Fix Amazon Prime Video error code 9074

Amazon Prime is a video-on-demand service that some users utilize with the Roku media player. Some Amazon Prime users have posted on  Amazon’s forum about error code 9074.

That error can arise for some users when streaming AP content with Roku devices. As a consequence, they can’t watch the Prime videos when that error arises.

How can I fix the Amazon Prime Video error code 9074?

1. Is Amazon Prime Video down?

Downdetector page amazon prime video error code 9074

First, check if Amazon Prime Video is down. AP might be down for server maintenance. To check the Amazon Prime status, open the Downdector page for AP in a web browser.

You can select an alternative country on the drop-down menu at the top right of that page. The Amazon Prime Video Downdector page will tell you if there’s a notable AP outage. If so, you might need to wait a day or two.


2. Power cycle your Roku setup

Roku 3 amazon prime video error code 9074

Try power cycling all the devices that are a part of your Amazon Prime Video setup, such as Roku box and router. First, turn off all the devices that you need to watch Amazon Prime Video. Unplug all those devices at wall. Wait for about 10 minutes before you plug all the required devices back in. Then power on the required devices to restart them.


3. Deregister the Roku media player on Amazon

  1. Some users might need to deregister their Roku devices from Amazon to fix account settings. To do so, open Amazon in your browser to sign in there.
  2. Click Account to open settings.
  3. Click Manage content and devices to open a new page.
  4. Click Devices to open a list of devices connected with the Amazon account.
    Devices tab amazon prime video error code 9074
  5. Click the three dots Action button for your Roku device.
  6. Select the Deregister option.
  7. Click Deregister again to confirm.
    Deregister button amazon prime video error code 9074
  8. Next, open the Amazon Channel within the Roku‘s OS.
  9. Open the Search & Menu with the Roku remote’s asterisk button.
  10. Select the Help & Settings menu option.
  11. Select the Sign Out option.
  12. Then select Sign Out again to confirm.
  13. Restart the Roku media player.
  14. Thereafter, reregister Roku on Amazon; and add the Amazon Prime Video channel.

Reset the Amazon Prime Roku channel

  1. Some users might need to reset their Amazon Prime channels in Roku to fix their AP channel configurations. Open the channel menu in Roku.
  2. Select the Amazon Prime Video channel.
  3. Press the star or asterisk button on the Roku remote to open channel options.
    Remove channel option amazon prime video error code 9074
  4. Select the Remove channel option.
  5. Select Remove again to confirm.
  6. Restart the Roku device.
  7. Then open the Roku Channel Store.
  8. Select the Amazon Prime Video channel. Then select the Add channel option for it.
    Add channel option amazon prime video error code 9074
  9. Thereafter, you might need to re-enter the credentials for a fresh channel copy.

The above fixes might resolve Amazon Prime Video error 9074 for Roku devices. In addition, VPNs can be another factor behind error 9074. So, don’t utilize a VPN connection with Amazon Prime Video.