Installing and uninstalling software is one of the most common activities that we perform on a computer. When you decide to remove a program, you most likely reach for Windows’ built-in ‘Add or remove programs’ option to get the job done.

Usually, it’s ok to remove programs using this alternative, but sometimes you might be presented with a message stating that some components cannot be deleted or that the uninstall failed.

Uninstalling an app via Control Panel is an incredibly easy task but as we said this default method might leave behind temporary junk files and broken registry entries.

Third-party uninstallers’ benefits

This is the reason for which a dedicated third-party uninstaller comes in handy, and the best thing about them is that most of the tools that are available are also completely free.

These tools will scan your system quickly for all the installed programs and then they’ll allow you to select more programs at once for uninstalling them.

Once they have been removed, the software will also perform another scan on your system, this time for tracking down and whipping out all temporary files and old registry entries left behind.

This will free up a lot of valuable space on your PC and will make sure that you won’t run into problems in case you decide to install the latest version of the same software in the future.

You may want to remove new programs due to the fact that you may have tried them and realized that you don’t really like/need them.

The large programs are the ones that have the most impact on your system’s performance, and you may also want to remove some of them as well.

Third-party uninstallers will also provide a handy way to manage browser extensions and plugins, and they’ll be able to remove everything you are not using anymore.

With their help, you’ll be able to empty your recycle bin with just a single click and also delete your browsing history.

All in all, if your desire is to keep your system as clean and as tidy as possible and also to free up some space, uninstaller software is essential.

Have a look at the uninstalling tool we gathered in the following list and pick your favorite.

1. IObit Uninstaller PRO 7 (recommended)

iobit uninstaller for windows

This just might be the best uninstaller tool for Windows. The software will get right down to business, and it will start by scanning your system for installed software.

It features a smart and clear interface that will display a list of all your installed program, and in case you are interested only in the newer programs or the largest ones it also has some extra tabs targeted at this kind of software.

In case you have already uninstalled a program, but you suspect that it left some trails across your drive, IObit’s scanner will be able to hunt down junk and the most hidden broken shortcuts and caches created when you previously installed the updates for that software.

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The program will also take a look at your web browsers to find any plugins that could be uninstalled to enhance your system’s performance. For now, it supports Internet Explorer and Firefox. Chrome and Microsoft Edge are not supported yet.

2. Ashampoo Uninstaller (recommended)

You may find this tool a bit intimidating at first, but once you work your way around it, you will see that things will get much easier.

This is a highly capable uninstaller tool and has every useful feature you can think of, and you expect from an app like this.

You have the ability to uninstall programs using various methods (including silent uninstall and uninstall with the auto purging of unwanted files). On the other hand, it’s a bit surprising that the program doesn’t support batch uninstallations.

But you shouldn’t worry as the program has various features that will definitely make up for this.

You just have to go to the Tools sub-module, and you’ll find additional sub-utilities that you’ll be able to use for anything from managing startup programs and deleting duplicate files to defragmenting disks and optimizing registry.

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You will also get the opportunity to adjust group policies, to shred files and to perform more actions. We can easily say that this software is a sophisticated PC optimizer program with strong uninstalling power, even if the program is a bit more complicated one that other apps.

3. Revo Uninstaller Pro (recommended)

This is one of the most popular uninstaller software, and it includes a whole bunch of very useful features. It will automatically detect all installed programs from your system and it includes some more uninstalling options.

There’s Quick uninstall which removes programs without the user’s intervention, and it will automatically delete leftover files. You also have the option of Forced uninstall which will turn out to be useful for removing remnants of programs that you have already uninstalled.

All you have to do is choose your favourite uninstall option, and from there on, the program will take care of things.

Apart from its core uninstaller module, Revo Uninstaller Pro also features some useful tools such as Browsers Cleaner (for deleting browsing history), Autorun Manager (for configuring auto-run programs), Backup manager and much more.

The program is also available as a portable app so, in conclusion, in case you’re looking for a powerful tool that will remove general junk files and that will also free your machine of unwanted programs, this is a safe choice.

4. Revo Uninstaller Free (recommended)

The program’s interface is colourful, but it’s at the same time cluttered. It includes tools suck a startup program manager and links to Windows’ own system tools, and this also includes an on-screen keyboard and defrag.

They are not necessarily helpful, and they may just be a distraction from a stable uninstaller.

Unlike most uninstallers, the program begins by creating a system restore point, and this is quite reassuring. It is not able to log new installations, and if you want them badly, you will have to give Revo’s Pro version a try for 30 days.

If you’re interested in more info on how to create a restore point and how would that help you, take a look at this simple article to find out everything you need to know.

The software offers users four uninstall options as it follows: the built-in option, the safe option (it features additional registry scanning), the moderate option (it features extra scanning of all locations for potential leftover files), and the advanced option (this is the moderate mode followed by a more deep scanning process of the whole system).

You will also be able to find a Hunter Mode which allows you to uninstall programs by dragging their icons on a crosshair from the desktop.

5. Wise Program Uninstaller

The program is a portable application, and it makes sure not to leave a mess of its own. It offers a free trial of a product that is called Spyhunter, and you might want to skip it.

The uninstaller is very lean and quick, and it will also begin by scanning your system for programs that are already installed on it. It will display various rating to show you how other users feel about the programs installed on your machine.

Even if you probably know for sure what exactly you want to remove, this feature might prove to be quite helpful.

The program offers you two choices for each program, Safe and Forced uninstall and some users also get the Repair option.

Safe uninstall will access the program’s own uninstaller and the Forced uninstall will perform a deep scan to track down all the scrap files and broken registry entries. It will show you everything it managed to identify before deleting the files.

This program comes from the company that offers one of the best registry cleaners, recently updated. Read our article about Wise Care 365.

WiseCleaner’s all-in-one solution when it comes to PC optimization and speeding up your Windows device has been made available for Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) from the official site.

6. CCleaner

CCleaner is not exactly a software for uninstalling programs, but it’s still included in this list because it’s exquisite. The program also comes in paid versions, but the free one is just as good as those because it has enough useful features.

This might be the most popular system cleaning and optimizing app out there, and it packs in lots of goodies in a very lightweight package.

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The CCleaner is primarily dealing with removing all sorts of undesired files, missing shortcuts, and broken registry entries from your system. It is a fast app and also free of bloat. It includes some handy additional tools, as well and this is exactly what makes it so great.

Such a tool is the Uninstall sub-module which does just what the name suggests: finding and deleting duplicate files, managing startup programs, securely deleting files and so on.

In case you’re searching for a neat and rounded uninstaller program that’s more of an optimization suite for your machine, and you also want to keep some money in your pocket, than this is the perfect choice for you.

The CCleaner installer doesn’t work? Don’t worry, we’ve got the right solution for you.

7. Geek Uninstaller

This is another free portable tool, and it’s only 2.5MB. There is a Pro version of the program that is being advertised on the developer’s site but this one is completely different, and it’s called Uninstall Tool, but GeekUninstaller is free.

The program will also begin by performing a fast scan of your system and it will provide the usual options, forced or regular uninstall. In case there is something that you don’t recognize, the program will Google it for you.

This might seem quite a simple or maybe an unnecessary addition, but it will turn out to be very helpful at times. It will also spare you from loading up your browser and searching the unknown program for yourself.

The program does not perform any in-depth scans of previously uninstalled software, and it will not monitor new installations.

On the other hand, if you’re only searching for something to get things done as you go and to clean up, you probably won’t find a smaller and an easier tool than this one. It’s also cool that the program comes in 30 languages.

8. Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller is the perfect tool for users who are looking for a simpler program. The software is very robust, yet simple, and it doesn’t try to perform tons of actions, but what it does manage to deliver is great.

It doesn’t feature extra PC optimization tools or fancy add-ons; instead, it boasts great program uninstalling goodness.Absolute Uninstaller will show al list of all your installed software and the listing can be filtered.

It can show only programs that have been installed recently, only large programs and so on. All you will have to do is select the program that you’d like to see gone and then press the Uninstall This Program button.

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You also have the ability to remove multiple programs at once by using the Batch Uninstall option. The tool’s setup program is auto-configured to download and to install Glary Utilities which is a system optimizing software tool from the same vendor.

This option pops up during the last step of installation, but you can skip it if you desire.

9. Comodo Program Manager

This is a powerful utility that offers you the ability to completely delete all unwanted components from your system.

It can purge all traces that are left of an app on your computer, and its monitoring functionality keeps tracks of changes made during the installation and usage of a particular software.

It also creates a backup of the files, registry entries, and data when a program in uninstalled and this will allow you to easily restore any program you might have uninstalled by mistake.

Its on-access scanner will alert you in case a setup file is filled with bugs or Trojans. The tool includes a free 30-day trial for LivePCSupport.

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10. Uninstall Tool

This is a professional software app that is targeted at helping you uninstall programs from your system and at deleting data registry entries and more remnants.

The tool also includes a startup manager that lets you disable or enable programs that run at Microsoft startup. The program’s installation is very easy, and you can place its icon in the Windows Control Panel.

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It features a user-friendly interface, and it automatically builds up a list with all utilities installed on your machine. It will also provide all necessary information about each one of these such as size, name and installation date.

The program offers you the opportunity to work with two different modes. You can uninstall a particular program, scan the system for registry entries and leftover files and delete detected traces.

The second method involves helping you identify system files and registry items that belong to an individual tool. This will turn out very useful when you want to delete invalid or obsolete entries which you can’t normally remove from the system.

The tool mixes easy-to-use features with advanced one for helping you keep your system clean.

All the tools presented above will do a fantastic job of removing unwanted software from your computer, but each and every one of them also packs some pretty cool extras. Check them all out and stick with your favourite.