Vertigo issues: Game crashes, low FPS, malfunctioning checkpoints

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Vertigo is a first-person shooter for the HTC Vive in which you’ll explore the underground facilities of Planck Energy Solutions’ Quantum Reactor. Throughout the game, you’ll discover dark secrets and enter mind boggling parallel universes the deeper into the earth you go.

The reactor uses a black hole to generate energy and although the facility appears to be abandoned, various clues like security drones and active turrets securing the perimeter and indicate otherwise. Your task is to find out what’s hiding in the facility and escape the depths of the quantum reactor.

Vertigo recently received an important game update that fixes a series of annoying issues. Unfortunately, gamers report it is still affected by many bugs.

Vertigo reported bugs

Vertigo crashes

Players report that Vertigo often crashes when they enter the first big puzzle room on the 4th floor. Gamers are tossed back to their Steam dashboard while Vertigo’s audio still plays, with an unresponsive  Steam VR status window. The only solution for gamers is to simply close the game and launch it again. Unfortunately, their progress is reset and they need to start all over again.

Game is kinda unplayable, it crashes in first big room with puzzle, at floor 4. Not only that, game does not remember the save, and you have to start over. Very annoying!

Players can’t climb ladders

There are many instances where players need to climb a ladder as they explore the quantum reactor facility. However, this is not always possible because one of their hands refuses to grab the ladder. It seems that the game’s code understand that players are holding something in their hand already, which could explain why they can’t grab the ladder.

When I try to climb a ladder, only my left hand will grab on. My right hand interacts with everything else in the game, but refuses to grab on to ladders. Any help?

Players can’t scan Brian’s finger bone

Just like the ladder issue above, players cannot take Brian’s finger bone and scan it for DNA. Apparently, the bone is in the Space Time Manipulator, but players cannot move it. As one gamer suggests, you can try the following solution to fix this problem:

  • Restart the level
  • Walk up to the table and press the “Button”
  • Take out the Space Time Manipulator
  • With your free hand, grab and hold the finger bone. Make only one attempt. The hand you’re trying to grab the bone with should turn invisible.
  • Move your hand into the sphere on the table.

Save/checkpoints don’t work

When players die, they need to start over. If the game crashes, players are sent back to the beginning of the level. If this happens multiple times, it can become quite frustrating.

I was posting the same, the game is very nice but force to restart the whole level it’s just unfair, I spent almost 40 minutes exploring carefully every meter of the huge room with the four robots to activate, and just noticed I’ve lost everything because the save is just from the starting elevator.

Low FPS rate when using Teleport

Players report that Vertigo is affected by low FPS rate issues from time to time, but this problem intensifies when they use Teleport.

Also whenever I use the teleport, from the moment I activate it, until a second after I teleport, I get dropped frames. A bit annoying, but not game breaking. Until I entered level 2 (4th floor). As soon as the elevator reached the floor, my “Missed Frame” Warning window was off the charts.

Fortunately, one player managed to come up with a quick fix to solve this problem:

1. Update the Nvidia GeForce GameReady Driver
2. Disable Core Parking
3. Lower mirror screen resolution on the desktop. Hold ALT and open the Unity Settings window. Select the lowest value resolution.

If you’ve encountered other Vertigo issues, you can report them on the game’s dedicated Steam page.