HTC working on virtual reality game for the Vive

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by Radu Tyrsina
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HTC has done exceptional work with its VR device, the Vive, but the company is not stopping there. From what we have come to understand, HTC is working on its own virtual reality game for its Vive headset, something we view this as a great move.

According to the company, the game in question is called Front Defense and HTC plans to demo it at the upcoming Computex conference. Not much is known about the game other than the fact that it is a wartime shooter. We’re not sure if this is a first-person shooter or a third-person action game.

This is a big move for HTC seeing as the company is not known for creating video games. However, one can understand why it decided to go down this route. There won’t be many developers creating video games for the Vive, so HTC needs to push forward and help prove to content creators that the Vive is a worthy piece of tech.

Developers will mostly likely target the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR more, but that doesn’t mean these games won’t work on the Vive — just probably not as great as they could. Then again, HTC did partner with Valve to bring the Vive into existence, so it is possible the Steam creator will show support.

Front Defense is being developed by Fantahorn Studio and not HTC itself. Fantahorn Studio has close ties to HTC and we’re guessing if things go well, the company may decide to acquire the studio for future work.

We hope to see more of this game at E3 2016 in just a few weeks. It would be the perfect place to showcase both the Vive and Front Defense since Sony is going to make a big impression with VR. HTC could ride the coattails to help push its own titles into the spotlight.


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You would think you should be less team Oculus and give all the facts, while yes Oculus is the bigger power house of money but…you you know. Vive isn’t just HTC its partnered with Valve/ Steam which is the most popular and vastly profitable game selling business which has VR tags and anything sold on Steam is likely to be perfectly compatible with Vive. It is even sold on the site along with other hardware Valve.