Fix Final Fantasy XV bugs and glitches [EASY METHODS]

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how to fix Final Fantasy XV bugs and glitches
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Final Fantasy XV is an excellent game that allows you to put your stealth and fighting skills to good use. The game features heavy combat, innovative gameplay, and immersive graphics.

At the same time, FFXV often tests your patience. The game is affected by quite a significant number of technical issues, as gamers report.

Fortunately, one resourceful Final Fantasy 15 fan created a special forum thread and listed all the workarounds available for the game. If you’re experiencing various FFXV bugs, you can check out the list of bug fixes below.

How can I solve FFXV bugs and glitches? The easiest way is to reinstall the game. In many cases, the issues are triggered by some corupted files that can’t be modified. Alternatively, you can fix the bugs by installing the latest updates or upgrading your TVs firmware.

For more info, check the guide below.

How to fix Final Fantasy XV bugs on Xbox

fix bugs and glitches FFXV

1. Fix HUD issues

  1. Check if your TV runs the latest firmware.
  2. Reinstall the game, as well as the latest updates.
  3. Check if there is the Overscan or Aspect Ratio features are available on your TVs settings.
  4. Check and modify the screen settings on your Xbox.

The HUD problem is one of the most annoying issues affecting Final Fantasy 15 gamers, alongside the fishing bug. Square Enix will address the HUD and TV screen size issues via an upcoming patch.

2. Fix FFXV graphics issues

  1. Reinstall the game and the latest updates
  2. If you happen to see ghost Gladio/Ignis/Prompto/Noctis, reloading the game save should fix the problem.

3. Cid upgrade quest stuck

  1. Perform one or two mob-hunts and then rest. You should receive a call from Cid next morning, telling you that you can pick up your weapon.
  2. Cid can only upgrade one weapon at a time.
  3. The weapon upgrade may be in progress. Check the quest mentioning that you should wait for Cid.

4. Long loading screen

  1. Avoid using fast travel if possible. This issue is pretty well-known at this moment.
  2. The only solution is to wait for the game to load the next chapters.

5. Fix Chocobo issues

  1. As a quick reminder, you can’t summon Chocobos in battle, in cities or in dungeons
  2. If you lost your ability to summon Chocobos, go back to Wiz Chocobo Post. Head south to the Chocobo race track and enter a race. You should be able to summon Chocobos after that.
  3. Reinstall the game’s latest update.

6. Last boss glitch

Most likely, this issue is caused by calling Umbra. Reload the game save and avoid calling Umbra. Don’t forget to manually save the game before calling Umbra.

7. FFXV chapters got stuck

This bug is prevalent when you fast travel outside the Vesperpool area and cannot go back in. You should stick to the main quest and avoid doing side quests. Manually save the game before proceeding to the main quest.

8. Camera angle stuck to near

If this case, simply save and reload the game.

9. Daurell Cavern glitch

The glitch occurs when the boss doesn’t re-spawn after you left the dungeon before killing him.

  1. Save the game before entering the dungeon, and don’t leave until you have finished the quest.
  2. If this issue occurs, your only option is to reload the game save and restart exploring the dungeon.

10. Enemy Whistle won’t work

This may happen if you reload the game halfway through, after you obtained the Enemy Whistle.

  1. You can buy the Enemy Whistle from the Regalia shop.
  2. Manually save the game after you get your hands on the Whistle, so that you can reload the save if something goes wrong.

Some of the bugs and glitches have been addressed already and they have been or will be solved through some future patches.

If you’ve come across other workarounds for various Final Fantasy XV issues, list the troubleshooting steps in the comments section below.

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