Fix: Computer Crashes While Playing Games on Windows 10

By: Ivan Jenic
3 minute read

Windows 10 is a very gamer-friendly operating system, and the fact that it is becoming the leading gaming platform in the world proves that. But, things may not be as smooth as they should always, because there’s a chance that you could encounter some problems while playing games on Windows 10.

Some gamers recently reported that their computer randomly crashes while they’re playing games. And since this is a serious, and very annoying issue, we’ll see what we can do to solve this problem. So, if you’re encountering the crashing problems on your Windows 10 computer, try some of the following solutions.

How to Fix Game Crashing Problems on Windows 10

Solution 1 – Install Latest Drivers

Windows 10 had problems with drivers compatibility since day one, and those problems are not resolved yet. So, there’s a chance your current graphics card driver isn’t compatible with Windows 10. So, just in case, go to Windows Update, or Device Manager, and check for updates of your graphics card driver.

All your drivers need to be updated, but doing it manually is very annoying, so we recommend you to download this driver updater tool (100% safe and tested by us) to do it automatically.

Both Microsoft and graphics cards manufacturers are aware of the problem, and they’re working on the solution. So, even if your graphics card driver isn’t compatible with Windows 10 right now, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be compatible in the future. So, sometimes the best solution is to wait a little. But if you’re sure your driver is compatible with Windows 10, something else is the problem, in that case, check out some of the following solutions.

Solution 2 – Install Proper Software

Most of today’s games require some additional software to work properly. In most cases these programs are DirectX and Java. So, make sure you install all required software, and then try to play the game again.

If you’re not sure which programs you need to install in order to play your desired game, try to google a little bit, or read the game’s documentation.

Solution 3 – Check your Hardware

Maybe the problem isn’t related to the system at all, maybe it’s in your hardware. While I was looking for proper solutions for the game crashing problem in Windows 10, I saw one user had a problem with his graphics card. Namely, he didn’t have a power supply strong enough for his graphics card, and that caused him a lot of problems.

So, keep in mind to check if your computer is ‘assembled’ right, and if you find out that something’s wrong, just change your current components with the proper ones.

If you’re still having issues with your hardware or you simply want to avoid them for the future, we recommend you to download this tool (100% safe and tested by us) to fix various PC problems, such as hardware failure, but also file loss and malware.

I also have to mention compatibility problem with games themselves. Some older games (10+ years old) are simply incompatible with Windows 10, therefore there’s nothing you can do to play them on your Windows 10 PC. So you should keep in mind that, as well.

That’s about it, I hope this article helped you to solve the problems with game crashing on your Windows 10 PC. If you have any comments, or questions, just reach for the comment section below.

While you’re there, you can also tell as what’s your favorite game to play on Windows 10.

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