5 best file sync software for your Windows 7 PC to use in 2020

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file sync tools windows 7
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Synchronization of files and data across related/compatible systems is always recommended for teams, as it provides multiple access to all necessary files from a single location.

This gives teams the opportunity of speeding up their work processes, by sharing relevant files via synchronized computer systems.

In this case, every team member is able to access the file(s) he/she needs directly on his PC or mobile device.

A typical file sync software has many functions. Apart from file sync, it also serves as a durable backup option for users, thereby eliminating the need for a special file backup tool.

You can also share big-sized files, as well as media files like MP3 (music), Videos (MP4 files) and the likes, via most sync software.

Lastly, most file sync software require monthly/annual subscription (paid) plans. A few others, however, are available for free. Let us take a look at some prominent, Windows 7-compatible file sync software.

5 file sync tools for Windows 7


SyncBack file sync

SyncBack is the first file sync software for Windows 7 PC on our list. It features a set of unique functions, which makes it one of the best.

It offers four different versions, ranging from the free version to the professional version.

One noteworthy observation is that, the software’s free version is specially built to serve personal needs i.e. it is not suitable in a business setting.

In addition, SyncBack offers a backup feature (for your files and folders) that facilitates file retrieval when needed.

The software supports different cloud storage services Google Drive, Azure, DropBox and more. It is also compatible with notable cloud servers like FTP, SFTP and FTPS servers.

Furthermore, SyncBack has a simple interface, which is equipped with a support wizard that assists users in navigating the software’s extensive platform with ease.

Also, the software hosts a set of advanced configuration options, which allow you to modify some of its functions to suit your needs.

In fact, it’s flexibility is such that, it is supported on almost all windows versions. This is made possible by its relative lightweight size, which makes it supported on old Windows (PC) versions.

Conclusively, SyncBack offers free and paid versions to new users.

SyncBack’s free version, as gathered from user reviews, offers more benefits to its users, when compared to other sync software’s free versions.

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file sync software windows 7GoodSync is one of the best available file sync tools in the market. The software is widely flexible and can easily be customized to suit the needs of your team.

Also, GoodSync hosts a user-friendly interface which displays the menu and key options in an organized, easy-to-navigate format.

Typically, GoodSync is equipped to synchronize a minimum of 2 folders. However, you are afforded the opportunity of adding more folders to your shared portfolio.

These shared-files can easily be accessed by all relevant stakeholders (team members) in your business.

In addition, GoodSync affords you the opportunity of connecting the software (on your Windows 7) with your smartphone or tablet.

With this, you can easily backup your smartphone files (apps, documents, media and so on) on your PC (Windows 7) or even import/export files, seamlessly, from your phone to your computer system.

Also, the software is equipped with a scheduler, which allows you to set the time and automate the transfer of time-sensitive files.

Furthermore, GoodSync supports a host of popular cloud storage tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, Azure, Office 365 and more.

You are also provided an avenue for connecting your system to SFTP, WebDav and FTP servers.

Nevertheless, GoodSync is available for free download, and you are offered a 30-day free trial, after which you have to subscribe to one of its paid subscription plans.

Download GoodSync

Allway Sync

file sync software windows 7Allway Sync is, without doubt, one of the most prominent file sync software for Windows 7 PC. It hosts a myriad of relevant functionality, which makes it  stand out as one of the best.

The software hosts a cloud-sync functionality, which makes the size and number of shareable files almost unlimited.

Hence, huge files can easily be shared from PC to smartphones (and vice versa) and from PC to PC.

In addition, Allway Sync uses an automated function to detect and execute minor actions like deleting file(s) from a paired devices.

In this case, once a file is deleted from a synced device, Allway automatically deletes the file from other connected devices.

Also, the syncing tool hosts an easy-to-navigate interface. It hosts as many as thirty language options for its culturally-diverse clientele.

Furthermore, Allway Sync allows you to synchronize your system with removable devices (flash drive, memory drives and so on). It also supports cloud-storage tools like Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

Lastly, Allway Sync has a free version, specially designed for single users. However, its Pro version, which is designed to serve businesses and teams, is a paid plan.

Download Allway Sync

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Resilio Sync

file sync software windows 7Resilio Sync is quite different from other sync tools, in terms of operational pattern. The software utilizes a peer-peer sync process, which makes it outstanding as one of the best available tools around.

Besides that, Resilio Sync has risen in prominence over the past few years. Today, it is widely used as the official file synch tool of more than one hundred businesses across the globe.

The file sync software for Windows 7 PC is built on “BitTorrent” technology, which facilitates faster connection and allows the software to handle huge sizes of data.

With the peer to peer sync function, Resilio is protected from the issue of congested central server, occassioned by storage limitations.

Also, Resilio Sync supports connections to cloud storage services like Azure, AWS, Blob storage and others. In fact, it’s cross-compatible files can be shared between different devices; PCs, phones and tablets.

Lastly, Resilio Sync offers a free version, which comes with limited features. To access the full features, users are required to upgrade to the Pro version.

If you own a business which operates at the peer to peer level, Resilio Sync is the way to go.

Download Resilio Sync


ViceVersa offers some of the most refined and up-to-date sync features available. It hosts reliable sync and backup features, which enables you to compare files and replicate target folders.

ViceVersa operates on an intuitive, user-friendly, interface, which provides you with a side-by-side view of all features and shared files.

Typically, ViceVersa allows you to schedule sync processes like sharing of time-sensitive files and so on. Also, the software supports different connections and options like LAN (Local Area Network) and external storage devices respectively.

ViceVersa Pro is cost-efficient and it offers flexible pricing plans. You are offered an initial 30-day free trial period, after which you will be put on a paid plan, depending on a host of factors.

Download ViceVersa

Want other options? Check out this list to choose the best file backup tool that suits you!

Have you made use of any of the file sync software for your Windows 7 PC? Comment below to share your experiences.


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