How to fix common NBA 2K18 bugs

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by Madalina Dinita
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NBA 2K18 is an addictive basketball simulation game that offers gamers the chance to become the best basketball players in the world. Unfortunately, many gamers reported that the overall NBA 2K18 gaming experience leaves a lot to be desired. The game is affected by a plethora of issues, ranging from minor bugs to severe problems that actually prevent gamers from playing the game.

In order to help you fix some of the most frequent NBA 2K18 issues, we’ve compiled a list of workarounds that should quickly resolve these problems.

Fix NBA 2K18 issues

Solution 1 — Install the latest Windows updates

Make sure that you’ve installed the latest Windows updates on your PC in order to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

To access the Windows Update section, you can simply type “update” in the search box. This method works on all Windows versions. Then go to Windows Update, check for updates and install the available updates.

Solution 2 — Install the latest graphics driver updates

Make sure you’ve installed the latest drivers on your computer. Using the latest optimization resources significantly improves your gaming experience. Use the links below to check if you’re running the latest graphics drivers on your Windows computer:

Also, make sure to use the dedicated GPU while playing NBA 2K18.

Solution 3 — Reset your graphics card software

Graphics cards come with their own software: NVIDIA comes with the NVIDIA Control Panel and AMD has the Catalyst Control Center. The two programs allow users to set up profiles that can potentially interfere with NBA 2K18. By resetting them to default values, you allow the game to take control over the graphics settings.

How to reset NVIDIA Control Panel:

  1. Right-click on your desktop > select NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. Go to Manage 3D Settings > click Restore Defaults.

How to reset AMD Catalyst Control Center

  1. Right-click on your desktop > select Catalyst Control Center (aka VISION center)
  2. Go to Preferences > click on Restore Factory Defaults.

Solution 4 — Update DirectX

DirectX is a set of tools that allows games to work directly with your PC’s video and audio hardware. For more information about the latest DirectX version and how to install it, go to Microsoft’s Support page.

Solution 5 — Fix NBA 2K18 data user file corruption issues

If you are prompted with the ”File is corrupted” or “File is missing” errors on your Xbox One, this workaround can help you. More specifically, you’re going to delete the corrupted files from your console and then retrieve them from cloud.

  1. Go to Dashboard > select NBA2k18
  2. Choose Manage game > go to Saved data
  3. Clear Reserved Space file
  4. Exit and go to Settings > choose All Settings
  5. Open System > open Storage
  6. Select Clear local saved games > restart your Xbox One
  7. Start Nba2k18 and wait for files to be synced. Once the files are synced, you should be able to continue your game.

In order to boost your game performance and get rid of slowdowns, lags, low FPS and other annoying issues, we recommend downloading Game Fire (free).

To fix corrupted files issues on PC, you can also verify the integrity of your game files on Steam:

  1. Restart your PC > launch Steam
  2. Go to the Library section > right-click NBA 2K18 >select Properties.
  3. Select the Local files tab > click the ‘Verify integrity of game files’ button.
  4. Wait until Steam finishes the task > launch the game again and check if the issue persists.

Solution 6 — Repair your registry

The simplest way to repair your registry is to use a dedicated tool, such as CCleaner. Don’t forget to first backup your registry in case anything goes wrong.

You can also use Microsoft’s System File Checker to check for system file corruption. The utility verifies the integrity of all protected system files and repairs files with problems when possible. Here’s how to run an SFC scan:

1. Go to Start > type cmd > right-click Command Prompt > select Run as Administrator

2. Now type the sfc /scannow command

3. Wait for the scanning process to complete and then restart your computer. All corrupted files will be replaced on reboot. Launch NBA 2K18 again and check if the issues persist.

Solution 7 — Restart your network

An alternative workaround is to manually switch your network. It seems that some online modes can occasionally cause file corruption. Follow the instructions below in order to resolve this issue.


  1. Go to Start > type ‘settings’ > double click the first result to open the Settings page
  2. Go to Network and Internet > Status > scroll down to Network reset
  3. Hit the ‘Reset now’ button > confirm your choice.
  4. Setup your network again.

Xbox One:

  1. Go to Settings > go to Network Settings
  2. Choose to Forget your network or Go Offline
  3. Shut down the console and unplug your Power Source
  4. Start Xbox One again
  5. Enable your Network > start the Game

Solution 8 — Disable background apps

Sometimes, background apps may interfere with your games. Try disabling them to see if this action fixes some of the NBA 2K18 bugs that you’re experiencing.

  1. On Windows 10, you can disable background apps using the Settings page:
  2. Go to Start > type ‘settings’ > double-click the first result
  3. Go to Privacy > scroll down to Background apps > turn off the background apps toggle
  4. Restart your PC > check if the issue persists.

We hope that the solutions listed above helped you to fix some of the most common NBA 2K18 issues. If you’ve come across other workarounds to fix the bugs affecting the game, you can help the gaming community by listing the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.


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