7 Best Windows Troubleshooting Tools to Fix PC like a Pro

Make use of the tools below to fix any PC errors faster than before

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Key notes

  • Windows troubleshooting tools should be the first line of defense for any PC user and an asset for a performance enthusiast.  
  • Troubleshooting is a process that assists you in identifying issues or problems in a computer system, and a third-party utility will always be helpful.
  • You can find general troubleshooters to help you troubleshoot peripherals, programs, network connections, and other issues.
  • In today's article, we've compiled a list of some of the best PC troubleshooting tools on the market today,

The Windows operating system, especially Windows 11, could have a lot of bugs, lags, and other annoying issues. And using specialised troubleshooters tools to help you solve problems with your PC such the one we present is essential to have a smooth pc experience.

Sometimes we have to perform various system tweaks to fix Windows problems, which could be very complicated and sometimes risky.

But luckily, there are a lot of troubleshooting tools out there that will do all the work for us. Using a troubleshooting tool could save us a lot of time and is safer than monkeying in our system or registry on our own.

So we’ll present you with the best troubleshooting software and tools for your Windows operating system, and we hope they will help you to solve all your problems.

Which is the best PC troubleshooting software on the market?

Fortect – Best Windows troubleshooting tools

Fortect is an excellent repair program that is used to troubleshoot various Windows issues. It uses official Windows registry files to restore and fix system errors and recover from damage to the system.

It can restore and fix broken registry files, delete files affected by viruses, clear broken files, repair DLL files, and much more.

Recovering from serious virus damage is almost impossible by trying to solve it yourself; that’s why we strongly advise using Fortect or other software from our list.

Fortect is also perfect for RAM optimization, which strongly benefits professional video editing software users or gamers.

Using a specialized app can save a ton of money on professional PC repair, which will cost hundreds of dollars. Fortect is the best Windows PC troubleshooting tool that you can rely on.

Most Important features:

  • Registry optimizer
  • Database of important system files
  • Hardware scan
  • Advanced repair technology


If your PC is running slowly or is riddled with errors, try Fortect and optimize its system within seconds.
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System Mechanic Ultimate Defense – One of the OGs

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is another PC troubleshooting software. It is one of the most known and most ‘old but gold’ optimization and tuneup utilities on the market.

The most notorious features are Windows customization and various recovery tools, troubleshooting options that you can select and customize, an Internet connection tweaker, and even an antivirus.

Its interface is intuitive and highlights all the necessary processes you need to do to avoid system issues. You will know exactly when you will need to fix your registry, clean some junk files, or run an HDD defragmentation.

This software has a free version that can be used on every PC. However, the paid version includes all the necessary features to tweak your system.

We recommend the pro version, as it will help your PC improve its performance with all its available features. We also have to mention that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus we regarded it as one of the best Windows PC troubleshooting tools.

Most Important features:

  • Cleans out clutter
  • Removes bloatware
  • Privacy and security protection
  • Speed booster

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Don’t sit around with an error-filled PC. Get it fixed with the help of this incredibly handy software tool!
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Advanced System Care – Comes with many modules

There are a lot of third-party system troubleshooting tools for Windows, but we decided to also choose Advanced System Care, due to its trusted performance by users.

IOBIT Advanced SystemCare can assist you in optimizing your computer and keeping it free of faults and problems that damage its performance.

The application has a variety of modules that can help you Speed Up, Protect, Clean, and Optimize your PC.

It also features a Tool Box where you can find several IOBIT-based utilities to help you fix, tune, and care for your PC. It also has an Action Center where you may license and update other IOBIT products and key Windows components.

One of the most popular features of IOBIT Advanced SystemCare is the Performance Monitor.

Its new Resource Manager keeps track of your system components like CPU load, disk use, and RAM allocations. It allows you to terminate tasks, minimizing resource use and enhancing PC performance.

Most Important features:

  • AI-powered optimizer
  • Startup speed up
  • Gaming performance booster
  • DNS protector

IObit Advanced System Care

Advanced SystemCare is a more powerful PC optimization utility from the world’s leading system utilities and security software vendor.
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Tweaking Windows Repair – Boosts your PC to new highs

Simply stating that your Windows 10 PC has an issue is not exactly correct since hundreds of errors and things can go wrong in a system as complex as Windows 10.

However, this complex OS can be easily fixed by a simplistic third-party tool that is meant to fix pretty much anything on your PC software-wise and boost it to new heights.

Tweaking Windows Repair may seem dated, but rest assured that the features and tech that back it up are more than enough to get your error-filled PC up and running to levels comparable to when it was brand new.

The program is available in two versions, with the Pro version offering a higher variety of tools, although they are also more complex to use.

If you are ready to enjoy an error-free Windows 10 experience, go ahead and give Tweaking Windows Repair.

Most Important features:

  • Automatic updates
  • Memory cleaner
  • Windows quick link menu
  • Run speed tweaks

Tweaking Windows Repair

If your Windows 10 experience is interrupted by constant errors or slow response times, give Tweaking Windows Repair a go.
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Ashampoo WinOptimizer – Comes with a 1-Click Optimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer pushes the strings to make your Windows PC faster and more private. It is a great PC troubleshooting software.

The new Boot Center deconstructs the boot process into component segments, including autorun entries and activities, plus it immediately identifies performance bottlenecks.

You’ll appreciate the new 1-Click Optimizer, which finds more online browsing traces, garbage files, and unnecessary Registry values and provides more details and features than before.

The powerful Privacy Manager prevents Windows from calling home and sharing sensitive user data with Microsoft and other software manufacturers.

The System Information module provides comprehensive information about your PC’s hard and software and assistance in locating hidden resource hogs on your hard disks.

WinOptimizer has data-rich dashboards that provide rapid shortcuts to essential modules for a more condensed but always up-to-date perspective.

The tweaking module enables individual Windows customization and will undoubtedly appeal to you if you are a PC tuning enthusiast.

Most Important features:

  • Old Windows versions deleting
  • Clear cleaner UI
  • Cookie manager
  • Window scaling and docking

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 19

This comprehensive software improves system efficiency, resolves system faults, and minimizes file clutter on a well-organized, customizable dashboard.
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Wise Registry Cleaner – Provides safe registry cleaning

Wise Registry Cleaner should definitely be on your list of troubleshooting tools. There are a lot of registry cleaners and maintainers out there, but we decided to choose Wise Registry Cleaner.

This tool appears to be the best because it provides deep and safe cleaning of your registry, with many tweaking options.

Wise Registry Cleaner is also very well-designed, and you won’t have any problems finding and performing the desired task.

But cleaning your registry with Wise Registry Cleaner requires rebooting, which could be annoying sometimes, but it is often required to change the system and registry files properly.

Most Important features:

  • Multi-users Registry cleaning
  • PC performance booster
  • Windows backup and restore
  • Scheduled auto cleaning

Wise Registry Cleaner

Your registry can be the source of most of your PC-related problems. Tweak and fix them with Wise Registry Cleaner!
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AVG PC Tuneup – Has a 1-Click Maintenance tool

AVG PC TuneUp is a troubleshooting tool that contains utilities for optimizing system startup, defragmenting the hard drive, and cleaning damaged keys in the Windows Registry.

This utility can also restore mistakenly deleted files, check your hard drive for faults, modify hidden settings, and customize the appearance of Windows.

AVG PC TuneUp also includes a file shredder, a thorough system report generator, and the great 1-Click Maintenance tool, which allows you to automatically and routinely scan for some of the most common issues that your computer may experience.

If your computer is always in use and the hardware consumes a lot of energy, there is a PC Mode in the software that decreases the energy consumption.

The AVG Tuneup duplication finder module searches for and removes duplicate files but does not remove them also.

This isn’t just another generic PC support tool, it’s innovative, perceptive, and packed with useful features.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for assistance in enhancing your framework, it’s most likely the ideal software you’ll get.

Most Important features:

  • Junk files remover
  • Auto program updater
  • Auto maintenance
  • PC speed up


This comprehensive troubleshooter includes improved utilities to boost your PC’s speed and Disk and Browser Cleaners to free up hard disk space.
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What tool is used to troubleshoot problems with Windows?

By default, users use the built-in troubleshooter in Windows, which you can access by doing the following:

  1. Press Windows key + S and enter troubleshoot. Select Troubleshoot settings from the menu.
  2. Click on Additional troubleshooters.
  3. Now select the troubleshooter that you want to run.

Using Windows Troubleshooter is sometimes the best choice because it doesn’t require downloading and installing any additional software.

Remember that this feature is designed to only run on local computers. So if you want to fix a PC remotely, you might need to use remote troubleshooter software instead.

If you’re dealing with more serious issues, we recommend using PC repair tools since they offer better features for advanced problems.

Hopefully, we helped you narrow your choices for a Windows PC optimizer troubleshooting tool because they are great assets for a performant device.

Moreover, you may want to check out our list of the five best BSoD fixers to solve yet another Windows issue.

We hope you have now installed any of these excellent PC troubleshooting software.

What’s your choice to troubleshoot your Windows PC? Leave us a comment in the area below.

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