Fix Counter Strike ‘available memory less than 15MB’ error

Andrew Wafer
by Andrew Wafer
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We all love a good first person shooter, especially when we can play it online. And, when we discuss about first person shooter games, Counter Strike is still among our top preferences. So, system errors that can mess your Counter Strike gaming experience should be addressed as soon as possible. And that’s why today we will detail the ‘Available memory less than 15MB’ error and the methods in which it can be fixed on Windows 10, or on previous builds of Windows OS.

In most situations this error is not actually caused by a low memory situation. You will most likely receive the ‘Available memory less than 15MB’ alert even when there is sufficient RAM, or system memory left on your computer. In fact the issue is describing an incompatibility situation between your Windows platform and the Counter Strike software.

So, the troubleshooting process must address this incompatibility issue. And this can be completed differently, depending on each situation – that’s why, during the following steps we will try to review the most common methods that can fix the Counter Strike ‘Available memory less than 15MB’ error.

How to fix the Counter Strike ‘Available memory less than 15MB’ issue

  1. Use the default Windows compatibility mode
  2. Make sure you use the latest Counter Strike version
  3. Check for system updates
  4. Look for outdated drivers
  5. Reinstall Counter Strike

1. Use the default Windows compatibility mode

So, if you cannot launch Counter Strike because of this ‘Available memory less than 15MB’ error you should try to fix the malfunction by using the Windows built-in compatibility mode:

  1. Go to where you have placed the Counter Strike executable file, or where the game shortcut is located.
  2. Right-click on that icon.
  3. From the list that’s displayed click on Proprieties.
  4. Switch to Compatibility tab.
  5. Check the ‘Run this program in Compatibility mode for’ field.
  6. Select the Windows XP SP2 option.
  7. Save your changes and reboot the system.
  8. Now your game should run without further problems.

2. Use the latest files for your Counter Strike game

If your game is outdated, or some of its patches are not properly updated, you can experience this Counter Strike ‘Available memory less than 15MB’ error. So, a solution is to download the latest files for your game and replace the ones that are saved on your computer (for example, users reported that the package should replace the original hw.dll file in CS home directory).

If you don’t know from where to download these patches for your Counter Strike version another solution is to reinstall the game from the beginning – if you do so, make sure you keep all your recent saves. Of course, when you reinstall your game make sure you download the executable file that’s compatible with your Windows system.

3. Check for system updates

Even it’s quite unlikely, a system update might automatically resolve the ‘Available memory less than 15MB’ error. So, verify for new Windows updates:

  1. Press the Win+I keyboard hotkeys in order to launch System Settings.
  2. From System Settings click on Update & Security.
  3. Switch to Windows Update tab and apply any pending patches.check for updates windows 10
  4. Optional: if your Counter Strike game stopped from working after you applying a new Windows update, you can manually remove this patch for fixing the error – go to Windows Update section as showed above and click on the ‘View installed update history’ link; from the next window just select the update patches that you want to remove from your computer.

4. Look for outdated drivers

An outdated driver might cause compatibility issues on your computer. So, in that respect you should make sure that all your drivers are working properly. For example, here is how you can update graphic drivers on your PC:

  1. Right-click on the Windows Start icon.
  2. From the list that is displayed click on the ‘Device Manager’ entry.device manager windows 10
  3. In Device Manager find the entry for your Display Adapters and extend it.
  4. Next, right click on your graphic driver and select ‘update driver’.
  5. When done, close everything and reboot your Windows 10 system.
  6. Now your game should run smoothly again.

5. Reinstall Counter Strike

As already outlined, the ‘Available memory less than 15MB’ error is related with an incompatibility problem. So, a good solution is to uninstall the game from your computer and reinstall it afterwards – of course, you should get the Counter Strike version that has been optimized for your particular Windows platform. Once you do that, everything will work like a charm.

So, there you have it; that’s how you can successfully fix the ‘Available memory less than 15MB’ error which won’t let you play Counter Strike on your Windows 10 based computer. If you have questions, or if you want to share your own experience with us, don’t hesitate and just fill out the comments form available below.