Final Fantasy XV March Update bugs: Infinite loading screens, inaudible dialog, and more

By: Madeleine Dean
3 minute read

Final Fantasy XV  recently received an important update that brings a series of new elements to the game as well as many useful bug fixes. FFXV update 1.07 adds new areas and cutscenes to Chapter 13 of the game and makes Gladiolus playable for this new segment. Players can access Chapter 13 through a special menu on the title screen or through an existing Chapter 13 save file and can choose to play as Noctis, Ignis or Gladiolus.

FFXV March Update new features and improvements:

  1. New areas & cutscenes are added to chapter 13 of the game + Gladiolus becomes playable for this new segment.
    1. 1. Chapter 13 verse 2 is acceasible either by selecting the “special” option in the main menu or during chapter 13 of the game where you are given the choice of either play as Noctis or Gladiolus when the party slips.
      2. Ring of the Lucii’ spells are buffed
  2. Temporary conclusion of the Timed Quest, will resume at a layer date.
  3. Announcement of the winning snapshots from first photo contest (viewable at Takka’s Pits Stop at Hammerhead)
  4. Adition of two pieces from Episode Gladiolus to music player tracklist.
  5. Adition of compatibility with Episode Gladiolis.
  6. Various Gameplay enhancements.
  7. Various bugs fixes.

Players report that the March Update also brings issues of its own. Frequent bugs include stuck loading screens, graphics issues, and more.

Common Final Fantasy 15 March Update bugs

  • The loading screen gets stuck in Episode Gladiolus

Anyone else had any problems with this? I can’t get past a loading screen once I’ve clicked on the episode. I’ve left it ‘loading’ for a couple of hours, I’ve tried off and on a few times, no joy.

  • Black screen before the boss fight

Gamers report that at the end of Chapter 13, the screen goes black after they get on the elevator and hit the “Operate” button.  While the music keeps playing and gamers can pause the game, the screen remains black.

[…] at the end of chapter 13, right before a boss fight I believe, you have to ride an elevator. This is after the party has been reunited. So I got on the elevator, hit the “operate” button…and then the screen went black. […] I’ve tried reloading, traveling to the past and then coming back, almost everything I can think of but to no avail…anyone else getting this bug? Any ideas for how to fix it?

Judging by the description above, it appears that FFXV is having trouble autosaving. If you’re experiencing this issue, wait for a few minutes for the game to autosave. Also, try saving the game manually before reaching the elevator. If these two solutions didn’t help, delete and reinstall the game.

  • Music is louder than character voices

In Chapter 13 Verse 2, players can’t hear character voices due to a sound mixing problem after fighting Leodolas.

Right after you fight leodolas and he dissappears the sound mixing is almost identical to the scene where noctis is getting trapped into the crystal. The music is louder than the dialouge and you can barely hear. Did anyone else have this issue?

Overall, Final Fantasy XV’s March Update is pretty stable and reliable. As you can see, we identified only three recurrent issues.

Have you encountered other issues that we didn’t list in this article? Use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.


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