Check out this flexible Surface Pen stylus that takes calls

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Microsoft recently filed a patent that revealed more information about the next-generation Surface Pen

Microsoft named the patent as Flexible Carpenter’s Stylus with Dockable Earpiece.

The name suggests that the Redmond giant picked the idea from carpenters and artists who usually use their ears to keep their pens at hand.

Twitter user WalkingCat was the first to spot the patent.

The patent explains the functionality of the stylus as follows.

The carpenter’s stylus can be used as an input device for a touch screen display. Additionally, the flexible portion has an integrated dock that can hold a dockable wireless earpiece. The earpiece dock securely stores the wireless earpiece and provides power to charge a battery of the wireless earpiece. The flexible portion of the carpenter’s stylus can be bent into a headset shape, allowing the whole peripheral to be worn over a user’s ear. 

Surface Pen as a bluetooth earpiece

Although the idea is pretty strange, still many users are already interested in it. The upcoming Surface Pen will be beneficial specifically for the business community. They can use their Surface Pen as an earpiece on the go.

No ETA available

The company just filed the patent and there is no ETA available at the moment. We can not determine whether the actual product will be available for users or not.

Companies often file patents to protect their ideas or concepts conceived at an early stage. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the respective products or ideas will actually land on the market.

Speaking of product concepts, many rumors suggested that Microsoft is developing foldable devices and Andromeda is believed to be one of them.

However, the company decided to give up on the idea. Apparently, Microsoft realized that foldable devices bring their own set of problems that may be difficult to be handled at later stages.

This patent is an indication that Microsoft is looking for ways to redesign its peripheral devices. If the company works at this pace, we can expect to see many innovative products in the future. 


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