How to fix common NieR: Automata bugs

By: Madeleine Dean
2 minute read

NieR: Automata is set in a world where invaders have driven mankind from Earth. Humans took refuge on the Moon, but they are not willing to give up their planet.

The Council of Humanity organizes a resistance of android soldiers in a desperate effort to take back their planet. The Resistance deploys a new unit of android infantry, YoRHa, to wage a final battle against the invaders.

NieR: Automata features a challenging and fun gameplay. Unfortunately, the gaming experience is sometimes limited by various technical issues. In this article, we’re going to list a series of workarounds that you can use to fix the most frequent NieR: Automata bugs.

Fix: NieR Automata issues

1. White screen crashes on AMD

  1. Uninstall all your drivers by using the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility
  2. Download and install the 16.11.5 drivers (yes, you have to roll back that far)
  3. Disable Xbox DVR in the registry
  4. Use borderless window if necessary.

After performing these actions, you won’t be able to use ReLive to capture gameplay footage. This is the only known set back of this workaround.

2. NieR Automata freezes on GTX 780 Ti

  1. Go to your driver settings page > change the Anti Aliasing configuration mode to override the game’s settings
  2. Turn off Anisotropic filtering
  3.  Go to Power management mode and select maximum performance
  4. Put V-sync on adaptable.

3. Low FPS issues (NVIDIA)

The following instructions will help you to run the game at 1080p/60Hz/60FPS.

1. Use the following in-game settings:

  • Windowed Mode
  • V-Sync: OFF
  • AA: OFF
  • MotionBlur: OFF
  • HBAO: ON
  • Anistrophic Filter: x16

2. Open the GForce Driver Settings > select Manage 3D Settings
Go to Program Settings > add nierautomata.exe (should be pathing in your steamfolder) to your list.

3. Use the following settings:

  • Antialiasing Mode: Override any Application Setting
  • Antialiasing Setting: x2 (or higher if you can)
  • Power Managment Mode: prefer maximum performance
  • Texture Filtering – Anistrophic sample opti: OFF
  • Vertical Sync: Adaptive (60Hz) or Adaptive (half refresh rate / 30Hz/fps)

If you’ve come across any other workarounds for various NieR: Automata issues, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.


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