Top 4 free software for designing welcoming bathrooms

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Bathroom design software

In the past, imobiliary designers had to use the classical combo of pen and paper to design custom furniture and accessories. This, of course, was useful in helping to explain your design view to your customers.

Customers who wanted to make themselves understood regarding the design of their choice could also use this approach.

One of the biggest problems with using this technique is the amount of time needed in order to make your sketch understandable. But more than that, it requires you to have technical drawing skills, which most of us don’t.

Instead of hiring a designer and wasting money, you can do it on your own with the right guidance and software.

Because the processes of designing custom furniture and arranging it to your needs and preferences is such a complicated process that involves measuring, creating custom designs, specialized software makes it a lot easier and gives you a more visual experience.

Using design software will come in especially useful by giving you the power to visualize a design before actually starting work on it, and also allows you to use visual digital furniture templates that are customizable.

In this article, we will explore some of the best specialized design software that allows you to design your dream home free of charge. We will focus on software solutions that can also design custom bathrooms, among other.

What are the best design software to create your dream bathroom?


Planner 5D

Planner 5D - bathroom design

Planner 5D is a great furniture designer software that can be used by anyone that wants to renovate or remodel their dwelling/home/office.

This software is incredibly useful for both people who want to redesign a room in their home, or for bigger projects with hundreds of rooms, like a big business owner. No matter where you fit on that scale, this software can help you.

Planner 5Dand contains an incredible wide range of pre-designed items, has the ability to create both 2D and 3D floor plans, and also allows you access to the wide range of downloads available on the official Planner 5D app store.

You can use the 2D view mode to create floor plans and design custom furniture to fit the space perfectly, and then you can transform it into a 3D project. Using the 3D view allows you to observe and edit your design from every angle.

By using this software’s friendly user interface, you can furnish your bathroom with ease, edit colors, edit patterns and choose your preferred materials.

After you’ve chosen the best setup for you, you can use the great HD visualization and sharing features found in Planner 5D. You can easily take snapshots of your project, and share them with your family or co-workers, and you can even add shadows and lighting to make it look more realistic.

Other features include item editing, and access to more than 4000 pre-designed furniture/ patterns/ materials.

This software was released in two different flavors, one being completely free and the other with a Premium license:

  • Planner 5D Free version – even though it’s easily accessible to anyone for free, still offers a good range of features that will help you in your project – 2D and 3D editor, access to more than 150 item catalogs, 600+ textures catalog, and you can use it for an unlimited number of projects.
  • Planner 5D Premium version – contains all the features found in the free version, and it also allows you access to the entire range of items (300+) in the catalog, and also gives you the power to modify the size and appearance of all the furniture you used in your project.

If you want to see some examples of projects completed by using Planner 5D, you can visit their official website.

Download Planner 5D


Room Sketcher

Room Sketcher - bathroom design

Room Sketcher is an incredibly useful software option that gives you all the tools you need in order to refurbish, and redesign your bathroom.

You can use this sofware to visualize your project with ease in both 2D and 3D modes, without needing to have any prior skills.

This software was designed to be easy to use and understand by anybody that wants to try it, offering you a wide range of tools that will make the process much easier than using a pen and paper.

Here are some of the this software best features :

  • User-friendly UI
  • Drag and drop features – allows you to drag-and-drop elements into your projects with ease – drawing walls, adding more windows or doors, etc
  • Easily change wall and furniture setups and try new ones for a fresher look
  • 3D feature allows you to observe your project from a 3rd person perspective
  • Easy to share projects with your partners/ friends by using the built-in sharing options
  • Great measuring tool in drag-and-drop features – this makes it easier for you to follow the plan’s parameters by using standardized measurements
  • Share 360 views, 3D photos, and 3D floor plans

If you feel a bit stuck when it comes to how to refurbish your bathroom, you can always visit the official Room Sketcher site for some inspiration.

The Free version of Room Sketcher offers you a great range of features, allowing you full access to the app, and also helps you with an incredibly wide range of real products that you can use to furnish your project.

The Premium version of Room Sketcher contains all the features found in the free version, with some useful additions :

  • More customization power
  • Can create 2D and 3D floor plans
  • Has the ability to replace materials with a few clicks
  • Professional level customization for your floor plans
  • Can calculate the total area of your project, and make furniture and layout suggestions based on that information
  • Can perform exact measurements
  • Can print floor plans to scale

If you want to see a more detailed overview of all the licese options and each feature available, you can visit the official Room Sketcher pricing webpage.

Download Room Sketcher

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Smart Draw

SmartDraw - bathroom design

Smart Draw is another great software option that allows you to easily design your dream bathroom.

One of the advantages of using this software, is the fact that it allows you to use either a downloadable package, or, an online version.

This makes it easier for users who don’t want to download anything, and still gives you access to all it’s powerful features.

Using Smart Draw is easy. You can begin by choosing the appropriate bathroom template, and then customize it to fit your needs, and you also have access to a wide range of digital elements, symbols, etc.

After choosing the layout template, simply drag-and-drop any elements of your liking to your project. Smart Draw will automatically render that object/element in the 3D layout of your project.

After you chose some elements, you can easily customize every aspect of them – color, materials, patterns, placement, etc.

When you project is complete, you can use the built-in features to easily share it with whoever you want to.

You can share your completed project either on your Smart Draw profile, or by using storage options like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. You can also generate a link for your project and email it normally to your partners.

Here are some of the most notable features of Smart Draw :

  • Can easily build and share diagrams with its intelligent formatting engine
  • Automatically sets up spacing, alignment, size and color schemes
  • Integrates seemesly with MS Office, Google Apps, etc.
  • Great range of content – more than 34.000 symbols and 4500 templates
  • Great CAD-like environment with engineering scales

This software was released with two different licensing options available :

Smart Draw Single User

  • Includes both the SmartDraw Windows Desktop and Online Editions
  • Only one user permitted
  • AutoCAD import
  • Powerful intelligent formatting
  • Save and open diagrams from Dropbox, Google Drive, etc
  • Can import data to generate charts, bar charts and graphs
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and PowerPoint
  • Free

SmartDraw Multiple Users – contains all features found in the Single User version, and also adds:

  • Allows more than 5 users
  • Great administrative controls regarding who can access which project, and with specific permissions for sharing and access

Try SmartDraw

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Home Stratosphere

Home Stratosphere Interior Design - bathroom design

Home Stratosphere is another great free online bathroom design software that allows you to easily create both 2D and 3D layouts with professional-level editing tools. T

he Free version of this sofware offers you a full range of capabilities, but it limited when it comes to being able to export your design project.

This software has a learning curve, and might not be suitable for beginners, but it comes packed with a wide range of useful templates that allows you to simplify the process of learning how to use it.

The user interface is not very intuitive, but if you give it the necessary time, this app will surely amaze you with the wide range of features that it offers.

One of the best features of Home Stratosphere is the fact that you can see your project in a side by side 2D/3D views, and allows you to keep track of all changes applied in real time.

Having access to the side by side 2D and 3D views, allows you to build the bathroom of your dreams by choosing furniture, tiles, accesories, while also making sure that all measurements are correct.

When using the full screen 2D mode, you can select any option from the following – foundation, floor, electrical, plumbing, roof, etc. Depending on the choice you make, the editing tools that will be on your left hand side change.

Because of the massive amount of elements found in the library of this software, you can even create an entire garden with flowers, bushes and grass, create a rendering of it, and then even check out how the garden will look when the plants grow.

Besides gardening, you can find elements for every aspect of any room in your home – from faucets, cabinets, and furniture templates, to staircases and windows.

This software allows you to design every floor and room of your house to the tiniest detail by using the drag-and-drop features.

In order to achieve this, you get access to an incredibly wide range of design libraries – plants, home decor, furniture, etc. , and can also generate pricing lists for the items you chose.

This feature helps you make sure you’re always inside the budget , or allows you to modify the textures and materials to reduce overall costs.

If you want to see some examples of bathrooms designed by using Home Stratosphere, you can take a look at the official website.

Try Home Stratosphere


In this article, we explored some of the best software options found on the market that allow you to create professional looking bathroom designs without having any prior experience.

The features found in the software we presented in this list cover all your needs when it comes to refurbishing, room design, materials used, exact measurements, etc.

We covered both fully online design tools and also software that needs to be downloaded in order to use.

We would love to know what your experience when trying this software was.

Please feel free to let us know which app you chose and how it worked for your project, by using the comment section below.