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  • Using premium YouTube game recording software will help you create unique and engaging content for the audience.
  • There are plenty of apps that come with free trials to test their features and capabilities before buying anything.
  • Latest games and apps are very demanding, so make sure to look for recording tools that can handle at least 60 FPS.
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The YouTube gaming scene has seen a massive rise in popularity over the years. Plenty of content creators started delivering all sorts of videos about games like commentaries, guides, and more.

Twitch is very popular when it comes to live streamers and viewership, but the YouTube gaming scenario has undoubtedly attracted a good number of people.

Because the YouTube market is growing, there are plenty of newcomers who want to capitalize on the trend. Anyone thinking of a gaming channel needs a few things to get started.

The first one is having a PC with a good graphics card that is capable of running the latest playable titles and the recording software at the same time. Let’s not forget about the patience required to grow such a channel.

There are various software tools that offer features like a built-in video editor to edit the footage, two-way (screen and webcam) recording, up to 120 FPS support and text/graphics properties, etc.

Does Windows 10 have a default screen recorder?

Yes, Windows 10 has an in-built screen recorder, albeit not as feature-rich as a third-party video recorder.

The app is called Windows Game Bar, and it can be toggle on simply by pressing the Win key + G after it has been enabled from the settings.

Keep in mind that Windows allows you to customize the resolution, FPS, and other basic features to help with your recording.

How do I enable the Windows Game Bar?

  1. Press the Windows Key+ S and type in Settings.
  2. In the Settings window, select Gaming.
  3. Make sure Windows Game Bar is turned On.

For creating sponsored videos, you would need a video editor to add graphics and text to the gameplay as well. Here’s a list of both free and paid products for you to check out.

What game recording software for YouTube should I use?


Bandicam comes with all the features to record gameplay for YouTube. The software has been around for a while now, and with every new release, some substantial improvements are made to the software.

The user interface is intuitive and offers most of the features on the control panel, allowing you to capture full screen or manually specify the area you have in mind.

You can record 2D/3D games that use DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphic technologies. Bandicam compresses the recorded videos in real-time to save memory and saves the video files in AVI, MP4, or image file formats.

For fast-paced games like racing games, Bandicam can record at up to 144 FPS and is capable of recording in 4K Ultra HD video resolution as well.

In addition, you can also record yourself using the webcam with support for both internal and external audio recording.

The customization options are clean and easy to understand except for the Game Recording Mode and Device Recording Mode which need some getting used to.

Another nifty feature is the ability to see available storage on the hard drive as well as the memory used by the current recording session.

Coming to the cons, Bandicam is not for live streamers, as it doesn’t have the live game streaming option for YouTube or any other streaming service. Also, the trial version of the tool offers only 10 minutes of gameplay recording time.

Let’s have a look at its core features:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simultaneous webcam and screen recording
  • Record internal and external audio
  • Record gameplay in 4K Ultra HD / 144 FPS
  • Directly upload to YouTube
  • Supports recording on Xbox, PlayStation, Smartphone, IPTV, etc


From gaming recording to webcam to mobile or IPTV, you got it all. Try Bandicam and capture everything you need from your PC! 

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Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn is a screen recording software that can also be used to record video games on PC.

In comparison to Bandicam, it has a video editor built-in to the software itself to save you the hassle of having both the video editor and recording software on your PC.

The welcome screen shows the Quick Capture and Video editor buttons. Clicking on Quick Capture brings up a small window with a few options allowing you to set the screen resolution, audio recording options, settings, and editors tools as well.

Filmora Scrn can capture videos at 120 FPS which is less than the 144 FPS offered by Bandicam. In addition, it can record from two devices simultaneously in case you want to use a webcam.

The gameplay will be shown in the video editor section of the software. The editing section has a decent selection of editing tools including assets offering video and audio clips, annotations, effects, properties option to adjust volume, color, length, and the Track area.

The editing timeline looks similar to Camtasia with some changes to UI and properties area. As for the gameplay videos, they can be saved in MP4, MOV, GIF, and MP3 format.

You can also export the videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch with other services.

The effects library on Filmora Scrn is very basic as it lacks proper transition, animations, and other effects expected from a great video editor.

While the software runs lag-free most of the time, occasionally it may freeze, and you will be forced to kill the app mid-exporting process with the risk of losing all the edits.

Filmora Scrn is available as a free game recording software as well as a premium offering. The free version comes with some limitations including the watermark on videos and no support from the developers.

Here’s a list of the software’s best features:

  • Built-in video editor
  • Easy and intuitive UI
  • Value for money
  • Basic effects and annotation
  • Great for beginners
Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn

Finnish your project seamlessly with Filmora, a very high-quality solution for video screen recording software.

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Camtasia is one of the most popular screen recording software tools available for Windows which can also be used as a YouTube game recording software.

The basics of Camtasia are similar to Bandicam and Filmora Scrn when it comes to gameplay recording.

You are able to record full screen or select the area manually. Click Start to begin, the Pause and Resume functions work well, and click Stop when you’re done recording. You can also record footage from the webcam.

The gameplay video can be edited using the built-in editor. Camtasia supports multiple multimedia formats and works with 4K resolution videos. Multitrack timeline makes it easy to edit video and audio.

Annotations can also be added, including arrows, callouts, shapes, and text to the video along with transition effects from the library.

The voice narration feature allows the user to add audio to any video on the editing table. You can also adjust the volume, trim and copy/paste the clips directly from the timeline.

All edited videos can be exported in multiple formats including MP4 and MPEG and various resolutions. The options are decent so is the performance during import and exporting of files.

Camtasia comes in both free and paid versions. The free version is limited by features and has a watermark on every video.

Keep in mind that this software is not a game recorder, but a screen recorder with video editing capabilities that can also record high-quality gameplay on PC.

If the price tag is the least of your concerns and if you want a stable screen recorder with good visual effects and an excellent set of editing tools, Camtasia might be the tool you need.

Let’s have a look at the software’s best features:

  • Easy to record gameplay videos
  • Excellent video editors with visual effects
  • Supports 4K resolution video recording and editing
  • Good export options
  • Has a free trial to try out


Use Camtasia for a perfect experience of your screen recording videos, with stunning editing features included!

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PassFab Screen Recorder

Nowadays, users record their screens for a multitude of reasons. You can be a gamer, a school teacher, or you are simply eager to stream your broadcasts.

All of these are possible thanks to PassFab Screen Recorder, an all-in-one screen capturing tool that brings endless possibilities to those interested.

Capture the screen and your microphone audio for presentations and projects, or simply record yourself through the webcam.

Creating tutorials has never been easier. The picture-in-picture feature lets you talk about subjects while showcasing them at the same time! Customize the size of the pictures, their placements, and much more.

More so, you can easily swap the position of your webcam and the other screen at will. You have complete freedom and power over the content.

People have used PassFab Screen Recorder to record themselves while playing games and creating playthroughs on YouTube. The software is optimized and doesn’t have much of an impact on the FPS, so you can game on!

Such a tool is perfect for those of you who wish to stream their YouTube videos, not only for those who upload pre-recorded software.

Choose the desired resolution and frames per second. Opt for a better experience or a performance-friendly recording if your audience consists of people who don’t have a fast computer or high bandwidth.

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Here are the software’s key features:

  • Record with no limit
  • Use the webcam, screen, and microphone simultaneously
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Perfect for all kinds of content
  • Capture keystrokes & mouse

PassFab Screen Recorder

OBS Studio

Open Broadcast Software is a free open-source utility for live streaming and video recording. It is mainly used on Twitch and YouTube as well as gameplay recording for YouTube.

OBS is a powerful video recorder with multiple platform support and has been optimized for games. The selection of source options is a handy feature as it allows you to capture from multiple sources.

Additionally, the software allows you to record the screen as well as the webcam. The recorded videos can be saved in  .flv, .mov, or .mp4 formats.

By default, OBS records gameplay in 1080p Full HD resolution at 30 fps, but you can change the resolution manually. For audio, both external and internal sources are supported.

The custom transition feature allows you to switch between multiple scenes during live streaming.

Feel free to customize the screen capture properties including capture quality, FPS, and bit rate depending on the resources available. It also supports third-party plugins to enhance the functionality.

OBS is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux and it is really popular among Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch content creators.

Here’s a list of its key features:

  • Free and open source
  • Reliable live game streaming
  • Ability to record and mix from multiple sources
  • Compatible with YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, Rstream.io, etc.
  • Supports lots of file formats

Get OBS Studio

NVIDIA ShadowPlay

NVIDIA, the graphics processing unit giant, has its own piece of game recording software, called NVIDIA ShadowPlay. The tool offers impressive performance for free gaming software with a decent set of tools.

ShadowPlay can record gameplays in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second which is impressive but what is amazing is the fact that 1 minute of gameplay recording at 60 FPS will only take around 300 MB of storage.

Other features in the software include Instant Replay Mode that automatically records the last 30 seconds of gameplay that can be saved by pressing a hotkey to the hard drive. You can also add text and annotations to the gameplay and upload it.

ShadowPlay can also record gameplay for games purchased from the Microsoft Store. Users can broadcast live gameplay to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live and also share 15 seconds GIFs and 4K screenshots to social media.

It is also one of the best game recording software for YouTube as it comes with all the necessary features.

However, it is only compatible with NVIDIA graphics cars, so, if you are using something from AMD or Intel, it simply doesn’t work.

Let’s see some of its main features:

  • Up to 4K resolution gameplay recording at 60 FPS
  • Shadow Mode captures 30 minutes of gameplay automatically
  • Excellent video compression
  • Live streaming to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube
  • Free to use
  • Comes with NVIDIA GPUs

Get NVIDIA ShadowPlay

FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is a free YouTube game recording software but don’t let the free tag fool you, because it is one of the best alternatives to OBS studios mainly due to its simple and clear user interface.

It doesn’t leave any watermarks on the videos nor has any recording limits like Ezvid. You can record audio from both internal and external sources and can also record from the screen and webcam simultaneously.

The recorded videos can be exported in multiple formats. One interesting feature of FlashBack Express is its ability to schedule a recording based on time, date, or specific program launch time.

This can be handy for gamers who want to start recording gameplay without having to open the game recording software all the time.

You can also use custom resolution for recording, hide unnecessary icons, set FPS and quality, and limit the maximum file size for each session.

FlashBack Express may not be as sophisticated as OBS, but it offers a less intimidating experience to first-time users. The software records your screen, webcam sounds, computer audio, all at once. You decide what you wish to record!

Let’s check some of the tool’s best features:

  • Free screen recorder without watermarks
  • Export videos in MP4, AVI and WMV formats
  • Scheduled screen recording
  • No recording limits
  • Directly upload videos to YouTube

Get FlashBack Express


Ezvid is a free Windows utility that works as a screen recorder. The same can also be used to record gameplay on PC.

It comes with basic recording and video editing capabilities including one-click screen recording, Screen and webcam recording functionality, the ability to add annotations to the video and making drawings, etc.

The program is completely free to use; as a result, there are no watermarks to deal with and support almost all versions of Windows since XP3. The user interface is as clean as it can get on a gameplay recorder.

Text-to-speech voice recording is also supported, which can help create video tutorials. The video editor allows you to edit, delete, split, and upload the clips.

However, the app does have some limitations such as the recording limit is set to max 45 minutes and you cannot save the files on the hard drive of your PC manually but can only be uploaded to YouTube directly. To access the files, go to username/MyDocuments/ezvid/projects.

You can also add your own watermark to the recorded videos to protect them from being stolen by other people once you upload them.

The software is perfect for creating videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, since it provides all the tools you need to produce quality content.

Let’s see some of its best features:

  • Free screen recorder
  • Built-in video editor
  • Webcam + screen recording support
  • Text to speech narration feature
  • Compatible with all Windows versions

Get Ezvid

What is the best resolution or FPS for recordings?

You’ve seen some great software options that can stream videos in 1080p, 2K, or even 4K, in the article. We’ve also talked about tools capable of recording at 30 or 60 FPS.

However, which one of these is the best? As a content creator, you have to cater to your entire audience and reach out to as many people as possible.

Since not everyone has the same hardware or Internet speed as you do, and some people use budget computers or have slow Internet connections, going for the best quality possible is not the best idea.

More pixels, frames, and a higher resolution means that more data needs to be consumed from the bandwidth. There are indeed great game recording tools for low-end PCs but you should also take a look at this chart with an estimative data consumption for different settings:

Instead, try to get to a middle ground. Make sure the videos have 60 FPS, since it’s the most fluent on the eyes, and even the cheapest current laptop is capable of handling that many frames.

Next, the resolution should be 1080p. We know how nice and clear 2K or 4K look, but rendering numbers like these require a powerful GPU.

How can I record on multiple screens?

If you own more than one monitor and you’re planning to record all of them, know that most of the screen capturing apps have special features for such situations.

There are two ways to record multiple displays. Either switch between them using hotkeys (if the software allows you to set up keybinds) or record all of them at once, forming one combined screen which you can operate.

The recording, editing, and uploading process takes time and effort but with the right game recording software for YouTube, you will be able to create professional-looking gameplay videos for your audience.

The best way to go about these tools is to try the free ones and the trials, see how things work out, then decide which one you’re most comfortable with.

Beginners can experiment with the trial periods and try out all the different features, see what works for them and how to use the various tools included in the programs.

You have everything needed to start or continue an already established channel on YouTube and other social media platforms.

What are you waiting for? Start recording and make your ideas real. Make sure you also give us any feedback regarding the subject in the comment section below.

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