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Microsoft Jigsaw is a fun jigsaw app. However, some MS Jigsaw users have posted on forums stating that the app crashes when they start it. Consequently, they can’t get the app up and running. These are a few resolutions that might fix a Microsoft Jigsaw app that isn’t working.

How to fix Microsoft Jigsaw issues

  1. Open the Windows Store App Troubleshooter
  2. Reset MS Jigsaw
  3. Reinstall Microsoft Jigsaw
  4. Reset the Microsoft Store Cache
  5. Check for App Updates
  6. Set Up a new User Account

1. Open the Windows Store App Troubleshooter

First, check out the Windows Store App troubleshooter included in Windows 10. That troubleshooter fixes apps that aren’t working. You can open the Windows Store App troubleshooter as follows.

  • Open Cortana by pressing the Type here to search button on the taskbar.
  • Enter ‘troubleshoot’ as a keyword in Cortana’s search box.

  • Select Troubleshoot to open the list of troubleshooters in Settings.

  • Select Windows Store App and click Run the troubleshooter to open the window shown below.

  • Then you can go through the app troubleshooter’s resolutions.

2. Reset MS Jigsaw

Resetting apps is one of the best way to fix them. Windows 10 includes a Reset option that erases app data and restores the selected app to its default settings. You can reset MS Jigsaw as follows.

  • Open the Cortana app.
  • Enter the keyword ‘apps’ in the search box, and then select to open Apps & features.

  • Scroll down the app list and select MS Jigsaw.
  • Then click Advanced options to open the settings shown directly below.

  • Press the Reset button.
  • A small box then opens stating that the option resets the app’s data. Press the Reset button there to confirm.
  • Restart Windows after resetting MS Jigsaw.

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3. Reinstall Microsoft Jigsaw

Alternatively, you can reinstall Microsoft Jigsaw. To do that, right-click Microsoft Jigsaw on your Start menu’s app list and select its Uninstall option. Then open this page and press the Get it now button to reinstall the app.

4. Reset the Microsoft Store Cache

A corrupted MS Store cache can have an impact on UWP apps. Some users have confirmed that resetting the MS Store cache fixed Microsoft Jigsaw for them. You can reset the Microsoft Store cache as follows.

  • Open the Win + X menu by pressing its Win key + X hotkey.
  • Select Run to open that accessory.
  • Then enter ‘wsreset.exe’ in Run.

  • Press the OK button to reset the MS Store cache.

5. Check for App Updates

An outdated app is more likely to crash when it starts than an update one. So make sure that MS Jigsaw is the most update version. You can check for app updates within MS Store as follows.

  • Click the Microsoft Store tile on the Start menu to open that app.

  • Click the See more button at the top right of the MS Store app.

  • Select the Downloads and updates option to open a list of updates.

  • Then press the Get updates button to check for updates.

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6. Set Up a new User Account

The MS Jigsaw app might not work due to a user account issue. To check if that’s the case, set up another user account and then run the app from there. This is how you can set up a new Windows 10 user account.

  • Press the Settings button on the Start menu.
  • Then select Accounts > Family & other people to open the window shown below.

  • Select the Add someone else option to open the window in the snapshot below.

  • Click I don’t have this person’s sign-in info to open the account setup fields.

  • Click the Add a user without a Microsoft account option, fill out the required account text boxes and press Next.

  • Then log out of Windows, and sign in with your new user account.
  • Open the MS Jigsaw app within the new user account.

One, or more, of those resolutions might kick-start the Microsoft Jigsaw app. In addition to those resolutions, a System File Checker scan might also fix the app. If you have another fix for the MS Jigsaw app, feel free to share it below.



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