Netflix error M7361-1253: Quick solutions to resolve it within minutes

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Imagine getting yourself a great laptop or computer, then when you try to play your favorite Netflix video, you get an error message that says ‘Oops, something went wrong Netflix Error M7361-1253‘. Your first instinct is probably ‘what is that’?

If you’ve received such a response from your computer or laptop, there are quick fix solutions that can reignite your movie excitement, and your favorite flicks back up on your screen in no time.

Here’s how to resolve the Netflix Error M7361-1253

Solution 1: Reboot your computer to resolve Netflix Error M7361-1253

This is perhaps the first line of action for most computer users, especially when they don’t know what else to do. Sometimes it works, but to fix Netflix Error M7361-1253, you can start with this most basic solution.

  • Shut down your computer completely
  • Restart your computer
  • Launch Netflix again

If this doesn’t help resolve the Netflix Error M7361-1253 issue, try the next solution.

Solution 2: Check your browser to resolve Netflix Error M7361-1253

Sometimes your browser may be the underlying cause behind the Netflix Error M7361-1253.

In order to check and resolve the error, take these steps:

  1. Clear browser cookies
  2. Restart your browser
  3. Try using a different browser

Clearing your browser’s cookies

This helps to check and clean out any outdated or corrupt settings that your browser may be referencing, within the cookies file.

In order to clear your browser cookies to resolve Netflix Error M7361-1253, do the following:

  • Go to this link: This helps clear the Netflix cookie
  • Once you do that, you will be signed out of Netflix and redirected back to the Netflix home screen
  • Click Sign In
  • Play your favorite series or movie

Restart your browser

This may clear the Netflix Error M7361-1253 issue as well. Do the following:

  • Quit your browser
  • Restart your browser
  • Try playing your favorite series or movie

Try using a different browser

It is recommended that you update to a browser that supports HTML5 so as to make sure your computer is well optimized for the Netflix web player.

The Netflix web player is supported best by Google Chrome on Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, Mozilla Firefox on Windows Vista or later, and Opera on Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later.

To resolve the Netflix Error M7361-1253 issue, download the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera, then try launching Netflix again.

Solution 3: Check that your network supports streaming to resolve Netflix Error M7361-1253

Sometimes you may be trying to stream Netflix on your computer but the issue is not your system, or Netflix itself.

It could be your WiFi provider, so yo need to check whether the network supports streaming.

In order to do this and fix the Netflix Error M7361-1253 issue, do the following:

  • Check with your network operator or administrator (if on a work or school network), to confirm that Netflix is not blocked from access.

Note: Many public networks, be it at home, school or at work have limited bandwidth, and to stream video content, especially, takes up much of the available capacity so you need to be sure Netflix is not blocked on your network.

If, however, you’re using cellular data, or satellite internet, you could try using a different network altogether for streaming your favorite series or movie content on Netflix.

The downside though, is that cellular data and/or satellite internet have slower connection or streaming speeds compared to cable internet, or DSL.

Didn’t work? Try the next solution.

Solution 4: Check your antivirus software to resolve Netflix Error M7361-1253

As mentioned above, your antivirus software (and/or firewall) can cause an interference with the Netflix web player, leading to the Netflix Error M7361-1253 issue.

Follow these steps to resolve this:

  • Disable your antivirus software
  • Try to play your favorite series or movie on Netflix again. If it resumes play after disabling or quitting your antivirus, then it’s an indicator that your software is outdated, or it is preventing Netflix from playing on your computer. Check with your antivirus software manufacturer if you are experiencing this specific issue.

Let us know whether you managed to resolve the Netflix Error M7361-1253 issue using these four solutions.



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