4 best free and paid fire sprinkler system design software

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  • Using computer aid for sprinkle design is important especially if you are a company specialized in creating plans
  • Our top list will help you get acknowledged with the best free and paid options available
  • Builders, home designers and homeowners often times rely on specialized blueprint software for accurate sketch design
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fire sprinkler system design software

Whether you want to design a pre-action, Dry Pipe, Wet Pipe or Deluge fire sprinkler system, knowing what computer-aided sprinkler design program to use is important.

A good fire sprinkler design software allows you to do more in less time. These programs can help the designers to do hydraulic calculations, design and manage 3D piping with CAD functions, automatic insertion of joints and hangers, ability to set terminals flow and pressure and more.

If you are a company specialized in offering fire protection services, you would already know the importance of a fire sprinkler design program. Instead of going into further details of the working of fire sprinkler design software and its advantages, let’s take a look at the best software solutions that can help your business make the most out of available resources.

In this article, we take a look at the best free and paid software for fire sprinkler system design that will help you to perform essential tasks more effectively and give you the confidence to take on any projects irrespective of the size and keep you ready for the future.

What are the best 3D fire sprinkler design tools for PC?



AutoSprink is the industry leader when it comes to fire sprinkler design software. It is a premium software, but you can download the demo to test it out for your projects.

AutoSprink is used for large commercial constructions projects for creating drawings, hydraulic calculations, stock listing, and coordination.

The sprinkler systems can be designed in 3D space with proper elevation. To perform the calculation, simply draw a Remote Area boundary around the heads you want to follow and run the Calc.

AutoSprink also offers an accurate 3D design environment to manage coordination in your design offering precise fitting for pipes. Not more, not less, just right! The listing process is effortless as well, which is due to the fact that the systems with pipes, fitting, hangers, etc are modeled in 3D.

The latest version of AutoSprink comes with OpenGLSL Rendering offering much-optimized speed for zoom, pan, and orbit for frame rate. It also allows the users to create multiple sheets table with multiple views with  minimal impact on drawing speed.

The Manufacturer Database gives access to tons of new parts from the clouds through the Parts Picker feature. You can also export the stocklists to AutoSprink FAB to reduce processing time for stocklisting.

On the flip side, AutoSprink is not the easiest fire sprinkler design program. As a result, you may need to attend some training sessions before getting used to the working of this software.

Download AutoSprink 

SprinkCAD 3D


From creating fire sprinkler system designs to performing complex hydraulic calculations, SpinkCARD 3D can do it all. It is  BIM (Building Information Modeling) suite that helps professionals across industries to create safer, efficient and cost-effective fire sprinklers designs.

SprinkCAD 3D also offers Revit Tools for those who use Revit at an additional cost. The optional add-on allows you to build custom Families using the family builder to draw arm-overs, springs, goose-necks, drops and more at any elevation.

The program offers comprehensive tools to design sprinkler systems, perform hydraulic and fluid delivery time calculations and more. It is a Windows compatible program and can be installed on Windows 7 and above running computers.

Coming to the bad bits, the software can be buggy at times with occasional freezes, which can be fixed with a software update, but something to consider.

SprinkCAD 3D is a premium software; however, you can request for a demo and take the software for a spin before making a commitment.

Download SprinkCAD 3D 



FireACad is one of the popular fire sprinkler system design software program available for fire protection design companies. If you have used SpinkCAD and AutoSprink before and looking for an alternative, FireACad offers similar functionalities at a competitive price tag.

The software is capable of creating a 3D view to Navisworks or Revit MEP for BIM use. Using the tools, you can create 3D solid pipe network,  produce new calculations reports as required by the NFPA Code, produce drawing errors, change sprinkler stem on the spot and work with AutoCAD using FireACad profile.

The tool can also write pipe size, length and end finish automatically. The users can either start with the built-in pre-designed details or create a custom one from scratch.

FireACad is capable of showing valid FireACard details and objects automatically and also show only specific layers on the drawing. For performing hydraulic calculations and material list, the software takes the information from the drawing.

FireACad is relatively easy to use if you have used any other fire sprinkler system design software before. However, for newbies, the software does require some commitment to be comfortable with.

Download FireACad 

Stabicad Sprinkler

Stabicad Sprinkler

Stabicad Sprinkler is a new Revit sprinkler module that allows the users to design and analyze the fire sprinkler system. It comes with the ability to design and place multiple sprinklers with any desired connection and perform a hydraulic calculation based on the drawing.

From modeling sprinkler installation to the sprinkler head, this sprinkler module allows you to perform the various tasks on Revit. The integrated calculation offers speed advantages while making the monitoring of drawn system easier.

The user interface is intuitive, and anyone with a good knowledge of other Sprinkler design software can understand the working of this tool in no time.

The calculation is performed based on local standards for Sprinkler systems using the design conditions. The module also benefits from high-quality Revit families on MEP content controlled by the manufacturers.

The new sprinkler module also offers a solution for drawing with a flexible pipe in Revit thanks to the flexible drawing support in the module.

Stabicad Sprinkler module is a premium add-on and a great alternative for those who are already using Revit for designing and falling short of Sprinkler features offered in Revit. With this add-on, you can extend the sprinkler design functionality of your Revit design suite.

Download Stabicad Sprinkler 


Fire sprinkler systems are one of the fundamentals that make the building safe. However, the sprinkler system is more demanding than it appears.

Apart from creating a truly efficient sprinkler system that can protect the building from mishaps, you also need to be sympathetic to the overall visual look of the ceiling and other coverage areas.

This is where the fire sprinkler design software makes the task easier.  With the help of these fire sprinkler design software, you can create an efficient fire sprinkler system design in 3D and also get support for hydraulic calculations, coordinates, and stocklist management.

Have you used any of these fire sprinkler design software before? Or considering to make a switch to another sprinkler design software? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To design you can use one of the software mentioned in our list, to install you will either do it yourself or hire a specialized company.

  • AutoSPRINK’s “Bronze” level program is priced at $1,950 with an annual activation fee of just $950 which includes technical support, updates, and maintenance.

  • It usually takes one day, but in some cases, more days can be needed depending on the complexity of the project and local regulations.

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