Doom Eternal Login Not Working: Fix It Quickly in 4 Steps

Check your game settings and Internet connection to fix login issues

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  • Doom Eternal login issues rise because of bad connection or problems with your account.
  • Find below how to reset your password and verify your Doom Eternal account.
  • Using a VPN to improve connection speed and bypass bandwidth limitations is also recommended.
  • In an extreme scenario, you might need to reset the game.
doom eternal login not working

The Doom Eternal login not working is a frequent problem that gamers face when attempting to open the game from the launcher, even with the right credentials.

When you first launch Doom Eternal, you’ll be prompted to log in to your Bethesda account before you can play the game.

You can easily log in by either clicking I already have an account at the top of your screen.

If you do not have an existing account, you can click on create account to sign up. But what could be more frustrating than having to forfeit playing a game because you’re unable to log in? 

Requiring that players must compulsorily log in is already a problem on its own.

A lot of players have voiced their frustrations about not being able to connect to the game. Some are left on an endless connecting screen, and others report Doom Eternal freezing at login.

If you’re experiencing the same problem, then we have a couple of solutions you can try out. This article will show how you can tackle this problem and successfully log in.

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Why can’t I log in to Doom Eternal?

→ The first place you should look if you can’t log in to Doom Eternal is your username and password.

Be sure there is no key in an incorrect username or password. If you have forgotten your password, you would need to reset the password before you can log in. Also, make sure you don’t experience any issues while connecting the Bethesda account to Steam.

→ Also, another area you need to look into is account verification. If your account hasn’t been verified, you will be unable to log in fully to play Doom Eternal.

There are two factors that may cause you verification issues:

  • If you had linked your account through another game such as Fallout 4 or Skyrim but did not complete the full verification
  • If you created an account but did not click on the verification link sent to your email

These aside, there are other possible issues that cause login errors in Doom Eternal, and we’ll discuss them and explore how we can fix them below.

How to fix Doom Eternal login not working

1. Reset password

Even if you do not get the “invalid password” error message, the issue might be related to an invalid password.

So the first thing you should do is reset your password to be sure the error isn’t coming from there. 

An invalid password could also trigger error messages like Doom Eternal: something went wrong or Doom Eternal: please try again.

If you’re getting these error responses, then it’s likely you are keying in an incorrect password.

When resetting your password, make sure you have an alphanumeric password. Use at least 8 characters. And remember, certain characters are not accepted so avoid using them as part of your password.

2. Use a VPN

Some players have reported that using a VPN helped them fix the issue.

The issue could be due to the inability of your device to connect to Bethesda’s server or a connection problem from your ISP (or ISP throttling online games).  A premium VPN will help you fix this.

For this type of issue, we suggest using Express VPN as an option because it has over 3000+ super-fast servers that you can connect to.

  1. Purchase an ExpressVPN subscription and download the VPN on your device.
  2. Follow the installation instructions to install it.doom eternal login not working
  3. Launch ExpressVPN and log in with your credentials.
  4. Turn on the VPN. Choose any region of your choice and connect, preferably one close to you.doom eternal login not working
  5. Launch Doom Eternal.

ExpressVPN is pegged at an average speed of 457mbps, making it one of the best VPNs for Doom Eternal.

It also uses Lightway protocol, a custom protocol that has a reputation for being fast, secure and more reliable.


Fix connectivity problems and log in to Doom Eternal by connecting to this gaming-optimized VPN

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3. Clear cache

Clear Steam Cache

  1. Login to your Steam account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Pick the Downloads tab.
  4. Select Clear Download Cache.Fix connectivity problems and log in to Doom Eternal by connecting to this gaming-optimized VPN
  5. Confirm and wait for the process to complete.

Clear Doom Eternal Cache

  1. On your PC, open Settings.
  2. Go to Apps and features.
  3. Find the Doom Eternal app in the list and select it.
  4. Pick Advanced options.
  5. Click on the Reset button.doom eternal login not working

Clearing your launcher and game’s cache gives it a chance to reset and remove bugs and errors that may accumulate over time, such as the login error or even with Doom Eternal high ping and latency.

4. Contact Bethesda support

doom eternal login not working

If nothing still works after trying all these solutions, consider contacting Bethesda support.

You can reach their support by going to the bottom of their official website or by sending a direct message to their Twitter handle. 

How do I complete Doom Eternal account verification?

  1. Go to your login page and click on Help find my account.
  2. Enter your email in the box and click on Send email.
  3. Bethesda would send the verification link to your email.
  4. Open the mail and click the verification link to verify. 

At this point, your account should be verified and you’ll be able to log in.

Why can’t I play Doom Eternal offline

If you are finding it difficult to play Doom Eternal offline on Xbox, it means you have not set the console as your home console.

On PC, the reason could be that you haven’t switched Steam to offline mode.

But if you’ve switched Steam to offline mode but can’t still play offline, try finishing the game while connected to the internet. You should be able to play offline after that.

A lot of players have complained about having to log in before they can play Doom Eternal.

We are hoping that Bethesda will fix this soon by totally removing the login requirement. But while we wait, we hope that one of these solutions helps you fix the problems you’re having with Doom Eternal login. 

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