on Clear browsing data button.
  5. Wait for your browser to clear the cache.

After clearing the cache, check if the problem still persists. We showed you how to clear cache in Google Chrome, but if you use a different browser, be sure to clear cache in it. Clearing the cache is a simple process and it’s similar for all browsers.

Solution 4 – Check out the document

According to users, you might be able to fix this problem in SharePoint simply by checking out the document. To do that, connect to SharePoint Designer and check out the document. After doing that, check in the document. Now you should be able to delete it without any issues.

Solution 5 – Wait for 10 minutes

This file is checked out or locked for editing by another user message usually appears in SharePoint. It seems that if user chooses Edit in option in SharePoint there’s a 10 minute delay before the write lock is released. If you encounter this error, you might have to wait 10 minutes or so before the write lock is removed.

This file is checked out or locked for editing by another user message and ERROR_FILE_CHECKED_OUT error aren’t that common. Although these errors can be a bit annoying, they aren’t serious so you should be able to fix them by using one of our solutions.




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