Fix Final Fantasy XV bugs and glitches [EASY METHODS]

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how to fix Final Fantasy XV bugs and glitches
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Final Fantasy XV is an excellent game that allows you to put your stealth and fighting skills to good use. The game features heavy combat, innovative gameplay, and immersive graphics.

At the same time, FFXV often tests your patience. The game is affected by quite a significant number of technical issues, as gamers report.

Fortunately, one resourceful Final Fantasy 15 fan created a special forum thread and listed all the workarounds available for the game. If you’re experiencing various FFXV bugs, you can check out the list of bug fixes below.

How can I solve FFXV bugs and glitches? The easiest way is to reinstall the game. In many cases, the issues are triggered by some corupted files that can’t be modified. Alternatively, you can fix the bugs by installing the latest updates or upgrading your TVs firmware.

For more info, check the guide below.

How to fix Final Fantasy XV bugs on Xbox

fix bugs and glitches FFXV

1. Fix HUD issues

  1. Check if your TV runs the latest firmware.
  2. Reinstall the game, as well as the latest updates.
  3. Check if there is the Overscan or Aspect Ratio features are available on your TVs settings.
  4. Check and modify the screen settings on your Xbox.

The HUD problem is one of the most annoying issues affecting Final Fantasy 15 gamers, alongside the fishing bug. Square Enix will address the HUD and TV screen size issues via an upcoming patch.

2. Fix FFXV graphics issues

  1. Reinstall the game and the latest updates
  2. If you happen to see ghost Gladio/Ignis/Prompto/Noctis, reloading the game save should fix the problem.

3. Cid upgrade quest stuck

  1. Perform one or two mob-hunts and then rest. You should receive a call from Cid next morning, telling you that you can pick up your weapon.
  2. Cid can only upgrade one weapon at a time.
  3. The weapon upgrade may be in progress. Check the quest mentioning that you should wait for Cid.

4. Long loading screen

  1. Avoid using fast travel if possible. This issue is pretty well-known at this moment.
  2. The only solution is to wait for the game to load the next chapters.

5. Fix Chocobo issues

  1. As a quick reminder, you can’t summon Chocobos in battle, in cities or in dungeons
  2. If you lost your ability to summon Chocobos, go back to Wiz Chocobo Post. Head south to the Chocobo race track and enter a race. You should be able to summon Chocobos after that.
  3. Reinstall the game’s latest update.

6. Last boss glitch

Most likely, this issue is caused by calling Umbra. Reload the game save and avoid calling Umbra. Don’t forget to manually save the game before calling Umbra.

7. FFXV chapters got stuck

This bug is prevalent when you fast travel outside the Vesperpool area and cannot go back in. You should stick to the main quest and avoid doing side quests. Manually save the game before proceeding to the main quest.

8. Camera angle stuck to near

If this case, simply save and reload the game.

9. Daurell Cavern glitch

The glitch occurs when the boss doesn’t re-spawn after you left the dungeon before killing him.

  1. Save the game before entering the dungeon, and don’t leave until you have finished the quest.
  2. If this issue occurs, your only option is to reload the game save and restart exploring the dungeon.

10. Enemy Whistle won’t work

This may happen if you reload the game halfway through, after you obtained the Enemy Whistle.

  1. You can buy the Enemy Whistle from the Regalia shop.
  2. Manually save the game after you get your hands on the Whistle, so that you can reload the save if something goes wrong.

Some of the bugs and glitches have been addressed already and they have been or will be solved through some future patches.

If you’ve come across other workarounds for various Final Fantasy XV issues, list the troubleshooting steps in the comments section below.

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I have the same bug once i get on the elevator to go to the crystal as soon as it reaches the floor before i can exit the elevator he suddenly starts falling and keeps falling.

To those with the Costlemark glitch, meaning you can’t use the tactical menu, go defeat the two stages of SPOILERS


SPOILERS Ifrit SPOILERS. Then leave before going inside and it will fix the issue.

Some of the road on my game is missing, after a little ways out of Lestallum. Anyone else having this problem? I’m on Xbox One.

I beat the menace sleeps in costlemark then after leaving and doing the limited time hunt I am not able to use the tactical menu to use items can any one help? Xboxone

I have been unable to use any of the L1 abilities. I am only in ch 2, but they are all frayed out. Anyone else encounter this on PS4?

Same issue here. Completed A Menace Sleeps In Costlemark and I can no longer access anything in the tactical menu. No items, can’t call a chocobo, no camera. I tried all three control schemes and its the same deal. Are there any fixes to this or a way to report it to SquareEnix? This is incredibly frustrating.

I’m having an issue with my items list. It is not appearing after I completed Costlemark Tower secret dungeon. I know that before I entered the dungeon I was restricted from using elixirs and potions but I completed it and now I can’t use them anymore. Is this because I was still allowed to use them with magic and maybe broke the gamplay?

Been having a problem with my tactical menu, and cannot open it no matter if i change the controls it does nothing to help. This happened after i was still in the costlemark secret dungeon where you cannot use any items in the dungeon and i went into the menu and went back to the entrance of the dungeon to go get more magic and fill the magic flasks with healing magic as i had run out and beated the dungeon and saved it after i left the dungeon completely and do not know weather this was caused by the dungeon or when i was in the shop during when ignis was driving and reached the destination and it just closed me out of it hope there is a way they can fix it or find a way around it without restarting as that mean i would have to redo almost all of the other dungeons and would really not want to.

I’m having a problem.

Somehow I’m back in the open world map instead of doing the story mission for chapter 13: Reunion and Recovery. I can’t get back to do the mission, I’m effectively stuck in the open world map. I try to click on it in quests but it’s greyed out

Hallo, my problem is finishing the game. First i beat Ardyn an got stuck there. Then, after several side quests i warped from the entrance of the throne room to the sleeping point in front of the palace in Insomnia and coundn´t leave the underground tunnel. I was going back in time and then returned to present were i found myself falling endlessly from nowere in a white light. Can somebody help me?

Can someone please help me, i keep trying to fish but the fish wont bit, ever. I have the ps4 and nothing happens.

After Cid has given me the Ultima blade i’m stuck ‘talking’ to him can’t do anything atall i’m assuming this is a glitch? (xboxone)

while in the chastham channels near the blockade to insomnia my camera kept getting stuck. managed to fix this by hopping on a ladder. also had issues where i cant do anything as aranea has shown up but it’s glitched and she hasn’t jumped out of her ship (I think this is because i may have defeated them to quick) and the normal action controls don’t work like targeting and actions, fixed this by returning to the car from the map option. had the game crash on me a few times and force closes, also with long loading screens/times I found having the console on standby or not closing the game properly can cause this as i’ve tried to just pick up where i left it, it opens and then is really laggy. one thing i’m having trouble with at the minute though is getting some of the tours to trigger, but haven’t found out and answer to this though yet. hope this helps

I got a weird one i cant use my tactical menu even tried changing button layout wont le me use items anymore anyone else help?

I’m having a strange one, at least, I don’t know if it’s a bug. Since I started to have Umbra, I can’t do any side quest, the monsters do not appear anymore in the open world, and if I try to go to the past, it doesn’t work. =[
If I go to a place where’s supposed to appear a monster from a side quest, the only thing that appears is the flag (yellow or red flag from the quest). I tried to save, shutting down, loading again, but nothing works. Has anyone here had the same problem?

Got a strange one. After getting the regalia back I drove to hammerhead. Got out of the car and I can’t activate anything. The car chocobo and npcs are all inactive. Won’t prompt to talk with them.

PS4 version.

I have a very similar issue.

It started when I was in old Lestalum. I fast traveled there from a quest and the world didn’t load properly. It was choppy, <1 fps, and my controls only worked for about a second then stopped (ie I would press forward and would move one step then stop).

Saving and loading fixed it, however since then I've have occasional issues with NPCs not loading and not being able to interact with NPCs, my chocobo, items in the world, etc.

Saving and loading had worked to fix these problems each time, so far.

Came across a glitch but I don’t have a fix for it.

Basically I came across one of those “find the hunter in trouble” quests after doing the sidequest to get the wax for the Regalia. I gave him a potion then we stood up and……. that’s it all my controls were frozen.

I could move the camera and pause the game, but instead of the normal pause menu it treated it like a scripted dialogue where it only shows the word PAUSE.

The only fix was closing Final Fantasy and losing basically everything you’ve done since the last save or autosave. I even tried leaving the game alone for about an hour just to see if it was a stealth loading glitch.

This happened to me on PS4 but I’m not seeing any reports of it at all so I don’t know what to expect.

Same hear. Don’t have a fix for this either. Had to end and reload the game. I had this glitch during a battle which was utterly annoying. Also my controls were not only frozen but totally gone. It just showed the guys fighting. No controls, no LP-bars, no map… Nothing. And the Start-Menu just as you described it. Someone please know a fix?

I’m having this issue now. I can move the camera, I can pause, but I can’t fight, I can’t die, I can’t save. No idea on a fix.

Same thing here except only when I dismount from my chocobo and seems to be randomly when it occurs. I ca move camera/change angle and pressing start pauses the game as if I were in a cutscene but no other inputs are accepted by the game.

The game itself still runs through the day/night and weather still occurs so its not like everything’s frozen, just unable to receive any commands besides the start button and camere angling.

Bug: Xbox One – stuck in combat mode (found reports of it happening on PS4 version as well)

Fix 1 (easy way): die, though you lose any unsaved progress

Fix 2 (hard way): run back to the area where combat started, find and kill all enemies in that area.

Story time: this happened to me when I got attacked right after mounting up on the chocobo. I ran out of the combat area but battle music continued. Ran about a mile before dismounting. Engaged in multiple other fights, and eventually had to run back on foot to reach the original encounter. Make sure battle music stops when you exit the combat area. You cannot call the chocobo or pick up anything until you leave combat.

I don’t remember if I did at the time, but the bug wasn’t about the chocoholic, so much as it was about not exiting combat “mode” when leaving the marked combat area. I only saw the bug once, but wanted to post about it in case someone else had the same problem.