We answer: What is the FOUND.000 folder in Windows 10/11?

by Matthew Adams
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Some users might spot a mysterious FOUND.000 folder in Windows 10’s File Explorer and wonder what exactly the folder is for. That folder is generated after Check Disk file system scans (typically after improper system shutdowns) recover or repair corrupted files. Thus, FOUND.000 is a system folder that stores fragmented files recovered by Check Disk.

Users can’t always see the FOUND.000 folder. To reveal the folder, select the Hidden items check box on File Explorer’s View tab. Then File Explorer displays FOUND.000 along with all other system folders.
Hidden items check box found.000 folder windows 10

The FOUND.000 folder consists of CHK files. Thus, it doesn’t include recovered files in their original formats. That won’t usually matter greatly, but in some cases users might have lost documents, audio, video, and image files with standard formats after a Windows crash. If so, Check Disk might have converted some of those files into a CHK format stored within the FOUND.000 folder. However, Windows 10 doesn’t include any utility that enables users to identify what the CHK files were before Check Disk converted them.

How Can Users Recover Lost Data from the FOUND.000 Folder?

Users might be able to recover some data lost after a Check Disk scan by renaming CHK files in the FOUND.000 folder so that they include the extensions of the original files. For example, if users have lost a series of JPG images, they can convert CHK files to JPG format by changing their extensions to JPG in File Explorer. Users can do that by right-clicking the CHK file, selecting Rename, and then editing the file name so that includes the extension JPG at the end instead of CHK.

The Rename option found.000 folder windows 10

However, if there are masses of CHK files in FOUND.000, or users aren’t sure what the original formats of their lost files were, the freeware UnCHK utility might come in handy. That utility can restore CHK files to some of the most standard video, audio, image, and document file formats.

Click UnCHK on the program’s website to save its ZIP file, which users can then extract in File Explorer by opening it and clicking Extract all. Then users can open the UnCHK window from its extracted folder and select a recovery method. Note that VB Runtime is also required for UnCHK to run, which users can also download from the software’s webpage by clicking Microsoft.

So, the UnCHK utility might recover some lost images, documents, videos, and music from the FOUND.000 folder. Most users, however, probably won’t need to recover anything from the FOUND.000 folder. In which case, users can delete FOUND.000 to the Recycle Bin to free up a little hard drive storage.



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